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"Nessa, look at your grades!" Elphaba exclaimed, pointing at her sister's report card. "What will I tell Father? You used to be a straight 'A' student. What happened?"

Nessa just shrugged in response to her sister, but she knew exactly what had happened to her grades.

Boq had happened.

Nessa wasn't able to concentrate in her classes anymore—she was constantly staring at Boq. How he scribbled notes so fast it seemed impossible, how he bent over his desk when he was concentrating, how he ran his hand through his hair and squinted when he was confused.

Nessa wished that, just for a second, Boq would stare back at her. She wished that he would look up from his notes, lock his green eyes with her blue ones, and give her a lopsided smile.

But it never happened. Boq only looked up to ask a question or to glance at Galinda.

"Nessa?" Elphaba said, waving a hand in front of her sister's face. "You haven't given me an answer yet. What happened?"

Nessa opened her mouth to answer, then saw Boq walk past her. "Gotta go," she said quickly. "Bye, Elphaba!" She wheeled off in the direction Boq was headed in.

Elphaba nodded thoughtfully. She had a pretty good idea of what had happened to Nessa's grades.

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