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Summary: He stretched, his tail swished from contentment, his ears twitched and his eyes slowly opened. The sun was warm against his skin, making him purr happily. Soon he hides his features from the world, no one should ever know his hidden life, not even his family. Ichigo is a cat hybrid, but only his mother knew...till today.

Title: Kitty Kitty Kitty

Ch 1: Morning has risen again

Ichigo laid on his bed, curled up in a random fashion, one would think that he would have back problems laying like that, but he didn't. The night breeze tickled at him, making him curl up even more. His orange mop of a head was thick and unruly to even decipher a end to it. What made it more odd was that neatly hidden in the mop of hair, was a pair of ears, many though of thinking about his normal ears...well yes his normal ears, but not human ears rather pointed ears that represented more fitting on a purebred domestic feline, more commonly a house cat. Yet he had them hidden in his hair, making them hard to find if many were looking for them. His back arched as he moved around again, stretching to move his muscles, each one defined by the moons shinning vale and the sweat from the summer heat that commuted to the climate around this time of the year. As he stretched a long, elegant, orange tail swished from the base of his tail bone, above the wonderment known as his delectable ass.

His ears flicked upward, listening to the sounds of the night before he closed the window and shut the blinds slightly, so no one would think about getting a look at him. He laid back on his bed, near the head of it and curled up to his pillow, ears retracting to his hair and the tail curling up again around his long muscular legs. At least he could get a few hours more sleep hopefully, yet he knew that it wouldn't happen for he, Kurosaki Ichigo, was a Deputy Shinigami for the place known as the Seireitei where more Shinigami live when not in the world of the living, where he lived, and helped souls moved on and execute Hollows to be either cleaned or sent to hell. He was also known as a Vizard for he had a inner hollow that kept him alive then anything more. Yeah he and his hollow had disputes now and then, but a decent relationship that Ichigo trusted his life in his hollows hands when he needed help. Yet no one, not even his own family, knew a lot about him, none of them knew the reason, but left it be. He kept his secret in the time he was living, the only other person who knew his secret was his Kaa-san who sadly was killed when he was nine from a hollow who was trying to get to him. His mother was the world to him, not only because of his secret, but because she also was the same as him, a secret keeper for their hidden properties.

He sighed in contentment as he laid on the top comforter of his bed. To his disappointment no soon he started falling back asleep the sun started to rise, but he was happy. It meant that he had lived one more night with his secret hidden from many people he knew would use it to an advantage and he'd loose the only things he had left in his life, his family and friends, also freedom. He let the sun rise as he rested his eyes and waited for the warmth of the soothing son that seemed to also remind him of his mother's loving embrace of protectiveness. As for many who didn't know, as he felt the sun his muscles constricted lovingly to his bones. Hating to stretch again, but needed Ichigo moved his hands out and let his back bow downward, his ribs nearly hitting the bed. He let his fingers rip at the bed, his fingernails coming out slightly becoming sharp claws that easily could slice the comforter to shreds that would make a massacre of stuff animals seem clean and fluffy. He soon let his tail swish freely and as he yawned, showing off his easily noticeable sharp fangs that could make you bleed if hit right. The fangs slid back making his teeth normal once more and his ears flicker once and twice before hiding once again. His tail wrapped around him then went up his back, slowly embedding into his spine making him normal. His body was tone and slightly tan making him a eye-candy for any teenager his age. He was glad that his summer was just starting as of a few hours ago, so he didn't need to do anything more then necessary. Once he looked around he pulled his curtains closed more so no one would enter as he dress, as he slept in the nude every night since he could remember for his body always overheated in the nights. He grabbed a pair of clean boxers from his dresser and then went to the closet and grabbed some random clothing, namely a tight fitting shirt that hugged his famine like curves and muscles also a pair of skinny jeans that made his ass a pinching target.

After he left his room he made his way to the bathroom and had a really quick shower, since he really hated showers that lasted long as he always felt like he would drown if he wasn't careful since he had past experiences and dreams about them. Eloping his body in a warm steam and stream of water that relaxed him some and after shampooing his hair he got out and dried off, got dressed and left his room. He grabbed his deputy badge, putting it in his pocket then left the house before his family even started noticing that it was the break of dawn. After walking around for a few minutes in the morning hours of the day he made his way to the park, one that he liked a lot from his life when his Kaa-san was alive. The grass was comfortable and sleep worthy. The area was well spread out so no where he went it was a long time before he would see anyone, the places he went to in the park were even harder to get to if you weren't like him or a Shinigami, but when he was just himself he found these places even more enjoyable for the sun would hit it perfectly to keep him warm, a stream ran under a hill, making a calm white noise and from time to time a breeze would sweep through, making the grass dance and make a little noise as if starting a symphony. He sighed and went to one of his new hiding places. It was in a deeper and denser part of the park that people rarely ventured into, so he would have an even lower chance of being found. He quickly jumped from tree to tree, thanks to both his natural abilities and his Shinigami training, and arrived at his hiding place that made his life easier. Not even the Shinigami could find him there for some reason, the place would hide his Reiatsu from them so he wouldn't be bothered even more. He slowly jumped over a small cavern of the park that showed the stream. He laid down in front of a cliff and let his ears perk up, loving the sun hitting them, warming them up quickly. His tail slid into existence and curled up to his body. Sighing audibly he just listened to the sounds of the park go on around him and soon his let his scenes go, not fully, but enough to let him ignore the small things.

He slowly stirred as the sun slowly rose even high then when he arrived many hours earlier. He heard calls from over head, mainly spikes of Reiatsu from his fellow Shinigami and friends. He sighed and then felt something else off. Another Reiatsu was with them, a familiar one. One he couldn't get out of his mind.

"Grimmjow" He breathed, ignoring his appendages he hit his badge to his chest, letting his body fall, the ears and tail left the body and attached to his soul as he moved up to the battle. The tail hid beneath his robes and his ears went down in his hair. As he arrived he slowly felt heat rise over him as he neared the battlefield. He arrived and saw the ice blue haired man that was part of his problems in life, he knew that the others scened him and turned slightly.

"ICHIGO!" His friend with dark black hair that had a bang down her face called. Rukia moved back slightly, as did her red headed buffoon of a friend Renji.

"Where were you?" They asked, not caring about Grimmjow at the moment.

"Later" Ichigo said and went forward, grabbing his Zanpakto, Zangetsu, and rushing forward. After a few moments Ichigo knew something was...well off about Grimmjow fighting him. He got frustrated and lowly hissed a curse. He didn't notice that something came off him, from the head region of his body. He knew something was up, but then stopped as Grimmjow just stared at him for a moment.

"What?" He asked. Grimmjow just kept staring at him, his jaw dropping.

'Something is not right' He said then felt it. His ears flicker above his head. His eyes widened as he reached up to hide them, but it was too late, he saw, Renji saw and Rukia saw.

"Fuck" He cursed and felt his tail slowly come to the front of his robes and then he dived downward to the forest, hopefully to get away. No such luck as the Ice haired man cut him off.

"Wow....never thought the berry was a hybrid especially a neko wonder you smell delicious now a days" He said in a smiled, making Ichigo blush. He quickly went forward and gave Ichigo a chaste kiss, having a jolt go through him and then Grimmjow was gone. Ichigo just stood there, both shocked and fearful. His body shook then he slowly turned to see that his friends were right there, wondering what was going on.

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