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Chapter 18: Welcome little ones, here kitty kitty kitty

-Ichigo, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and the kittens-

Ulquiorra held the little girl who looked all too much like him, she stared up at him and smiled slightly. He smiled at her, to think that he would ever be a father, and for a weird reason that Ichigo told him, but here she was, his little girl. Grimmjow held his little boy, he batted him with his tail slightly, the boy was hitting it with his tiny hands. Ichigo was feeding Miyako, he smiled when he saw the extra nipples on Ichigo, Grimmjow burst out laughing. They were happy at the moment and soon they'd go and greet the others, showing them their children, but they weren't in any hurry, they had all the time in the world.

-Later in the dining area-

The Arrancar and hybrids were talk to each other, chatting healthily with each other, each not really doing anything just waiting for the three new parents to arrive. Masaki was dying to see her new grand-kittens, oh how much they were gonna be spoiled by her, especially the little girls. She heard from Orihime that she had two granddaughters and a grandson so she was in a bliss. Toshiro was sitting between Gin and Sosuke, both were rubbing his stomach, soon they'd be following Ulquiorra, Grimmjow and Ichigo in the path of parenthood, same with Tatsuki, Starrk and Lilinette. The others were waiting for a bit to become parents, though they could see that Nnoitora was thinking about parenthood, if his hyper active posture was any indication. They stopped talking when they heard foot steps coming down the hall and were soon greeted with the three mates and the kittens. The girls went into girly girl mode and rushed over to them, Masaki kissing her kitten's cheek at the job he did. He smiled and let her hold Miyako then directed his two mates to some chairs, Masaki following them.

"Alright, alright yes they're born and I was shocked when this little Hime(1) was born as well" Ichigo started with Ulquiorra's daughter, "She's the youngest and we decided to name her" He let Ulquiorra take over.

"Emi(2)" He said softly, she looked up at him and gurgled lightly at her name being said by her papa. The girls awed at her and Nel let Emi play with her fingers. Grimmjow held his son proudly and grinned wildly.

"This little fighter is the second oldest and his name is Isao(3)" He held him up lightly, Isao smiled at them, his gums were making the girls giggle at his cuteness. Finally Ichigo turned to Masaki and smiled.

"And this beautiful girl is Miyako, she's the oldest and looks exactly like her grandmother" he said softly, Masaki beamed happily at him and messed with Miyako. The girls went crazy, the guys were smiling lightly, Toshiro was with the girls and was messing with Miyako as well. All seemed to be happy and well no one was gonna break this happiness, not now while the hybrids were in a rejoice about the new lives that were brought into the world. Nnoitora was wondering something and grinned evilly, he told Nel it and she agreed and started to talk.

"So this makes Itsygo mama-ichi, Ulqui-kun is Papa-Ulqui and Grimmy is Daddy-Grimm!" She said loudly, Ichigo turned pink at the mama part and the other two just smiled at her antics, it was true they would live by their titles now. Ichigo was handed Emi as Ulquiorra went to go get him something to eat, since Ichigo hadn't eaten since he disappeared to give birth. Ichigo smiled softly at the young girl, she smiled brightly at him and he felt something hit his leg. He lifted her up and saw that she had a black tail wiggling happily. The girls screamed at the cuteness and Ulquiorra came back just as it was done. He saw his daughters tail and blinked, she was a hybrid like them, her ears flipped on her head and wiggled slightly. The adults smiled at her and soon saw her yawn.

"I think she's ready for bed Ichigo" Masaki said, Ichigo nodded and wrapped her up so she wasn't cold. Emi curled up, her ears flipped into her hair and her tail was wrapped around her leg. Ichigo smiled at her and was kissed on the top of his head by Ulquiorra, who brought him some food, from the looks of it, it was a fish of some sort, and he took Emi so Ichigo could eat. Grimmjow looked at Isao and saw that he was watching Miyako doze off into sleep before joining his sisters as well.

-Later the evening-

Ichigo put the babies in their crib, they wouldn't dare split them apart if Ichigo's past experience with Yuzu and Karin was any indication, and closed their door, their room was added on a few days before Ichigo went missing, and soon he was walking over to his mates. Grimmjow was staring out into the sands of Hueco Mundo, he was only wearing pj bottoms. Ulquiorra was reading a book on the bed, looked like it was something by an American author of the name King Stephen, and the title was "Carrie". He shrugged at the book, one of the horror novels' of his world he guessed and sat on the bed. He smiled at his mates and looked at his home, the place that he was gonna live forever and no one was gonna get him away from his home. He laid down and closed his eyes, deciding to go to sleep first. It didn't take him long to fall asleep and when he did he heard something whisper in his ear, a voice that wasn't either his mates or anyone in Los Noches, but one he couldn't forget after all the things they went through.

"Here kitty kitty kitty" was whispered into his ear and his body went ridged, he didn't know if it was enough to alert his mates or if this was just his mind that was playing tricks, but if it was his mind then it was a cruel sick joke. He sighed in his sleep when the voice didn't come up again and went further into his sleep, not hearing the last bit of the voice before it dispersed into the air.

"I'm coming for you Ichigo don't worry, you'll be with me soon"

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1- Princess

2- Beautiful Blessing

3- Honor