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Up above we have two rather fluffy individual stalking someone!

Iruka and Hinata

[Stalker and Teacher]

Just like the gentleman he was Iruka spread out the checkers picnic blanket and helped the Hyuga princess down.

"Thank you, Sensei." Iruka smiled pulling out napkins from his basket. "I'm not your Sensei anymore Hinata."

"How do you think he'll do today, Sensei?" Iruka sighed.

"I'm not sure." He finally said.

"But he's so much stronger Sensei!" Iruka stared at Hinata for her sudden outburst.

"I know your right. I'm sure he'll do better this time around. We just have to believe in him."

Hinata's face turned scarlet. "I know." she said fiercely. "I do."

Iruka nodded approvingly, then pointed to Hinata's basket. "May I?"

"Of course." she said pushing her basket to him.

Iruka reached in a pulled out, zenzai, cinnamon rolls, and precooked ramen.

"These look delicious, Hinata." The lavander eyed girl, just have recovered from a bout of blushing, flushed once again.

"Thank you Sensei."

Both heads snapped up at the sound of clashing metal.

"So," Hinata began. "He's been passed up again?"

Iruka noticeably paled.

"Yeah." He said softly. "They still don't think he's ready."

"But he's so strong." Hinata said looking down. "I don't understand. . ."

Iruka put his hand on her shoulder.

"Like I said, we just have to believe in him. He'll get there."

Hinata looked up at her Sensei and smiled.

"Baka!" Cursed the orange ninja.

"Do you ever thing that he'll figure out we're watching him?" Hinata asked.