Hermione P.O.V

We had all been preparing for this day. From the moment Harry had come back from the graveyard dragging Cedric's dead body behind him, we knew we would have to fight him and his followers. One of them would die that day, that death would be the decider, would the darkness triumph and rule under Voldermort or would the light win and the world return to happier times? The chances were as even as a coin being tossed. By the time the sun rises in the morning we will know. The final battle had begun.

I wasn't sure what it was that alerted me to the fact that someone other than me and my dorm mates was in the room with us, maybe a sixth sense developed hunting for horocuxes, but what ever it was I knew someone was in the room. The heavy breathing coming from the end of my bed was proof of that. I could feel them shift position and start to move closer towards, moving round the side of the bed, I pretended to still be sleeping throwing in realistic sighs and snores every few seconds.

I knew my wand was on my side table but the intruder was between me and my wand he would get to it faster that me, my only other option was the long hunting knife I kept hidden under my pillow. He was moving closer now; leaning over me. I could feel his hot breath on my face; it smelt of alcohol and food.

Before the man could register what was happening I grabbed the steal handle of the knife and swung it round, imbedding it in his stomach, the guttural groan that came from his mouth proved that I had hit my target. Throwing back the covers before he could react, I jumped out of bed and acioed my wand to me, using the wandless magic I had been practising.

"Stupefy" I cried at the black cloaked figure. The man hit the ground of my dorm rooms startling the other girls in the dormitory awake. I moved slowly over to him, gasping as I saw his cloak and mask, he was a death eater.

They were in Hogwarts, this could only mean one thing, the last battle was happening.

Oh my God, Harry and Ron, did they wake up in time!

"Stay here and make sure he doesn't wake up" I cried to the four other girls who looked on, shocked and startled, at the death eater who had only moments before been watching them sleep. I ran to my trunk and pulled out my knives, sliding them into the holsters on my back ankle and hip, I was ready for battle.

A few years back professor Dumbledore thought it would be a good idea for us to learn how to use swords and knives for our protection as it would be the last thing the Dark Lord would be suspecting. Three times a week Harry, Ron and I would go for fighting lessons with Professor Snape, Harry and Ron gave up pretty quick but I kept at it and can now fight with swords.

Not waiting for a reply I ran out of the room silently thanking the gods that no other death eaters lurked in the shadows of the Gryffindor common room. I cursed myself for not wearing sensible pyjamas to bed, why did I have to wear a night dress, a white silk one to add.

BANG…"stupefy" I heard someone call, it came from the boys dormitory.

Sprinting up the stairs I ran into the boy's dormitory only to be met with a scene of battle. Ron was busy fighting two death eaters while Harry had his hands full fighting three.

No time to stop and think.

"Everte Statum" (by the way that is a spell in Harry Potter, type it into Google if you don't believe me.) One of the death eaters Harry had been battling with was hit and was sent flying in the wall where he proceeded to slump on the floor, unconscious, one down four to go.

Everyone turned round then to try and see who had cast the spell. Not wasting any time I cast Immobulus on the two death eater fighting with Ron each one froze and hit the floor with a satisfying bang. Harry had already finished off both of his attackers.

"Come on" cried Harry jumping over the bodies of the death eaters and sprinting down the stairs towards the portrait of the fat lady. Ron and I took off after him running out the door and past the common room.

It was cold outside the common room and once again I wished I had worn something more sensible to bed instead on the skimpy and revealing night dress, it was barely mid thigh with a plunging neckline showing off ample cleavage, not to mention it was partly see through. "Well, this will definitely distract the death eaters when I'm fighting," I thought to myself.

Harry was waiting for us at the portrait of the fat lady, "Where to now, Harry" asked Ron, his freckled face pale with anxiety.

Harry turned to Ron, "Use the fire in the common room to alert the order" Ron nodded and ran back inside the common room, "Hermione, have you figured out how to use the spell yet?" I immediately knew which spell Harry was talking about I nodded. "Do you want me to use it?"

"No" shouted Harry "you will not use, do you understand me, you keep yourself safe, you are not going to sacrifice yourself to save me."

I nodded again and asked "Where will the main fight be happening?"

"Great hall?" Harry asked after a moments thought. I turned to start running down the moving stair case when Harry grabbed my arm and led to a secret passage that Fred and George had told him about.

As I walked down the poorly lit stairwell I focused on repeating the incantation for the spell Agamendos. I was going to use it no matter what Harry said but I wasn't going to just use it on Harry as he thought, but on everyone I knew and loved who had fought on the light side. I knew it was dangerous; this spell had never been used before and everything about it was theory with no sound evidence of how it worked.

I had found the spell in the restricted section of the library when I was hunting for the last Horcrux, the spell was a life giving one which was partly why it was so difficult. In theory, the person who recites the spell needs to think of a person they love and want to save from death when that person dies the person who recited the spell dies and gives their life to the person who is dying. Not many people out there are so selfless that they would die for another no to mention that the spell was so strong even I had struggled with learning the different words and spells that need to be recited at the dying person's death bed. I decided to change the spell, though. I wasn't just going to save one person; I would save all of them everyone who had fought for our side that I know or have heard about will be bought back to life.

I made a few alterations to the spell and applied it to Harry so if Harry was to die I would give my life to save his and everyone else that had died fighting. I repeated the words over and over in my head "acer bitas adnu ulticu lusot ur bati strenuus sese" all the while thinking of all those that I love, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Dumbledore, Fred and George Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Bill and Charlie Weasley, Lupin, Mad Eye Moody, Tonks, James and Lilly Potter, Luna, Neville and his parents, Snape, Sirius Black and Professor McGonagall. These names went round and round my head with each incantation of the spell.

Soon we were getting ready to step out behind the tapestry of the mountains of Trolls "Harry, wait" I called; he stopped and turned around to look at me.

"Hermione, what is it, you're not scared are you? You can do this, you're the brightest witch of your age and I believe in you"

"It's not that Harry I just want to tell you before we go out there you're my best friend and I love you like a brother" I ran and hugged him.

"You to Hermione" he whispered in my ear. "Now come on we've got a war to win."

We looked at each other and grinned, this was it, the decider, and we knew we could win. Harry burst out of the tapestry first and immediately shouted "Sectumsempra" which hit a death eater battling with Professor McGonagall. The professor didn't turn around to see who had helped her but continued battling with another death eater who had taken their place. Casting a quick Protego Horribilis on myself and Harry I ran out into the centre of the battle to help with Neville who had been fighting two death eaters at once.

"Stupefy…stupefy" I cried and the spell hit its mark, knocking the death eater back while the second death eater blocked it and sent a stinging hex in my direction, it was too late to cast a shield so I jumped out the way and was face to face with Draco Malfoy, who from the look of his wand movements was about to stun me "stupefy" I cried and Malfoy crumpled to the ground unconscious.

I hope the order get here soon I thought looking round, the death eaters majorly out number us.

"Expelliarmus" I heard it too late and my wand was ripped out of my hand by an unseen force, I quickly looked around to see who had cast the spell, my eyes rested on the sneering Bellatrix Lestrange "look at that, the mudblood has come out to play, crucio" she screamed at me I dodged the spell and reached behind me to un-sheath my dagger intending to throw it at her when I head a scream from behind me.

"This Bitch is mine Hermione" it was Molly Weasley, the order had arrived. I acioed my wand for Bellatrix who was to busy fighting with Molly to realize and took off running to help Remus and Tonks who were battling 7 death eaters between them. Still holding my dagger I threw it at back of one of the attackers. It hit the man's back knocking his mask off and reveling the platinum blond hair of Lucius Malfoy.

"Stupefy" hisses a voice

"Expelliarmus" cried Harry in retaliation.

The Great hall seemed to stop, everyone turning to watch the battle going on between The Boy who lived and Lord Voldemort the final battle between good and evil had begun.

"Crucio" Voldemort hissed again and Harry doubled over gritting his teeth in pain but determined not to cry out. Lord Voldemort finished casting the spell and as Harry kneeled there doubled over and panting from the pain he cried out to all, "this is your savior, this stupid boy who can't even defend himself I will give you all one chance to change sides, all those who wish to see another day, drop your wands now."

Everything was silent not a single wand was dropped.

"Your funeral" hissed Voldemort "Avada Kedavra" a burst of green light shot from his wand hitting Harry chest, his kneeling form keeled over, Harry Potter the boy who lived was dead.

"Nooooo, I'm going to kill you, you bastered" cried a voice to Hermione's left. She turned to see Ginny, Harry's long time girlfriend screaming and crying, fighting to get out of the vice like grip that Ron held her on. They started to laugh then. All the death eaters started to laugh and clap and cheer and their leader was triumphant.

A strong feeling of anger, hate welled up inside me. I knew it was the Agamendos spell I had cast, Harry was dead and so the power of the spell was surfacing.

With no one to hold me back I ran towards the fallen body of my best friend, the closer I went to Harry the stronger the magic became until I felt as if it would consume me if I did nothing to help Harry.

A death eater raised his wand to cast a spell at me but was stopped when Voldemort hissed "stop, don't do anything let us watch the mudblood cry over her friend. It could be quiet amusing." The laughter that had died down after Voldemort spoke started up again. I didn't care I had to help Harry.

Kneeling down by Harry I started to mutter the words of the spell bowing my head so that no one would know what I was doing. I thought of all of those that I had lost. Placing my hands on his chest where he had been hit by the killing curse I muttered the final words of the spell and lifted my hand above his chest as what appeared to be gold smoke went from my fingers into Harry's wound. I was giving him my life and I could slowly feel it leaving my body, my heart rate slowed and my vision started to go black but I would hold on till Harry's eyes opened.

The death eaters who had been watching as the 'brains of the golden trio' cried over the dead body of Harry Potter had only just started to realize what was happening.

Voldemort realized too.

"No. This can not be happening stop her. Stop her now." He screamed in pure fury.

But I was hardly listening because Harry had opened his eyes and was starting to sit up.

"Kill him" hissed Voldemort but it was too late, placing my hand on Harry's chest the spell was complete and along with all those who were in Hogwarts who fought for the light side disappeared.

I smiled to myself, I had done it, with that happy thought, I let the darkness take over me

Voldemort P.O.V

How could she know that spell? It was in a book written by Salazar Slytherin but that was only a myth. No one but Lilly Potter had ever been able to perform that type of magic and yet this 17 year old girl had been able to cast one of the trickiest spells known to the wizarding world. He was shaking with anger all of his plotting had gone to waste Harry Potter had once again eluded him.

He looked around him to the fearful and angered faces of his followers, they needed answers, none of them knew what had just happened. They could wait. First he needed to make sure that the girl was dead. Walking up to her he cast a reviving spell and watched in angered fascination as she stirred and slowly opened her eyes to glare at him. She had done the impossible, she had survived.

Looking at her this close she reminded him of someone, someone from his past. No, no how could that be Hermione Vergessen had run away, she had left him. So how could she be lying here now?

She suddenly started to glow a strange golden colour and arch her back off the stone floor as if she were in immense pain as she opened her mouth to scream a flash of white and all that was left where she had been was a scorch mark, burnt into the stone beneath her.

Hermione P.O.V

The darkness was a comfort to her she felt safe in it. She knew she ought to be dead. Saving one person would kill you but saving countless people and then making them disappear would have killed her for sure but for some strange reason she was still alive. Far away as if heard through water she heard "revivo" no, she wanted to cry I want to stay here, maybe it had all been a dream and none of had happed but in her heart of hearts she knew that she was only holding onto false hope.

She could slowly feel her legs and then her arms slowly she blinked, only to be faced with the most feared man-if you could call him a man-in all the world but he was staring at me oddly as if he was trying to figure out a difficult wand movement. His face suddenly changed to one of shock and realization but before he could do anything I felt an excruciating pain throughout my body it felt like I was being crucioed over and over again I opened my mouth to scream but the pain only intensified and I passed out again.