Chapter 6:

2400 Zulu

Sunday January 17


LA Calif.

When they got back to APO Jack asked, " Well?"

Cole replied, " Vintanna didn't know anything."

Jack nodded as Sydney asked, " Why the hell is he here?"

Jack was about to reply, when Dixon said as he stepped into the room, and said, " We arranged a furlough for him, so he could help find his daughter, but if you think he's even possibly betraying us, you have my permission to terminate him with extreme prejudice."

Cole cut his eyes to Sloane as he asked, " Does that mean me too?"

Dixon locked eyes with Cole as he said, "That especially goes for you."

Cole grinned as Dixon said, " Now we have ver credivle Intel that Nadia's been spotted in Tripoli."

Cole asked, " How solid is the Intel?"

Dixon replied, " It was given to us by Roger McCoy."

Cole grinned as he rememered the old Army Ranger. He asked, " When do we leave?"

Dixon replied, " Wheels up in 90 minutes. Get suited, and prepped."