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Kanashimi no Hate ni - End To Sorrow - Thirty-one

Saying Goodbye To Inuyasha/End of Sorrow

When the blinding light faded, Sesshoumaru opened his eyes. He still held the Twin Swords crossed in his hands and of Onigumo he could not see anything nor smell any trace of him. It was then he looked and saw Kagome down upon the ground, since their attack on Onigumo had taken them just outside the castle. Breaking into a run which brought him to her side in an instant, he placed the two swords down in front of him and then he held her, his eyes holding no expression save for the fear that that cursed jewel had done something to her.

He was gratified to see her eyes open and her lips curve into a smile.

"Fluffy-chan.." Sesshoumaru saw the sparkle in her eyes.

Wordlessly, he kissed her forehead upon the small cresent mark which now adorned it.

"Wench..I could have done it myself.." Sesshoumaru chided. "But then this Sesshoumaru - " he paused since in his tongue there was no word for what he wished to convey. Instead he used her word.

"He is grateful - and is glad that you yet live, my Kagome."

He felt Kagome reach up and stroke his cheek, the tears standing in her eyes.

"I - love you Sesshoumaru.." She said softly.

Again that odd emotion came over the demon-lord as he looked into her dreamy eyes.

"And I - you."

Kagome knew that it was the truth. Odd how it would be Sesshoumaru instead of Inuyasha who claimed her heart. Suddenly she remembered everything and sat up, looking about.

"He is gone, Kagome." Sesshoumaru said.

"But the Shikon.." Kagome frowned and then she placed her hand just above her chest. "It's inside me again."

Sesshoumaru frowned. This he did not like at all. The Shikon no Tama would only be an attraction for every like-minded youkai or human who wanted power - Kagome would constantly have to be on her guard.

No, he would have to be on his guard, for he would protect her - even if she was able to protect herself quite well.

That was what one did for their mate..

He helped her up and they stood as Kagome saw the faint streaks of dawn in the sky, signalling the end of the ghastly night. Sesshoumaru went to pick up the twin swords when they hummed together in unison. Sesshoumaru held them with a slight furrow of his brow. What in the seven hells were they doing now? His arms of their own accord, crossed the two swords and it was then that a glow came from them. The glow out of the swords became a person who stood in front of them in full ceremonial garb.

Kagome's eyes widened. "K - kaedo?"

The kindly looking old man smiled and said, "I am afraid I have decieved you, honorable miko and guardian of the Shikon no Tama.." Kaedo shimmered and transformed to a taller man with golden eyes and long silvery hair.

Sesshoumaru immediately went upon one knee and bowed. "Father..."

Kagome looked shocked.

"Rise my eldest son." Lord Inutaisho said as Sesshoumaru did as he was bid. "I am proud of both of you, for you have overcome the sorrows of the past and have made the future for both yourselves, humanity and youkai."

"Lord Father.." Sesshoumaru looked somewhat troubled. "This I do not understand. Why did you - ?"

Inutasisho smiled sadly. "I had high hopes for both you and Inuyasha. It was not my intent, my son, to cause you to hate humans. I could not help how I loved Inuyasha's mother. It had been unplanned and unexpected. Your mother I did love too but the heart does not always do what the mind wills it to do. You now know this.."

Sesshoumaru nodded.

"Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga were meant to be used together, to stand against those who would have plunged us all - youkai, hanyou and human alike into Chaos and Shadows. Even the most undisciplined person knows that in Chaos there is no order, no meaning and no true life."

"And so, lord father?" Sesshoumaru looked steadily at Inutashisho.

"You are the master of Tensaiga and Tetsusaiga, my son, but SHE - " He nodded at Kagome. "Is also their mistress." He smiled broadly. "It is only fair that your mate would be your equal and your opposite."

Sesshoumaru looked slightly stunned.

"I was young once too, Sesshoumaru.." Inutashisho said, looking at the two of them. He glanced at the coming dawn and said, "My time grows short in this realm but I ask only one request of you and Kagome, Sesshoumaru."

"Hai.." Sesshoumaru bowed his head.

"Go to the Bone Eater's Well and bid a last farewell to Inuyasha." Inutashisho said. Even as he spoke, he saw the anger on Sesshoumaru's face.

"Hear me out, my eldest. Your anger stems from the fact that it was I who gave Inuyasha the killing sword - he a hanyou and not of pure blood. I know your heart. But Inuyasha is dead now and he made his choice." Inutashisho shook his head. "And thus you have a choice - to either let your anger die or let it rule your soul."

Sesshoumaru sighed. "Very well, lord father, I shall do - as you request this once."

The spirit youkai nodded as if he had known all along what Sesshoumaru's answer would be and turned to Kagome. "May you be blessed with many pups, Kagome-sama. May you and they grow strong." Kagome flushed a little.

~pups? Yikes!~ Kagome thought. ~I - hadn't thought of that..~

"And now I must depart. Forgive me for the deception, daughter.." He smiled at Kagome. "But it was the only way I knew to bring you to my stubborn son."

"I - understand.." Kagome said.

"Farewell. May you both rule the Western Lands with honor.." Inutashisho lifted his chin slightly, every inch the great lord. "A part of me shall always rest in the Twin Swords..you shall never be far, my son, my daughter.." He seemed to fade and then he finally disappeared. Kagome saw Sesshoumaru's set expression. Was he angry? She gently touched his shoulder and he simply said, "Come."

They headed back to the castle.


They were all there at the Bone Eater's Well - Kagome and Sesshoumaru had transported Kagome's family, Miroku, Jaken and Rin (who was none the worse for wear) as they reunited with Sango, Shippo, Kirara and Kaede. Sango was more than happy when she saw that Miroku's injuries had been healed by the force of the Tensaiga and Tetsusaiga used together. She had been so happy that she had kissed him full on the lips. Miroku was so surprised that he quite forgot to grope Sango. The best thing of all for Miroku was that the Air Void was gone once more.

Shippo was asleep, the little kitsume exhausted and tired from the adventure. He had had the feeling that Kagome would be going back with Sesshoumaru and he doubted if the youkai-lord would want him along. The little kitsume was afraid but Sango had reassured him that he could stay with her and Miroku. At least he would not be alone, but he knew that he would miss Kagome terribly.

Naraku had been destroyed - or at least they hoped so. At the bottom of the well was a scorch mark and the purifying arrow Kaede had fired was deeply embedded into the ground. Naraku's prison was split in two and the only thing left of him was a tuft of white baboon fur.

Rin ran around Sota, who she had sort of a little crush on, since it was he who had held her sphere in keeping after Shippo left with Sango. When Onigumo's power was destroyed her sphere had cracked open and she had suddenly appeared on top of Sota. So happy was the little girl that she had kissed Sota who had to peel the little girl off of him. Sesshoumaru had eyed the two, slightly jealous that Rin would fawn on such a human boy. But then Rin was human too. Someday she would grow up and need a mate. Perhaps this Sota - humph. It was a sad day when a youkai-lord thought of human mating.

And yes, Myoga was there too, perched upon Kagome's grandfather's shoulder as they talked about the history of this and the history of that. Kagome was surprised to see how her grandfather acted so naturally around Myoga as if he were some contemporary instead of a old demon-flea. At one point, Kagome was surprised to see her grandfather sidle over near Kaede, who only gave the old man a wary eye.

Jaken stood apart, his face looking a little worse than usual. He was usually quiet and had even tolerated Rin when she had given him flowers earlier, telling him that she had seen how brave he was and how he loved Sesshoumaru-sama. The youkai had scowled at the child, but it was more of a habit than anything else. He had been surprised and gratified when Sesshoumaru-sama had not killed him outright, but instead simply nodded in approval at Jaken. Although Sesshoumaru was still ordering him around, his tone wasn't quite as harsh or condescending. Jaken knew that somehow he had earned Sesshoumaru-sama's respect and that nullified any irriation he had with Rin or Kagome. Sesshoumaru would choose who he will for he came from a line of youkai nobility who were quite stubborn and willful. Jaken realized that now. Oh no, he would not take to humans or anything like that, but he had made somewhat of a peace with himself, despite the scars that he would hold for the rest of his days, haunting him in nightmares. Those youkai that had filled his body with vileness and corruption had been nothing compared to Onigumo's evil. Yes, he would rather contend with Sesshoumaru-sama and his human/hanyou companions than that ever again.

Rin danced over by Jaken and he reached out of habit to bop her with his staff. The child giggled as she danced away and Jaken sighed.

~Damn brat..~ Jaken scowled, but the unreasoning hate wasn't there, simply a tiredness. Perhaps he was getting old..

Kagome's mother was quiet, her eyes filled with a deep concern for her only daughter. Despite her ordeal and the supernatural happenings that had happened around her, she had remained calm and collected. She was filled with relief for Kagome in more ways than one. They walked away from the others for a moment, as Kagome tried not to let her emotions get the best of her.

"Kagome.." Her mother looked sideways at her. "Is it true what the houshi said - about you being biten by a demon?"

"It was - Inuyasha." Kagome looked down at the ground. "He had tried to - well - "

"I see." Her mother said. "You loved Inuyasha, I know. But now this other, this Sesshoumaru.."

Kagome looked up. "Do you - like him?"

Her mother smiled. "He is - different."

~She doesn't like him!~ Kagome thought.

Her mother, however gave her a reassuring look. "He is quite reserved. Reminds me of your father a little. He never just said words that he did not mean, but he showed me in many ways how much he loved me - and you and Sota."

"Oh mom.." Kagome felt the tears form in her eyes. They stopped and Kagome's mother looked at her as she brushed the silver strands from Kagome's face. "Do you love him, Kagome? I know he loves you."

"You - do?" Kagome looked shocked. Sesshoumaru would have been shocked and angry too - a mere human even mentioning that HE, Sesshoumaru had emotions.

"His eyes - when they look at you, Kagome." Her mother smiled. "Little things, you see. If you love him, then stay here, in your time."

"My time? But my time is - " Her mother placed her finger on Kagome's lips, silencing her.

"Is now." Her mother said. "It is wherever you want it to be. You can visit me and Sota anytime through the Bone Eater's Well, you know that."

"Wait..what about Grandfather?" Kagome asked.

"He - wants to stay." Kagome's mother laughed softly, although worry marred the effect. "He says he wants to live history, not just read it. Oh and that he wants to dandle his great-grandchild on his knee someday. I think your Kaede said that he could stay in her village."

Kagome blushed. ~What am I? A baby machine? Pups, babies..~ And yet Kagome felt a warmth thinking about a child with Sesshoumaru - actually it was more on the making of the child than anything else. They would have to try and try, and try again, and a little more, a little more...

~Eep! I'm thinking like this in front of my mother!~ Kagome bit her lip, thinking instead about her grandfather.

~Imagine Grandfather living in these times instead. He won't have air conditioning, heating, television or microwaves - oh and no indoor plumbing! - and yet he wants to stay..~

~So do I..~ Kagome gazed over where Sesshoumaru stood slightly apart from everyone. From this distance if you ignored his height, he looked much like Inuyasha.

~Inuyasha, my first love..~ Kagome reflected sadly. ~Just as Kikyou was his first love. I thought I would die before I ever loved anyone else, and yet I didn't.~

"Kagome?" Her mother asked, interrupting her thoughts.

"I'm all right, mom.." Kagome looked both sad and yet hopeful.

~Goodbye Inuyasha..I loved you once but now - the sorrow has ended..~


The wind rustled in the trees and Kagome could almost see Inuyasha sitting in the highest tree.

~Goodbye, Inuyasha...~


Sesshoumaru stood in front of the God-Tree where his half-brother had once been sealed by a miko's arrow. Yes, he could just picture the hanyou there, pissed off at being shot down by a human woman - a woman who was supposed to love him yet.

"They call this Inuyasha's Forest.." Sesshoumaru said quietly. "It's appropriate, seeing as it is a wild and tangled place. You were always a wild pup.."

Sesshoumaru stepped closed to the God-Tree, feeling as if any moment his half-brother would appear with a yell, brandishing the Tetsusaiga, ready to get his ass kicked. Sesshoumaru smiled as he touched the Tetsusaiga that was by his side now.

"I have the swords, Inuyasha. Both of them. I have Kagome, who you threw away thoughtlessly.." Sesshoumaru said. "If only you were here so that I could see the expression on your face." The youkai-lord frowned. Somehow besting the one that had once been your enemy wasn't half as good if the person wasn't alive to see it.

"You were a fool, Inuyasha. You had Tetsusaiga and you had Kagome.." Sesshoumaru looked up at the sunlight dancing amongst the trees. "You could not see her through your old love for that dead thing Kikyou and I could not see her through my hate. You sealed your fate when you chose the miko-bitch. I was given a second chance."

"I still cannot abide humans.." Sesshoumaru said. "But I have seen worse beings that make the stench of humans seem like the sweetest smell in the world. And I suppose that I must stop hating you, Inuyasha though it is a habit that shall be hard to break I admit. This Sesshoumaru will miss it - hating you, fighting you."

He sighed. "But I have more important things to do.."

Sesshomaru looked up at the God-Tree once more as if he could picture his hanyou brother there.

"Goodbye, Inuyashu, you stupid hanyou bastard.."

~Goodbye, my brother..~ Sesshoumaru thought as he squared his shoulders and turned away, never to look up the God-Tree again.


Later..much later as they lay in Sesshoumaru's chambers, Kagome sighed contentedly as she curled up against Sesshoumaru.

"Nani..?" Sesshoumaru asked, his voice soft and low as he nuzzled at her neck.

"Is nothing. I am just happy.."

"Hm..." Sesshoumaru nipped gently at her neck.

"Oooh, Sesshoumaru..don't start that.." Kagome was fairly purring. He knew very well that got to her.

"Start - what?" The youkai-lord slipped his hands over Kagome's breasts.

"THAT." Kagome sighed.

"This?" Sesshoumaru squeezed them gently, his claws brushing against her skin.

"Or this?" One of his hands reached a little lower.

"Sess-chan!" Kagome jumped. "You're insatisible! What are you trying to do, get me pregnant?"

"That, dear mate, has already happened." Sesshoumaru chuckled lowly.

"N - nani?" Kagome's eyes grew wide.

"You could not sense the change? I can smell you keenly. You carry our pup."

"Baby." Kagome said.

"Eh?" Sesshoumaru started to nibble on Kagome's ear.

"Baby, not pup! Ohhh, Sess-chan..don't DO that - don't stop.." Kagome's leaned back her head against Sesshoumaru's own.

"Nonetheless you will have one.." Sesshoumaru murmured as he did not stop his ministrations.

"Maybe I should go back home and get a pregnancy test to make sure.." Kagome said thoughtfully.

"No. It will be dangerous for you - doubly so since you will hold the heir to the Western Lands and that damned Shikon no Tama. Besides I am very sure of it. Youkai fathers know their women are pregnant before they do."

"Oh.." Kagome said. Sesshoumaru could tell her thoughts were troublesome to her and so abruptly he flipped her over on her back and started to kiss on her.

"Sesshoumaru! What - what are you doing?" Kagome was shocked out of her thoughts.

"What does it look like?" Sesshoumaru suddenly flashed a feral grin.

"But - but the pup - I mean baby!" Kagome cried out.

"We will not hurt it.." Sesshoumaru kissed her lips gently and Kagome melted into it, happy, truly happy with her youkai-lord.

It was truly the end of their sorrow..

The End