I'm so sorry at how short this chapter is but I have writers block for this story!But read on I guess. SasoDei starts in this chapter~

Deidara flipped through a book of pictures at the police station, he agreed to look through the pictures to see if his mother's killer was there, of course he didn't know who killed her. "Bunch of idiots." Sasori had told him, but he had still agreed.

After wasting 30 minutes the cops decided to let him go home where he was greeted by Sasori, Axel and Roxas sitting on his couch.

"Hey there starshine the earth says hello!" Axel greeted mockingly when Deidara walked in.

"Stop stealing from hair." Deidara said than plopped down on the couch by Sasori.

"It's so sad that you know that." Sasori sighed.

"What musical has blood on the pavement in it?" Roxas asked.

"Hairspray." Axel and Deidara answered in unison.

"Gay." Sasori and Roxas replied together.

"Your one to talk." Axel said pointedly to Roxas.

Roxas stuck his tongue out at Axel and laughed.

"So what are you guys doing here anyway?"

"Downloading gay porn channels to your TV plotting to make them the only channels you get." Axel said and laid his back against the armrest of the couch spreading his legs out across the others.

"Get your legs off me." Sasori growled and pushed his brother's legs off of his lap.

Axel rolled his eyes and Deidara followed suit as Sasori.

"Well shit guys you don't care about my comfort do you?" Axel questioned.

"Nope." Roxas giggled and pushed Axel off the couch, which made Deidara and Sasori laugh.

"Dude, what the hell?" Axel asked as he sat up on the floor and leaned against Roxas' legs.

Deidara laughed again and than started to get comfortable just as the phone rang.

"Hey, retard you wanna get that?" Sasori asked his brother and nudged him with his foot.

"What? It's Deidara's house."

"Which means what? You're on the floor." Deidara replied stubbornly.

Axel made noses of protests but got up and answered the phone anyway.

"Hello?" He asked, annoyed, into the phone.

There was a short silence in which everyone supposed was the reply to Axel.

Axel's expression changed from annoyed to shocked in a few seconds his eyes widening in what sorta looked like fear.

"Who the hell is this?" He asked, now glaring at the phone.

"Who is it?" Deidara asked worriedly.

"I don't know. But whoever it was just hung up on me.." Axel replied setting the phone down and walking back over to his spot on the floor.

"Uh, you can sit on the couch now.." Roxas said and poked Axel in the shoulder.

"Don't wanna..." Axel mumbled.

"So the person on the phone, what'd they say?" Deidara asked leaning forward on the couch to get a somewhat side view of Axel's face.

Axel turned his head to the side and looked at Deidara's face and closed his eyes. "You know those retarded phone calls you see people get in like, scary movies? The ones like 'check on the children' and 'what's your favorite scary movie?'"

"Yeah..." Deidara answered looking at Axel skeptically.

"Well, judging by what he said and his voice….I'd say that was your father and he said, and I quote mind you, 'I'm coming for you Deidara.'" Axel said in a imitation of Deidara's fathers voice.

Deidara jaw dropped and Sasori brought his finger to his lip.

"Didn't you say he was in jail?" Sasori asked cocking his head.

"Yeah 'cause he is!" Deidara blurted.

Axel's eyes shifted to Deidara his glance confused. "Than how the hell did he call...?"

Deidara growled. "I don't know!"

Roxas started to bite his lip nervously a bit shaken from the phone call he hadn't heard it but it still scared him.

Deidara grabbed the side of his head in annoyance. "Just when things were getting mildly normal…"

Axel smirked and grabbed Roxas's wrist and whispered in his ear before standing up, Roxas following suit, and said their good byes.

"Where are you going?" Deidara asked.

"Probably to go fuck or something." Sasori answered boredly.

Axel nodded at his brother. "Yep."

The pair left leaving Sasori and Deidara alone.

"Sooo…" Sasori started looking over towards Deidara. "I was kinda wondering something..."

Deidara looked at the red head puzzled. "What?"

"Will…You go out with me?" Sasori asked turning a darker color than even his hair.

Deidara gaped before blushing also. "Uh...Sure…" He turned a darker red and looked away

Sasori smiled at this. "Great. Let's go to the movies tomorrow ok?"

Deidara looked at Sasori and nodded. "Yeah…"

"Great." Sasori smiled and kissed Deidara on the cheek before getting up and leaving too.

'I'm all alone..' Deidara thought and in a sense, he was.