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Cat Cafe:

"Good you have all come," Cologne said. "We have been waiting for you girls."

"We?" Asked Kasumi and Nabiki.

"Yes, we have been all waiting for all of you." Said an orange hair girl as she jump in front of them with six other girls. With the introduction with the conversation began.

"Do all of you believe in magic?" Bloom asked.

"Yes," Kasumi replied.

"Not at first, but now I admit there is a possibility that it does exist." Nabiki said.

"Yes I do," Akane is.

"Well I believe in magic," Ranma said. "But there can't be good magic. If there is my life would be better."

"So you believe in dark magic, but not good magic?" Asked Stella shock.

"Yes that is the way I would put it." Ranma said.

"Ranma, you should know by now that if there one thing there will also be the other as well." Cologne said.

Akane, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Ranma all sat in shock as Cologne called Ranma by name instead of son-in-law. Nabiki recover first and said:

"You said there is good magic then prove it." Nabiki said.

"We will in good time," Layla said. "But if you want a show if it, 50,000 yen, please."

"10,000 yen," Nabiki offered.

"40,000 yen," Layla said.

"15,000 yen," Nabiki offered.

"35,000 yen," Layla said.

"20,000 yen," Nabiki offered.

"30,000 yen," Layla said.

"22,500 yen," Nabiki offered.

"25,000 yen, final price take it or leave." Layla said.

"Fine," said Nabiki.

"Oh my," Kasumi said.

"I can't believe it! Some one beat the Ice Queen at her own game!" Ranma said laughing as she fell off the chair. Akane soon joined her as well as Shampoo.

"That was too too good," Shampoo said.

"Fine a can be beaten too just like you," Nabiki said as she handed the money to Layla.

"Here watch this," Layla said. As she hold out her hand a rod appears.

"That's not magic," Nabiki said.

"Try to grab it," Layla said.

Nabiki did just that and almost fell over when she touched it, feeling that it was liquid but firm at the same time. Her face fell into disbelief as her hand went right through it. "But how?" Nabiki asked.

"Because I'm the only one able to hold it, but there also more to it." Layla said.

"Now you got me hook," Nabiki said.

"Okay there could be good magic," Ranma said. "I just don't want ta push my luck, if there's any at all."

"Guess it time for the next step, Bloom?" Musa asked.

"Yes it is," Bloom said. "I had a feeling it was going to be this way, anyway."

"Are you ready?" Stella asked. "But this secret can not be known to anyone. Got it?"

"Yes!" They all replied, Nabiki did look disappointed that this secret couldn't be shared.

"We are fairies," said Bloom.

"I don't believe it," Nabiki said. "If you are fairies where are your wings? And they should be visible all the time."

"Well, we are fairies," Bloom said. "But we transform into fairy mode." And with that said all of the Winx Club Transformed into fairy mode. That caused Nabiki to faint whiled Akane, Kasumi, and Ranma to sit there in surprise.

It was that way for an hour. Nabiki woke up, she thought that it was a dream, but when she saw them in fairy form her confusion turn into fear. For the first time after her mother disappeared she was afraid for her life.

Bloom saw this and smiled. She knew they were hovering so she told her friends to use their feet. When they landed Nabiki went from fear to shock and then settling into confusion. Kasumi, Akane, and Ranma were confused too.

"Are those real?" Ranma asked.

"As Real as you are a girl in that form," Stella Replied.

"I'm just a guy in a cursed body," Ranma Stated.

"That is where you are wrong, Ranma." Cologne said looking at Ranma. "You need to understand this, when you are hit with cold water you are 100% girl. And with hot water you are 100% boy. If you stay in girl form long enough you will she what I mean."

"Oh my," Kasumi said.

"I didn't think it went that far," Nabiki said.

"I just thought only the body change," Akane said.

"Cologne is correct," Tecna said. "The change is complete. Now we should get back to the reason why we are here."

"She is right," Bloom said. And they all Transformed back into human.

"We have something to tell you," Stella said.

"You all have this ability," Bloom said. "Yes it means your all are fairies."

"That not possible! Nabiki exclaimed."

"Well you are," Bloom said. "There are reason that you didn't know.

1: The youngest child of the Family has to be 11 years old and it can be only told by your mother."

"Our mother disappeared when I was young," Akane said.

"And 2: Is that you are in extreme danger," Bloom said.

"We can learn magic?" Akane asked.

"Yes you can," Bloom said. "But you powers haven't awakened yet. They will soon."

"Ranma you have a tough choice to make," Tecna said.

"Hun?" Ranma said.

"Your choices are:

1: A weak wizard.

2: A unusual powerful fairy, but you will have to give up your manhood.

3: or both, you will be a powerful fair but you won't be at your peak.

Please think about it."

"Got it," replied Ranma. "I will think about it, but the way my life is the choice is most likely made for me anyway."

"That's all we have to say," Bloom said.

They all left including Kasumi and Nabiki.

"Ranma I need to talk to you alone," Cologne said.

"Okay,' Ranma said. "If it was about the marriage she would have use the term son-in-law," she said trying to cool Akane down. "Meet me at the Ice cream shop."

"Okay," Akane said. "I'm just a little confused."

"Aren't we all?" Ranma asked.

"Yes I can agree with that," Akane said. "See you later." And then she walks out by herself.

"Okay, Cologne what to you want to tell me?" Ranma asked.

"If you are a fairy, the outsider laws don't apply." Cologne said. "But we need proof of it."

"So, you are saying that outsider laws are drop if I can use magic?" Ranma asked.

"There are three way you could get out of it," Cologne said.

"1: Train the one you love to her full ability.

2: Get stuck in your cursed form and survive the kiss of death for a whole year.

3: Prove your ability with magic."

"That is interesting," Ranma said.

"Please tell me if you are a fairy, okay?" Cologne asked.

"Sure ya got it," Ranma replied. And then he left The Cat Cafe. To met with Akane. Me a fairy, you gotta be kidding me? She thought to herself. And then she roof hop away.

To be Continue.

Author's note. The Tendo girls may seem OOC. Who would act normal when news like this is? Remember in Winx Club Season one Bloom's reaction to the discovery? Same thing happen to Roxy in Season Four.