It's Sakura and Sasuke's Anniversary. But Sakura is not answering her hand phone! Sasuke's getting dark thoughts. [Sasuke x Sakura]


Sakura promised that she would meet me in the subway station near my house but she was already 20 minutes late.

Sasuke already sent her messages and she replied every time alright. The problem was… Sakura was not answering Sasuke's call.

And it was making him crazy.


The only line of thought Sasuke could only follow was that she was with other man.

Of course, Sasuke trusted Sakura. But Sasuke could not think of any other reason why she was not answering the phone.

After 10 minutes of waiting and brooding, Sakura finally showed up.

"What did you do?" It was his first question. Sakura should explain herself.

But Sasuke could not help but complement her appearance silently. She was still breathtaking. That was why he had to scare all the guys that were probably trying to steal her away from him.

"I told you. I was on the train station." Sakura smiled for she already know what her beloved was thinking.

"Your house was 10 minutes away from my house by train."

"You don't trust me?" Sakura countered as she grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the wall he was brooding on.

"I do."

"Then, don't ask. Here, Happy Anniversary." Sakura tossed Sasuke a gift. It was a toy.

The toy looked like a tomato that could be squished when one was stressed. Sasuke had been longing to get this toy for so many weeks but he was lazy to travel.

This could only be bought from a store four hours away from their province.

Sakura must have waken up so early to get this for him.

Sasuke squeezed her hand appreciatingly and he knew that Sakura could understand what he was trying to say.

She always did.

Sakura looked back and gave him a smile.

"Love you."

Sasuke smiled. "I love you more."