Germany's mind was pulled back to earth as a folded piece of paper hit his arm. Turning an eye to the teacher, Germany cautiously reached down and picked the note from the floor, unfolding it curiously. No sooner than he saw his name surrounded by hearts did Germany hear a giggle.

Not a girlish giggle. Not a cute giggle. Not even a cheery giggle.

A demonic giggle.


Germany paled immensely as he turned in his seat to face the back of the class. Back where Russia sat.

Russia, with his big, burly figure and his too small uniform (not unrelated to the one Poland wore) stared hungrily at Germany from beside Lithuania, who seemed to cower even when not being threatened by Russia. However, had Germany not been distracted wholly by Russia, he might have noticed that one of Lithuania's hands was in a cast, its twin growing purple and bending oddly as Russia held it, unknowingly mimicking the actions of his sister. Lithuania continued to suffer in silence, pleading Germany with his eyes to save him, help him, anything!

Germany paid no heed to Lithuania's signals, returning focus to his desk and the note on it.


Hello! I couldn't help watching you during class (again!) so I thought I would write you a note! Smart, da? Anyway, Latv--I made you some chocolates! I worked very hard on them, and I know that you'll like them. Ooh, I'll bring them to your locker after school! Wouldn't that be nice? Just make sure Italy isn't there, okay? It makes me upset how close you two are (Kolkolkolkolkolkolkol...) I can't wait!

Lots of Love,

Falling into a coughing fit, Germany finally found a reason to hate school.