A response to a challenge set up by 10(underscore)glances. She helped me a lot during it & I definitely like the shower idea. It's an LJ challenge. Hope you enjoy it, mah ChipMUNK girls/boys. X3.

Title: Glance
Rated: +18 – sex; violence; dark
Summary: A response to a challenge. He glanced at Matt one more time, a smile smeared on his face. All it took was one glance to build an entire future and then break it all over again. ChipMUNK.
Genre: Angst

10 glancesphil brooks x matt hardywrestlingtheme #1 (studying)


They were studying.

Phil felt Matt's hands push him against the wall, Matt's lips pressing against his, a heated kiss of passion and the clock flashed 12:00, Matt only pressed Phil harder against the wall and kissed him rougher, hearing Phil moan in pleasure in their kiss and Matt bit beside Phil's lip ring, causing Phil to moan even more.

Matt felt Phil tug off Matt's wife beater, pushing it off his shoulders and Phil jumped on top of Matt, showering Matt's neck with wet, sloppy kisses, causing Matt to groan with pleasure as Phil wrapped his legs tightly around Matt's waist, and Matt's arms were around Phil, both holding onto each other for dear life as Phil nibbled and sucked onto Matt's neck and soft, slurred moans rose up from Matt's mouth.

Matt fell on top of the bed, holding onto Phil as he continued to nibble onto Matt's neck and when Phil moved away, his breaths were short and sharp, his skin burning up, feverish, and Matt let a smirk smear across his lips, 'hold on, Phil."

But Phil didn't.

He jumped up Matt's body and started kissing him, Matt had gotten along with his little game and proceeded to take off the rest of Phil's clothing while Phil held onto Matt's hair and pressed his body so tightly against his and when the clothing was discarded and on the floor, Phil let out a breathless moan, taking off Matt's pants then proceeded to slowly, so very slowly, taking off Matt's boxers. "Come on, Phil!"

At that, Phil tore it off Matt and Matt had now rolled them over, making Phil on bottom while Matt rose on top and the breathless Phil's hand was going towards the drawer, trying to reach for a bottle of anything and pulled out a bottle of moisturizer. "Just use it, Matt. I don't care if it's illogical. Just," Phil paused to take a breath while Matt dapped the Body Shop moisturizer onto his hand, feeling the coldness of the lotion warm his hands and Matt lubed up his cock, loving the cold moisture brush against him and Matt smirked. "Do you want it, Phil? Or do you want us to stop?"

"Oh shut up. You know I want this. So just push yourself inside of me before I do."

Matt laughed before he turned Phil over, pinching his ass, a habit he loved doing in clubs and parties, whenever Jeff wasn't looking and before Phil could tell him to shove himself inside of him, Matt had already done that, earning a slurred groan slip out of his mouth, following by shallow breaths and Matt slipped out of him, feeling the friction decrease, making it easy to slide in and out.

Matt's hands were on Phil's hair, feeling the softness of it, he smiled and just as Phil's panting decreased, Matt shoved himself inside him once more, now slipping in and out faster, practically tearing off Phil's hair but Phil didn't seem to care and when Phil turned over once more, so that Phil's face was facing Matt's, Matt continued to pound inside of him and at that, Phil's fingernails dug into Matt's skin and in some sadistic way, Matt liked it. Now stuck in one position, Matt tried to move and he succeeded, pounding him once more, making Phil groan and moan at the same time, unable to decide which one. Matt pounded one last time before letting hot fluid fill Phil with warmth, along with bits of coldness from the moisturizer that Matt had used and at the same time, Phil had came, letting hot fluid soak them both.

Phil giggled as Matt pulled off.

Here was the deal. They do this now and they feel guilty later.

Phil could already feel the guilt collecting as he let the sheets cover his body and Matt walked out of the room after making himself look as normal as usual, as if nothing ever happened. It didn't take a while for Phil to put his clothes in the basket and wear other ones and even if these new clothes weren't stained, he still felt stained, marked as Matt's and no one really knew.

Phil had to repeat to himself. It wasn't a relationship. They were just friends.

They weren't even that sometimes and sometimes, when they walked towards each other, they'd say things they didn't really mean and scream and tear their own brains out in words and Phil knew that Matt would still come back and they'd still make up and they'd still fuck each other's brains out because that was the way it happened. They knew that yesterday, it would be the same routine, they'd shout at each other in front of public, words of hate that they'd then ponder on if it was true or not, and they wouldn't talk to each other for hours on end, ignore each other's text messages and then break down all together, no tears, not even good enough dramatic words, but they'd still make up and they'd still pretend that their friends even behind closed doors.

No one ever thought Phil what friends were.

Matt and Jeff still loathed the ground that Phil walked on or at least, Matt pretended to, and no one would know that there was something behind those closed doors because they wasn't. Oh, denial wasn't as easy as it looked like, the sweetest sin, the darkest downfall…and as Phil stepped towards the window, he saw Matt and Jeff downstairs, talking and laughing at each other, just above his balcony and he pretended to have this look of hate on his face as he looked back. No, he didn't have to see this and get his heart torn to pieces and he didn't have to think of him.

Maybe just one more glance.


He was so damn beautiful.


He was so damn sweet.


He was so damn confusing.

At that, Phil pressed his body against the glass, his hands in his hands and he was studying. He was actually studying. They were studying. Each one of their bodies wasn't a mystery, the skin wasn't a mystery, but the interior of it all, the inside of the closed box, it was a mystery there to study… Phil didn't really know anything about Matt, nothing about his hopes, his dreams, his want for future, his like. Hell, he didn't even know Matt's family—but he knew that there was something there between them.

Phil had already studied Matt's eyes, studied the soul that was in there, the brown coated eyes that reminded Phil of sugar dripped with sweetness, and the soul inside was too pure to be ignored.


He was gone.

And he took Phil's heart with him.

"How pathetic can I get?"


That was lotz of fun. Slightly challenging. I had trouble with the studying thing; they are in their 30's so it would be weird for them to be studying an actual book. XP. Oh, I just realized I could've put it as a high school fic. Stupid, stupid Sam. *looks up* nah, I won't. XD. Anyone wants the prompts & the challenge itself, I would give you the prompts & link. You should try it.

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