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Matt, meet me at the park. At 2 in the morning. I know this may sound insane but… oh crap, he's back. Just come.

Matt didn't know what was so inviting about Phil's text.

Maybe it was the fact that he'd still talk to him after breaking his heart and now, Matt stood by the park for over an hour now, waiting, trying not to fall asleep any second as he opened up a bottle of alcohol and just drank, he didn't care for Phil's comments about it. He heard as footsteps made it towards him and he twirled his head around to see Phil standing there, with a black jacket covering his body as he sat down, both of their clothing dark to reflect on the dark night.


"What?" Matt knew that he adored Phil but at the same time, he would not stand to be heartbroken by him over and over, again and again just because Phil wanted to play his little games and puzzles, 'what do you want from me?"

"You care, 'Phil simply said.

"I don't care about you, 'Matt said cold and icy, standing up, the alcohol rushing to his head as the half-empty bottle was being swung in his hands, over and over, his head was buzzing with dizziness as Phil walked towards him, his hands onto Matt's shoulders to steady him but Matt pushed him off. "I don't caaaaaaareee…"

"Matt! Lie down or something before you puke on me."

"I better puke on you…oh fuck, my head…" Matt was struggling and just fell onto the bench, his head swirling and even blurred and unfocused, Phil was the prettiest thing that Matt had ever seen, his body, his eyes, his face, even blurred, so beautiful, 'you look so pretty, Phil…"

Phil walked over towards Matt where Matt held onto Phil's shoulders, Phil's eyes locking with Matt's eyes as Matt stood up, slowly moving his hips in a form of a dance to help Phil get along with him and Phil followed, slowly and slowly moving and dancing as Phil's head pressed against Matt's chest, hearing the soft heartbeat of Matt Hardy, 'you know you look very pretty."

"Only tonight?" Phil asked, looking up at Matt.

Matt cocked an eyebrow, almost as if he was coming to a conclusion before shaking his head, 'tonight, you look pretty, soul intact. Funny. I'm more spiritual when I'm drunk…you know, more romantic?" Matt's hands roam around Phil's body, 'you always look pretty, but tonight…your eyes…"


Matt shook his head, 'why did you call me, Phil? Because you need a quickie? Excuse me, the human sex toy didn't know so I didn't bring any protection or lubricant. I just brought alcohol… sorry. I should've known my role in my entire life right now."

Phil just stopped, stepping even closer to Matt and Matt stepped back until Phil was pressing Matt against a tree as Phil's voice burned into the air, 'we all have roles in life. Some of us are leaders, some of us are following. Some of us live old, some of us die young…and I've died a long time. I'm a leader, and a follower. You're exactly like me. It's…it's like looking at a mirror."

"If you're like me, then drink with me."


"Drink with me. Make me forget it all."

"I'm not going to drink! That'll stand against everything I'd believe in!" Phil shouted at him, but then softened as he realized that Matt was seriously pale and wouldn't say anything, 'we are mirrors. You're hurt, I'm hurt, you're in pain now and I'm in pain too…it's because we can't accept that we may or may not be good enough in a relationship."

"But you're with that bastard!" Matt exclaimed as thoughts of confusion and desolation running through his head and he gripped onto Phil's shoulders as tight as he could've, almost enough to break them into pieces, 'you're with Chris, aren't you? Why are we here, Phil? Tell me! BECAUSE I REFUSE BEING CONFUSED ANYMORE! I'm tired of this! I'm tired of us! I'm sick of you. I'm sick of me. JUST TELL ME!"

Phil's breath was caught into his throat as he nodded his head, silently letting besotted tears fall from his eyes, 'o-okay…I'll tell you what's going on, Matt…b-b-but don't laugh at me…Chris is blackmailing me and—and—dammit, why doesn't the world want us to be together?! I realized a long time ago that I loved you but apparently, love is too precious for someone as fucked up as me."

Phil moved towards the lake, staring at the water, 'give the bottle."

"It's alcohol."

"Give it."

Matt shook his head as he threw the bottle into the lake, crashing it into pieces as he looked at the lake, Phil and Matt, together, watching as the lake got intoxicated with alcohol, mixed with the irresistible poison as Phil shook his head, sighing over and over and Matt leaned down and kissed him, hard and rough, nothing to separate them. "Okay, you like me, I like you, end of this confusing love story…now, let it all begin." Matt said, holding onto Phil's waist and pressing him close to Matt, 'I missed you."

"I missed you, too, 'Phil nuzzled into Matt's neck, 'a memory of a rape is supposed to traumatize you for years but the only reason I couldn't fall asleep is because you weren't beside me. I'm so fucked up… so messed up…why aren't I normal?"

"You don't need to be normal for me, Phil. Let's go be fucked up bastards together! I don't care! You're mine and I'm yours, that's all that matters right now, isn't it?" Matt and Phil were now staring at each other as Phil nodded his head and sounds of Chris's shouting can be heard, 'oh fuck…where do we go, Phil?"

Phil grabbed onto Matt's hand and ran off, ran off with him into the darkness of the night, knowing exactly the destination he wanted to go to as they ran until their feet were bleeding but they didn't care, as long as they were as away from Chris's voice as they could've been and when Phil was sure that Chris wasn't behind him, he ran downwards the subway station, Matt behind him as Matt realized what Phil was about to do, 'Chicago, Phil?"

Phil nodded his head, looking down at the floor, 'I want you to come to my home. I know it's safe there. He doesn't know my parents' house's address."

"But Jeff."

Phil realized this before he looked for an idea, then had got one, spilling out his thought towards the ravenette, 'the punk reject that always hangs around you? What's his face?"



Matt was unsure about it but saw the sparkle in Phil's eyes, almost hypnotizing him into the deepest of spells, Matt pulled out his phone and called Shannon, being all sorry for short notice and joking around for a bit before nodding his head in satisfaction and turning to Phil, 'he agreed to watch over Jeff for a few days…"

In moments, Phil and Matt were at the back of the train, both huddled into each other's arms, Phil looked up at Matt, thoughts running through Phil's head, 'you know, we can't pretend that everything's all perfect perfect when it's as horrible as it is now…what's your favorite fairytale?"

"Do I have a label Jeff on my forehead?"

"Come on!"

"…I like Cinderella."

"No shit?" Phil asked, almost laughing as Matt nodded his head, rolling his eyes at Phil's enlightened happy face and a spark of joy almost burned in his body of desolation when he saw Phil's face, his beautiful face, so full of spark and joy, 'mine is Sleeping Beauty."

"Well, sleep then, Sleeping Beauty. No wonder your move is called Go To Sleep."

"Don't criticize my amazing move…" Phil then cocked his head to the other side, snuggling into Matt's body, feeling the warmness in him and Matt looked down at him, slowly rocking him back and forth, 'I love you, Philip Jack Brooks…" yet when Matt looked down, he realized that Phil was completely and utterly asleep.

Jeff woke up to face Shannon in bed, screeching and jumping upwards, almost looking as if he was going to look for a gun but Shannon laughed at Jeff's face, 'hello, Jeffro, guess who's your babysitter?"

"No shit?"

"Yes, me, Shannon Moore."

"You yourself need a babysitter!"

"Can't. I slept with him!"

"SHANNON! Where's Matt?!"

"Oh, he left with some black-haired straightedge guy and told me that he was staying at his house for a while because Chris is blackmailing said straightedge guy so yeah…"





Haha. It all shall pan out.

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