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"Where are they?" the young boy asked his father for what must have been the tenth time since they had arrived at the Burrow.

"I'm not sure," James Potter replied for the same number of times. "They promised they were coming, and have they ever broken a promise before?"

"No," little Harry sighed.

"Okay. Now why don't you go see if your great-grandmother needs some help putting out food, yeah?"

"Okay," he sighed, slinking away just out of his father's sight before changing direction to run towards the large group of children who were dividing sides for a game of Quidditch before dinner.

"He's a lot like you," a voice said calmly behind James, who turned to see his father watching the group of kids, of which he was the proud grandfather of a large handful.

"He's just eager. It's his turn to go to Hogwarts this year, and he's excited and nervous," James replied.

"And Hermione did promise she's be back from their mission in time to come to the party, and he is rather fond of Hermione."

"I think he's more fond of Jasper, actually. Jasper does have the best stories."

As if on cue two cars pulled into the hidden driveway of the Burrow. They coasted cleanly to a stop just beyond the gate, and their occupants quickly poured out.

"Took you long enough, 'Mione," Harry said in a normal voice, knowing his friend would hear it.

"Blame him," Chelsea and Hermione appeared next to him in a blink, Chelsea's thumb jerking over her shoulder to Jasper, who was helping Esme unload baskets of food and bottles of wine from the trunk of one of the cars.

"Quiet," Hermione elbowed her in the ribs.

"What did Jasper do?" Harry asked, a smirk on his face betraying he already had a really good idea of what had happened.

"He got a little... frisky this morning, and made us all miss our plane. Carlisle had to charter another one, but it was a couple hours later," Chelsea replied.

"You need to learn better impulse control, then," Hermione shot back. "If you weren't so susceptible to emotional control..."

"Ladies, perhaps it is best that you don't kiss and tell, as they say," Marcus came up next to Chelsea, placing a hand on the small of her back. Hermione couldn't help but smile. It had taken Chelsea and Marcus the better part of forty years to get together, but once Chelsea had admitted she was ready to move on from Afton they had slipped into an easy relationship, and within a couple years became committed to each other. In the time since Hermione had noticed some physical changes in Marcus. Seeing a smile on his face more often than not had gotten rid of the air of depression and apathy that had surrounded him. Having to hunt for his food, even if it was only animals, got him moving, and cleared some of the dust out, and his skin was no longer thin and sickly-looking. He had been turned at nineteen, and he was finally starting to look that age. And seeing Chelsea happy was a bonus for Hermione, who was finally starting to settle into her own groove. She had been the leader of their new group of vampires for twenty-five years before she insisted that she step down, and they had elected Siobahn as their next leader. Since word had spread that their new group had completely obliterated all who were involved in the Southern Wars missions had been few and far between, though occasionally someone did cause a problem, and there was never a shortage of volunteers to go take care of the problem. Siobahn had been their leader for twenty-five years, and they were in the process of electing a new one, with Carlisle a top contender for the vote in the next week.

Suddenly she heard the sound of someone coming up behind her, and Jasper's strong arms wrapped around her from behind, and he kissed her cheek.

"Easy, now," Harry laughed. "We heard why you were late."

"Did Chelsea try to blame this morning on me? Because I don't force anyone to do anything. They could have gotten on that plane without us and I would have gladly Apparated here afterwards."

"Not all of us like Apparation," Chelsea grumbled.

"Then next time keep your hands to yourself and get on the plane," Jasper smirked.

"Where's Draco? I have something for him," Hermione rolled her eyes as she disentangled herself from Jasper's embrace.

"By the Quidditch pitch, making sure Scorpius calls a fair game. Last time he pointed out the snitch to Regulus."

"I see," she said before excusing herself and heading over to the Quidditch pitch. As promised Draco was standing next to his son, trying to even out the teams as Regulus Malfoy had been trying to bribe the better players onto his team with the promises of Chocolate Frogs. Regulus was the first to see her coming, and hurried over for a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"You're looking lovely today, Aunt Hermione," he smiled widely.

"And you are acting very much like your father and grandfather. Thinking you can buy yourself the best and charm yourself out of trouble?"

"It's worked in the past," he beamed before running off.

"My son," Renesmee chuckled as she handed Draco and Scorpius drinks, her hand automatically finding Scorpius'. She was still so young looking, barely looking old enough to drink, but Hermione had not been surprised when she had turned out to be a witch, and had convinced Bella and Edward to let her go to Hogwarts. She kept in close touch with Nahuel, and as it became more obvious that her lifespan would be even more than a witch or wizards, she and Scorpius knew they had a choice to make. Scorpius would be joining their family once their two children were out of the house, and in time even Draco had come to support the idea.

"Is everything better in Spain?" Draco asked.

"It was hardly worth the effort of us going down there," Hermione shrugged. "The ones stalking the cruise ships won't be an issue anymore. I got something for you, though," she said, reaching into the same beaded bag she had been carrying for so many years and coming up with a wrapped package.

"What's this?" Draco asked, taking it by the corner as if he were afraid the thing would explode.

"Just open it and stop being such a distrusting Slytherin," Hermione rolled her eyes.

Cautiously Draco opened the paper, revealing a cookbook. "Thanks, Hermione, you seem to have forgotten my complete ineptitude in the kitchen."

"I was told by the woman in the shop that it is the best book for those whose delicate stomachs cannot handle good Spanish food."

Renesmee laughed, a sound that made it impossible for anyone in the vicinity not to smile. Scorpius beamed as his wife wordlessly told him something.

"Yes, I think it's best we go and find your parents, and make sure they are still willing to watch the little terror when we go away for your birthday," he said, and led her away after placing Fred Weasley in charge of the game, which Hermione thought was probably a good move as Fred rivaled his father in energy and never seemed to have a problem keeping a pitch full of youngsters in check.

"Any plans for the near future?" Draco asked as he offered his arm to lead her back towards the main group.

"Nothing concrete," Hermione replied. "Peter and Charlotte haven't seen us in the better part of a decade, perhaps its about time we go annoy them for a bit. They've been talking about taking a trip to Australia.

"As if Australia doesn't have enough deadly creatures without you lot wandering around."

"They do have some very large crocodiles."

"Who would have no idea what hit them."

"Well, Jasper has said his ambition is to take down the biggest great white he can find, so I guess Australia would be lovely this time of year."

"Perhaps Astoria and I could spend some time down there, as well, if you're looking for some more companions. And Ginny has been complaining about how much Potter has been working."

"You, voluntarily going on vacation with Harry Potter? My, my, if Severus could hear you..."

"Severus is thoroughly enjoying his solitude up north, and from what I hear is quite near a breakthrough on his potion."

"Solitude, you say? Well, if that's the line he's been feeding you..." she smirked.

"What?" he asked in surprise as he stopped dead.

"He has had an awfully feminine scent on him the last couple times I've seen him, though perhaps he's just embracing his womanly side."

"If Severus has a womanly side I'll give all the money in my Gringotts account to never see it. The man is pushing 90, who in the hell did he find to shag?"

"Now, now, I've said too much, but remember that you, sir, are pushing 70 and have around another hundred years or so of life expectancy. That is an awfully long time to go without a shag."

"You would know. You and your husband can't keep your hands off each other for more than a couple of days."

"No need to be nasty, or is this just jealousy rearing it's ugly head?"

"How could I not be jealous of him?" he asked with a nod of his head towards Jasper, who had several generations of women surrounding him, laughing as he held Fred's new baby and made it giggle. "Everywhere he goes he has women watching him and hanging on his every word with that accent of his, he's got that old world gentleman thing, and most of all he has your eye and no matter how many years it's been your eyes never seem to wander."

"He's my mate. Why would my eyes wander?"

"I would have assumed there would be something like the fifty year itch."

"What kind of girl do you think I am?"

"You've known the answer to that for years."

She was quiet, tugging his arm a little to get them moving again.

"At least he makes you happy. That's all anyone ever wanted for you, Hermione. We were just a bit surprised at how you got it."

"Can you imagine what life would be like if it had been normal for us?"

"I don't want to. Without everything that happened I never would have been motivated to change, and I was a giant prat back in the day."

"Yes, you were, ferret," Jasper was suddenly next to them.

"You should talk, cowboy," Draco grumbled, though the edge of his mouth was upturned.

"Molly says she just put out lunch and to tell you before the kids come in and make a total mess of it. And Esme wanted to say hello."

"Well, if it's for Esme," he smirked, wiggling his eyebrows and smoothing back his hair- now more white than blonde.

"Your friends are odd at times," Jasper mumbled, wrapping his arms around Hermione.

"I wouldn't have them any other way," she replied, giving him a quick kiss.

"What was that for?"

"Hmmm... starters. You'll have to wait for later for the rest."

"You are going to torture me all day, aren't you?"

"It's one of my favorite games," she admitted.

His arms snaked tighter, drawing her closer to him, and she felt a wave of lust wash over her. He slowly kissed her, bending her low and sending a tingle down her spine before whispering in her ear, "Two can play at this game."

It took her a moment to remember her surroundings. "We best tone it down before Chelsea accuses us of being bad influences again."

"Yes, ma'am," he purred, sending another tingle down her spine.

"You are not playing fair," she accused.

"I bet I last longer than you."

"Interesting... what's the wager? Loser has to fix the house?"

"Not fair, you can just wave your wand, I have to do actual work!"

"But it's well worth it," she smiled seductively, bit her lip, and ran her fingers over his abs. Across the lawn Alice started giggling and Edward shot them both a disgusted look.

"Prude," Jasper called to him as he led Hermione towards them. "Hey, little lady, who wins?"

"I'm not telling," Alice replied. "It won't be as fun for you two if I do."

"Fair enough," he shrugged as a mass of children started running towards the food. Within a few minutes Hermione was sitting at a long table, surrounded by her friends and by a throng of children filled with excitement and energy over the train ride that would take them to Hogwarts the next day. She chatted a little, produced treats for the school year, and promised to stop by Kings Cross the next day to see them off. As the sun went down and she sat on the cool grass to watch George set off his customary start-of-year fireworks she snuggled close to Jasper and knew that even if he wasn't influencing her emotions in that moment, she'd still be deliriously happy.