Chapter 1

A woman walked along the dark, wet street toward a decidedly inappropriate place for such an angelic-looking apparition. That is only if one was unaware of what she was-and thankfully, most people were quite unaware. The diminutive beauty was dressed in a stunningly simple, empire-styled gown in a color that attempted to match the sapphire luminescence of her eyes. The rounded neckline gave just a hint of the small but firm breasts beneath and the long sleeves and flowing skirt gave the appearance of propriety to a creature that was decidedly lacking in any such virtue. Kuchiki Rukia was going to Seireitei. A notorious Japanese bordello whose services were only accessible to the most affluent members of society,

Seireitei is lauded far and wide as being the most discreet establishment of its kind as well as offering services to suit each customer's individual appetites-no matter what those may be. Most importantly, Seireitei is known for acquiring the most prime pieces of flesh on the entire continent and training them to excel at fucking. No one is allowed entrance without sponsorship from a club member and Rukia's best friend and blood sister, Matsumoto Rangiku, is a lifelong member.

Ran had been her friend for as long as either of them could remember and she knew Rukia better than anyone else in this world. She knew that Rukia was afflicted with the same unholy desires that she herself was subjected to on a daily basis. That coupled with Rukia's fascination with unique and beautiful men, led Rangiku to tell her all about this supposed sex god. Ran had never been with the man herself as she was currently enamored with another "resident" of Seireitei, however she has seen his gorgeous form in person and heard stories of his prowess. She knew Rukia was not the type to find her pleasure in such a place, however, she swore that this man was definitely worth it.

Kurosaki Ichigo. Even his name sounded delectable. A gorgeous, orange-haired male with the body and sexual prowess of a god? THAT could definitely hold her attention for a while. If this man was as good as Ran described, then this trip through the fetid streets of Japan will not have been in vain-no, not at all. This was the reason Kuchiki Rukia was going to Seireitei. She was badly in need of sexual release-hot, sweaty bodies tangled and moaning in ecstasy-sex with the man that is purported to be the finest male pleasure slave in the country. Therefore when Ran suggested that Rukia go to the bordello, she agreed with only minimal resistance. After all, as a Kuchiki, one must at least appear to be reluctant to solicit sexual services from a young, delicious human male.

Thinking such thoughts is bound to be distracting to anyone and such distraction can prove dangerous to a lone woman walking the streets of Edo at night-well, that's usually the case anyhow. A sound behind her brought Rukia out of her lust-filled haze for a moment. "Who's there?" Rukia's annoyance at being disturbed was clearly evident in the husky, angrily spoken words. As she turned around she saw four ill-kempt men walking towards her.

"I'm your dream come true, luv!" The largest (and ugliest) of the group answered her.

"Oh?" said Rukia, "You're here to cut out your own tongue and bleed to death while lying at my feet? How very sweet of you to make all of my little dreams come true!"

The other three men stared in shocked silence at the tiny woman who dared to speak to their leader thusly when the ugly one spoke up again, "I'm gonna make you eat those words, bitch, while I shove my cock down your dirty little throat!"

"Promises, promises…well, if you're going to try and attack me, just do it already! I've really got somewhere else to be right now." As she was speaking, Rukia set her bag on the ground, and motioned for her attackers to come at her. And come at her they did-all at once. Before they could get more than a few feet toward her, however, Rukia moved with inhuman speed and decapitated all of the men save their illustrious leader. None of them ever saw her coming.

When the last thug noticed what had happened to his comrades, the pitiful creature began crying and quivering in terror, "Wh- what are you?"

"Well, if you're my dream come true, then I guess that makes me your worst nightmare-kind of odd how that works out, isn't it?" Rukia grabbed the man by the throat and looked into his eyes-her own had turned as black as night and in them he saw only suffering and death. Rukia smiled cruelly as she ripped out his tongue and watched him choke on his own blood. "You weren't even worth my time. It's a shame though, I thought with four of you I might actually have to break a sweat." After watching the man take his last breath, Rukia collected her things and continued on her way. Some days it was so nice being a blood demon.

**Author's note-This is my first attempt at writing ANYTHING ever so please feel free to give constructive criticism. I hope to make this a fairly long fic and since I'm out of nursing school for Christmas break starting next weekend, I should update often and have it done rather fast. I'm not the type to publish as I receive reviews, I just want to get it down posted and see if anyone likes it-lol! Please enjoy!! Beth**