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Chapter 39

"Well, I suppose that settles it then," Ulquiorra stated with unabashed smugness. "Let's get back to the party, shall we? Ukitake-sama's slaves were just serving the first course when I came to find you."

Rukia faltered for a moment, torn between the con they were running and her intense need to protect Ichigo. Leaving him alone with that woman went against every single fiber of her being but she knew what had to be done. She knew what Ichigo needed from her in that moment and it wasn't her protection. "I wouldn't want to keep our sensei waiting." In spite of her best intentions, Rukia couldn't help herself, "Will you two be joining us, Tia?"

Tia's throaty voice grated on Rukia's already frayed nerves, "Not yet, Rukia-san. I'd like to have a word with your slave first…if that's alright with you, of course?"

What could she say? Hell no? Over my dead body? Over your dead body? As much as it galled her, there was only one response available to Rukia at the moment, "Of course it's alright." She was terrified of what could happen to him when she wasn't there to intervene, but Rukia knew that Ichigo was counting on her trust, so she had to play her part. She turned toward Ichigo and faltered for just a moment. He was standing now, but his head was down and he looked as thoroughly dejected as she'd ever seen him. She hated seeing him that way, but she really hated the fact that it was necessary. Her plan had gone awry, but his…it was going quite well apparently.

"Ichigo, look at me." He did as she asked and Rukia was pleased to note that the hopeless look-that one she'd seen so many times-was not present in his eyes. That made it much easier to get these next words out. "As of right now, you will consider Aizen-sama to be your mistress. You will obey her every command, quickly and without question. If you do not obey her-and by extension, me-painful will not even begin to describe what your life will become. I will not have you heap any more shame upon me or my clan. Do I make myself clear?"

As he stared deep into her eyes, Ichigo seemed to be begging for her forgiveness. If she didn't know any better, Rukia would swear he was plagued by shame for his actions.

He was that good.

When Ichigo spoke, it was as though he was actually making a solemn vow, "I understand, Kuchiki-sama. I swear I will not fail you."

"See that you don't," Rukia gave a slight, satisfied nod and turned toward the other woman. She kept her words deliberately flippant as she smiled at Tia. "And you, my friend…see that you don't break my toy."

Tia smirked and bowed deeply in Rukia's direction, "But of course, Rukia-san. I will treat him with the same care and consideration my own slaves receive."

And that was exactly what she was afraid of. "Splendid," Rukia said with a forced smile. "I believe we should be on our way, then, Ulquiorra." She carefully avoided looking at the object of her affection as she forced words past her dry throat. She could not look at Ichigo any longer or her resolve would falter. She knew that just as surely as she knew the sun would rise in the east. She had done all she could do and she was at her limit. Rukia knew that she had to get out of there as fast as inhumanly possible, so she took Ulquiorra's proffered arm and turned back to the house without a backwards glance.


Ichigo knew her type.

He could tell the moment he laid eyes on her.

Strong, confident, and dripping with sex appeal, this was a woman definitely accustomed to having her own way…no matter what the cost. She was almost certainly a sadist and probably got off on having others grovel at her feet …in fact, it was probably a fucking requirement.

For Ichigo, this was nothing. He'd been handling women like her since he was a child.

It had been his plan from the beginning to find a way into the enemy fortress, so the second he heard that this was Aizen's female spawn, Ichigo knew what had to be done. When the woman offered to take him in hand as it were, Ichigo was elated. This was his chance to infiltrate their ranks to find his dad and make sure that Rukia stayed safe.


The only problem with his plan was Rukia. With his recent issues fresh in all their minds, Ichigo knew the chances of her agreeing to this were slim at best, but still he hoped. He hoped that Rukia would have faith in his ability to take care of himself…faith in him. And then, something remarkable happened.

She actually did.

Rukia put her faith in him and the joy he felt in that moment was immeasurable. After all the mistakes he'd made-including the monumental fuckups of this night-she still trusted him. He would not betray that trust. No more distractions…no more jealousy. Ichigo was going to do everything in his power to make sure that their plan went off without further complications.

For it to work, Ichigo had to convince this woman that he was the perfect slave-albeit slightly too attached to his mistress. Prepared for his role, Ichigo watched Rukia's retreating form and made sure that the woman saw pain and longing in his eyes.

Aizen Tia's eyes narrowed as she saw Ichigo's lovelorn look, "I believe your attentions are misdirected, slave."

His head snapped guiltily away, "Forgive me, Aizen-sama."

"Did I say you could speak?" She snapped irritably.

Ahhh, he thought, Figures this bitch would be a dom.

"No matter," She muttered to herself, "I knew you needed a great deal of work when I took you on. I will forgive your impertinence this once, but know that next time I will not be so lenient." She waited for a moment, staring at him as though expecting an answer.

Ichigo simply dropped his head lower and wisely refrained from answering.

She gave a slight nod of approval and approached him, her hands behind her back. Tia circled him slowly before stopping in front of him. "Remove your hakama," She ordered in a steady voice.

Ichigo complied with the request which exposed his upper torso and heard her sharply indrawn breath. Typical, he thought snidely as he smelled her instant rush of arousal.

Her voice was not nearly so steady when she spoke again, "On your knees."

Ichigo obeyed immediately, dropping to her feet as Tia walked closer. "You may look at me," She said as though granting him some great favor.

Of course, Ichigo indulged the delusional bitch and looked deep into her wicked, green eyes. "Perfect," She praised him with a throaty whisper as she finally brought her hands from behind her back and ran them lightly along his shoulders before clasping them behind his neck. She pulled his face into her chest, holding him tightly against her breasts.

Unsure of how to react to this strange behavior, Ichigo simply allowed the embrace and felt her hands slither from his neck and into his hair.

Tia finally leaned back from their 'hug', ran her hand through his hair once more before gripping it tightly and pulling his head harshly to one side. As he felt her tongue glide from the base of his neck to his ear, Ichigo couldn't stop a shiver of revulsion…He just hoped she thought it was one of delight.

She probably did.

Narcissistic bitch.

Her voice was an ugly hiss as she whispered, "Tonight, you belong to me, Ichigo." Quick as a snake, Tia had him by the throat. As she stood up, she brought him with her, until his feet were dangling just off the ground. Her hand constricting his throat even tighter, Tia smirked, "Do not forget that fact or I might not be as gentle with you as I am being right now."

His face was red from lack of oxygen and his demon screamed for him to put this bitch in her place, but Ichigo refrained. Her time was coming…he could wait. Besides, he'd dealt with worse than this before. Much worse. He could take it.

With a sick twist of her lips, Tia released him and stepped back. "Now," She said completely nonplussed. "I believe we've said all we needed to say. I think it's time for us to rejoin the others."

Refusing to allow his legs to buckle when she dropped him, Ichigo stood tall and sucked in some much appreciated air. When he felt a weight still around his neck, his hands automatically rose to his throat. His eyes widened in shock when he felt what was not there before…A collar.

A mother fucking collar.

He was livid, but Ichigo knew better than to let her see that.

"What do you think, my pet?" She walked up to him and smiled as she seemed to consider him from every angle, "I think it looks quite fetching on you. I'd debated whether silver or gold would look best, but in the end, I think the silver with emerald stones suits your coloring perfectly." Smug smile in place, Tia leaned in close to him and to Ichigo's credit, he didn't back away, "I'll tell you a little secret…Kidou is a glorious thing when wielded by an expert. You see, only I can remove this little accessory. Not only that, but if I so choose, it will drain the wearer of all power, leaving even the strongest demons powerless to resist my commands. So, my beautiful human, you wouldn't stand a chance. You are well and truly mine for the night."

He froze for a moment as unease snaked its way through his body. Not only did she collar him like a beast, but the damn thing's reinforced with powerful demon magic? Who the hell did this slut think she was? Luckily, he planned on playing a weak human at the party, so it shouldn't be a problem. When he finally got into their stronghold, however, he was going to have to figure a way out of the damn thing.

Tia smiled wickedly when she saw his apparent dismay but said not a word. Ichigo saw her interest and focused on the present. He knew she was waiting for him to make one wrong move and then she'd pounce.

Hell would freeze over first.

Ichigo dropped his head and closed his eyes as he curled his fingers around the offending metal, seemingly caressing it. He growled low in his throat, "How did you know?"

His words threw her for a moment. "What do you mean?" She half asked, half demanded.

Ichigo took a few steps closer to her, a salacious grin forming on his handsome face as he looked her straight in the eyes. "I mean, how could you possibly know how fucking much that would turn me on?"

A matching smile lit up her features, "Enjoy a bit of bondage, do you?"

His grin slowly faded and his amber gaze burned into her as he slowly licked his lips, "You have absolutely no idea how much I enjoy it…master."

Holy fucking shit, Tia thought eloquently as she could do no more than stare at the enticing male. She didn't know simple words could turn the great Aizen Tia into a gaping fool, but those words coming out of that mouth…Well, she thought holy fucking shit summed it up pretty nicely. This is ridiculous, she thought to herself. Tia knew she had to get control of herself or risk ruining her father's plan.

That could not happen.

Tia forced herself to take a deep breath and look at the big picture. The reward was staring her in the face. She just had to be patient and Kurosaki Ichigo would belong to her…and not just for the night.

Ichigo stood back and watched with amusement as the demon struggled to control her unruly lust. He could relate. He was also struggling…Struggling to not rip her fucking throat out.

He was actually impressed with his fortitude thus far.

Yes, as she thought of all the submissive positions she could put him in, Ichigo was thinking of all the ways he could make her die. He smiled angelically at the thought just as Tia seemed to get control of herself.

This bitch was a walking corpse and just didn't know it.


When Rukia and Ulquiorra made it back to the ballroom, 'dinner' was already in full swing. In every place imaginable, demons were gorging themselves on one or more of the various chemical entrees provided by Ukitake-sama…as well as each other. Beautiful, gloriously uninhibited demons could be found in varying states of undress and in every possible position. It was truly a sight to behold for those who enjoyed violent coupling-as did most of those present that evening-and extremely stimulating to those of a mind to be affected by such spectacles.

Rukia was not of such a mind…tonight. She could not have cared less about her surroundings as her heart and mind were still with Ichigo. Aizen Tia was considered cruel even by blood demon standards, therefore leaving Ichigo alone with that…that beast did not sit well with her at all. But what could she do? What would have been the best choice to make? Keep him safe and kill even more of his spirit or allow him the freedom and dignity of making his own decisions…even if they might cause him more pain?

No matter how much Rukia wanted to spare him more pain, she knew she'd made the right choice. She could see it in his eyes. However, that knowledge was cold comfort whenever she thought of what Ichigo might go through this night. Ukitake-sama's steady voice broke through the din of the party, startling Rukia from her private reverie.

"Everyone, may I have your attention please?" Ukitake was standing in the same place he made his previous announcement. This time, he was flanked by his best friend Kyoraku Shunsui, Shunsui's longtime lover Yadomaru Lisa, and…Unohana Retsu? Rukia smiled secretively as she thought of the powerful sedative Retsu had sent her…most of her plan had gone to hell in a hand basket, but Rukia was determined that this part would work. She was still planning on drugging Ulquiorra and finding Ichigo's dad. The only problem now was that Ichigo would most likely be there too. Maybe she could slip some of that shit into Tia's drink as well...

"So sorry to interrupt your fun," Her sensei's voice once again jarred Rukia from her own musings. "But I'm afraid that I'm a bit tired and must retire for the evening." He held up a hand to quiet the protests that arose, "Honestly, this sort of thing is best left to the younger generation…besides," He winked at the crowd and pulled Retsu close, "I'll be having my own brand of fun in a little while." He kissed the shy Retsu on the cheek and released her from the limelight before continuing, "Never fear, my friends, I'll be leaving you in the capable hands of the Aizen-soudaishou, soooo…" He glared at the occupants of the ballroom, "If you break anything in my home, I give him leave to break you in my stead. Other than that, please enjoy yourselves!" On that note, the handsome host and his entourage left in a flurry of sonido, no doubt ready to have their own, private party.

"Rukia!" She turned quickly to see who had called her name. Nel was waving wildly at her from the set of couches in the most secluded corner of the room. Grimm was with her, rolling his eyes at her exuberant behavior, "Rukia, join us!"

Rukia smiled slightly and tugged Ulquiorra in their direction. She knew they were wondering where Ichigo was, so she'd have to let them know what happened and exactly who he was with. Nel was going to be just as unhappy about that as she was. Almost. "Must we join Neliel and that, that thing with her?" He whined.

"Oh, don't be so stuffy, darling…Grimmjow is actually a lot of fun once you get to know him." She colored slightly at this admission as her mind automatically went to that night. She did her best to clear her mind before continuing. No need to make him suspicious of Grimm, too. "Besides, I don't like most of the demons here and Nel is my friend. Let's join them…please?" Rukia looked up at him with her most pleading expression. Ulquiorra sighed dramatically but capitulated, "Well, if it means that much to you…" She clapped her hands and kissed him chastely on the cheek before dragging him toward her friends.

"Where have you been?" Nel stood with her hands on her hips, "I've been looking everywhere for you to congratulate the happy couple!" She grabbed Rukia and hugged most of the breath from her body, "This is so exciting!"

"It is very exciting," Ulquiorra said flatly as he extricated his fiancé from Nel's painful hug. "We certainly appreciate your felicitations. Now we really must be going…"

"Nonsense," Nel huffed as she sank onto the couch next to her love. "We have the best seats in this place. Just stay here and have fun with us."

Just as Ulquiorra was about to decline, Rukia accepted, "Of course we will, Nel." She sat on the couch across from the other couple and looked expectantly at her intended. Ulquiorra released a pent-up breath and shrugged…with any luck, he'd be beyond fucked up very soon, so what the hell did it matter who they sat with.

Grimm glared at the interlopers as he took a long drag from whatever it was he was smoking. He released the smoke in small puffs and nodded toward the impressive assortment of drugs on the table, "What'll it be, Kuchiki? You smoking, drinking, or snorting tonight?"

Rukia was about to respond when he fiancé beat her to it. Ulquiorra glared in the human's direction, "Do not address my future bride so familiarly, slave. Know your place in my presence or I will be more than happy to show it to you."

Grimm smirked insolently at the asshole before blowing a ring of smoke right in his face. The enraged demon was up in the blink of an eye, but Nel was faster, "Don't even think about it. This is my slave and only I am allowed to punish him. He is…" Nel swallowed the bile that formed in the back of her throat at this thought, "Familiar with Rukia and she allows him to speak freely to her. If you don't like it, take it up with your fiancé, but do not threaten what is mine, ever again. Do I make myself clear?"

Grimm's smile widened exponentially as he watched Nel handle that annoying prick. He knew the pussy would back down…hell, he could practically smell the coward's retreat. His grin turned absolutely devilish at the thought.

Ulquiorra was stronger than most in this room, however even he knew that Neliel was pretty much untouchable. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, Ulquiorra nodded and took a step back, "Forgive me, Neliel-san. I have just been forced to deal with Rukia's unruly slave and I suppose I'm still in that frame of mind."

"Ichigo?" Nel asked while shooting a glance at Rukia, "What happened? I thought Rangiku was keeping him out of trouble."

"Apparently," Ulquiorra sighed, "Rangiku-san has left with my father's lieutenant, leaving the boy to paw at my intended like an animal." Grimm sighed heavily at this information, but no one seemed to notice his reaction. Dumb fuck…I told him not to screw this shit up.

"Gin is back?" Nel's eyebrows shot up in surprise. Rukia nodded and Nel shook her head, "Well, that is unexpected. Still, I would think she'd check in with us before abandoning her charge like that."

"Yes," Rukia agreed, "I thought that was a little odd myself, but you know how enamored she was of Ichimaru…and how flighty she is. It is entirely possible that she would run off without telling anyone."

"Hmmm…I suppose." Grimm put down his blunt and gave Nel a look that she read perfectly. He wanted to know where the hell his friend was. "So, where is Ichigo now?"

Rukia fidgeted a moment, not yet ready to admit where she'd left their precious friend. Ulquiorra, however, had no such qualms about telling them, "Luckily my sister offered to keep the insolent whelp in line."

Grimm immediately detected that something was off with the two women and his entire body tensed as though expecting a blow. Nel simply paused for a split second before she spoke again, sunny smile in place. "Really? That was a stroke of luck for her to be around just when you needed her."

Rukia nodded in reply, "Yes, it was very lucky. Tia can be so sweet when she wants to be. Now we can enjoy this gathering instead of tending to the needs of my spoiled slave."

Ulquiorra rolled his eyes dramatically, "Yes…my darling, benevolent sibling couldn't possibly have had any ulterior motives with her offer tonight."

Rukia jabbed him playfully in the ribs, "I know it wasn't an entirely un-selfish act on her part, but it was still kind of her to distract him for awhile."

"So," Nel skillfully interjected, "Where is Tia? It seems like ages since I've seen her. I'd love to catch up and see what she's been up to."

Rukia waved in the direction they'd just come from, "She was in the garden a few minutes ago, but she said they'd be joining us shortly."

No sooner had the words left her mouth than a hush fell over the crowd. Such a thing was actually very difficult to accomplish in a den of iniquity such as this, but happen it did. Everyone looked up to see what caused such an unprecedented lull in demonic activity…of them all, only three dreaded what they might see.