The Doctor gasped out a staggered cadence, leaning against the console.

Mel took another look at her stopwatch. "That track time was a little better, but-" A fizzing spark interupted her. She jerked her head over to see-

The Doctor's head hit a switch, which then caused a screen to turn on. A flickering blur caught the Doctor's undivided attention for a full minute, after which he looked up.

Mel took a careful step back. "Doctor, are you all right? What was that broadcast?"

He straightened up, coughed. He then shook his head, a sad expression on his face.

"Mel," he said, " are you qualified in Gallifreyen medicine?"

"Well, no."

"Nutrition, then?"


"I thought so, but this seals it." He started to walk off, but Mel grabbed at his arm. He stopped, then turned. "Yes?'"

"What are you going to do?"

"That last item I accidentally activated was a long-overdue message from..." he turned away a moment..." my late wife. She was reminding me to have Gallifreyan physicians attend my regenerations." He shook his head. "Wonderful, wonderful woman. How sad she didn't qualify for the Academy."

"I'm so sorry," said Mel. "I never realized you were married. But how does this-"

The Doctor turned on her, eyes flashing. "What it means, is that while you may have been trying to help, in your own primitive fashion, you have been locking me into a post-regenerative trauma!"

"I'm sorry..."

The Doctor stalked off to the wardrobe room, tugging at his tie. "Blast this gaudy ensemble. Perhaps something in blue..?"