Hello everyone! If you didn't pay attention to the summary, this is a series of one-shots about how each couple of the Cullen family spends their Christmas together. This first chapter is about Edward and Bella. Enjoy.

It's Christmastime again in the Cullen household, and I'm lying here, staring at my beautiful wife. She's looking into my eyes as I gaze back into hers. We're playing the "staring game". Whoever reverts to their human habits and blinks first, loses. True, it's a bit pointless, but it gives us togetherness time.

It annoys me that I can't read her thoughts right now because of her focus on other subjects that are keeping her shield up. I carefully furrow my brows. "What are you thinking about right now? You're too in to our challenge."

She laughs lightly at my statement. "I noticed how slowly you moved your eyebrows, Edward Anthony!" She sighs and my favorite scent in the world wafts toward me. "I've just been thinking about Renesmee. You know how much I trust Jacob, but I'm a bit nervous about not knowing where they currently are. Did he say anything to you about where he was taking her?"

Oh, my Bella. It amazed me that I was the one being more trusting of that hound with this situation…Okay, that wasn't fair to him. I had to admit that Jacob had been wonderful with our daughter. He was very careful with her, and he spoiled her rotten.

"No. Well, not much. He didn't want to risk it slipping out. However, he did assure me that she would not be any farther away than La Push."

"Oh, well, that's- I hope that they have a nice little trip." She frowned the slightest bit.

"Love, they'll be home soon enough. We'll all be spending tonight together. This will be a wonderful Christmas."

"I suppose so…"

"I have an idea; how about we play another game to pass some time?"

"I do like Monopoly."

"Except that."


"Well, whenever I play, Emmett always wants to be the dog piece…And damn it, that's my favorite! We argue, and I want to-" She stared at me and I cleared my throat. "There's negativity surrounding it, that's all."

"Fine, fine. We could play Risk."


"Don't tell me; that game has negativity attached with you and Jasper?"

"A little…Any more ideas?"

She tapped her chin gently to think. "Nothing's coming to mind."

"Wait, I have suggestion…Let's play One Word!"

"How do you play?"

"It's easy. I'll start a sentence by saying one word. Then you take your turn by adding one word, then back to me until we have a sentence."

"That sounds simple enough."

"Right, let's begin. Today"




"See, easy! Let's try another one…My"












"You." I smiled at her. Very good, do you feel like one more?"

"Sure, but I'll start this round. I"




Her eyes traveled to the mistletoe that my pixie sister had insisted we place on the headboard. "Kiss"



"Now." We each looked towards the other. I inched nearer, closing the gap between us. She rested her head against the back of our bed and I could feel the catch in my breath as I saw the hitch in hers. I smiled and slowly closed my eyes as she pulled my face in to meet her lips.

It was tender and so meaningful. It was always hard to stop; it was as if an unknown magnetic force kept us from separating.

I had to confess that I felt a tad cocky when I found the will to finish. "Pretty nice idea, eh?"

"Very." Bella giggled and smoothed my hair back into place.

She lifted herself from the bed and wandered to the door. "Where are you going off to so soon?"

She chuckled to herself again. "I need to pick out my outfit for later...There's no need to force Alice to stop an "emergency" from happening." She paused, then cocked her left eyebrow. "By the way, Edward, you blinked first." She finished by grinning mischievously at me. "Do I dazzle you?"

I ran my hands through my mane as I whispered through my soft chortle. "Frequently, Bella, very frequently."

A bit short, but I rather like it, considering I never write for them. Bella and Edward tend to be the favorites for people, and I like them, but I can't get into their heads like I'm able to with Carlisle and Esme. That being said, please review. Any comment is a helpful comment. And every helpful comment leads to improvement. Thank you.