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Present Day


I had never understood relationships. Never seen the need to have to rely on another so completely. I mean, I got the physical aspect of it but not the emotional. At the same time, why tie yourself down to one woman when you could go to a house party and easily get laid without worrying about the annoying texts and phone calls asking: Where are you? What are you doing? Do you want to go see that new romantic comedy? As for companionship, that's what your boys and your family were for. And that is the reason that at this very moment I was very resentfully staring at one Miss Isabella Swan, the bane of my existence. She had gotten that title by doing exactly what she was doing at this moment, distracting my best friend and roommate Edward Cullen.

"Get a fucking room, you two" I snapped as they quickly broke apart from their not-too-subtle make out session on the couch. All I got in response was a sheepish grin from Edward and a dirty look from Bella.

I hastily got up from the apartment Edward and I shared nearby the University of Washington-Seattle slamming the door on my way out to the bar. Edward could not understand the reasoning behind Bella and mine's mutual dislike. And it definitely was mutual. It bothered him to no end that the two people he loved most in the world couldn't stand to be in the same room as each other. It had been like this since the first day we met.

6 months earlier

"Edward!" I yelled up the stairs, "We're going to be late if you don't hurry your ass up!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Sheesh, you act like we've never gone out before," laughed Edward as he barreled down the stairs.

We had barely gone out this semester, well together at least. I had gone out plenty, but Edward's workload had increased steadily since he had officially declared piano performance as his major. He easily practiced 3-4 hours a day on the baby grand piano that had been Carlisle and Esme's so-called housewarming gift. Personally, I thought a brand new Steinway looked completely out of place in the rundown house we rented but at least Edward got to stay at home to practice.

As we walked to McGinn's, one of the many bars on campus, I couldn't help but smile. "Edward, I think you need to get laid tonight buddy, you know, let those fingers play with something else for a change," I laughed as he jokingly punched me. "I mean, really it's been what, 4 months since you've gotten laid? Time to get back in the game buddy." Edward just laughed and picked up his pace seeing the warm haven that was McGinn's coming up.

I just shook my head, Edward was definitely not a one night stand kind of guy. Yeah, he had participated in one or two when we had first started college but he had said it just wasn't for him, made him feel dirty. He had even been in a relationship last semester with a girl named Tanya, but he didn't think he could fit her into his schedule so he broke things off.

As we entered the bar, the speakers pounded out the Strokes classic "Last Night" and the smell of cigarette smoke and stale booze filled my nose.

"HEY!" a booming voice shouted to Edward and I, breaking me out of my trance.

"Emmett!" we both yelled in unison to our former roommate who now lived a few houses down with his girlfriend, and my twin sister, Rosalie.

"I'll go get us some beers at the bar. I got this round," I yelled over the noise to Edward.

"Sounds good," he nodded as he walked towards Emmett, who gave him a huge slap on the back in greeting.

I quickly ordered our drinks and went to go sit down at our table. I scanned our booth and smiled to myself, thinking of what a lucky bastard I had been to find the people at this table. Edward, Emmett and I had all been randomly assigned to each other as roommates our freshman year and had been inseparable despite our differences. Emmett had appeared as the meathead here on a wrestling scholarship, but I quickly realized that despite his enormous size he was the most loyal and loving guy a person could ask for. Hence, when I found out he was fucking my sister, I didn't mind….too much. It's possible there was some drunken brawling but it had only been once and we had gotten over it that night. I mean what was I supposed to do when I found my sister in bed with my best friend? But they had been together and I had never seen Rose happier or more content. Hell, for a while she was giving me a run for my money on who was the bigger player.

Edward had been the shy, sheltered kid from a small town called Forks in Washington. However, despite his naivete, his intuitiveness had enabled all of our friendships to go beyond drinking and being idiot 18 year olds. Since we had moved out on our own and Emmett had moved in with Rose, Edward and I had become a lot closer.

I loved the bar scene, and no, not just for the women and the drinking (although they were my favorite reasons) but watching the numerous games being played out all around. The subtle glances, the 'accidental' touches, whispered promises, all part of a game that had only one ending in mind. And I loved to play that game. Hell, my Laredo, Texas southern drawl never worked better than in this situation and my cowboy boots sure didn't hurt either. Edward always gave me shit for laying it on so thick but hey, if it works it works. The southern accent was a rarity here, and while I didn't consider myself cocky I knew my blonde hair and blue eyes were considered an alluring combination, or so I had been told.

I turned toward the bar, scanning tonight's entertainment when I saw her. She was leaning against the bar smiling and chatting with a girl a good 4 inches shorter than her. She was sex in jeans, black skinny jeans that hugged the longest pair of legs I had ever seen and my cock twitched as I thought about them wrapped around me. I continued my appraisal roaming up to her perky breasts that were covered in an old Hall and Oates T-shirt, making me smile. But when I got to her face it was then that I decided I wanted her. Her long mahogany tresses hung halfway down her back, framing an incredibly sexy heart shaped faced with perfect, full lips and I immediately imagined them sucking me off. I was too far away to see the color of her eyes but I planned on remedying that soon enough.

I quickly got up and sauntered over to the bar.

"Jasper!" Edward yelled, "Where are you going?"

"I need a refill. Now." I tossed over my shoulder, my eyes never leaving her face.

"No way man, it's my turn to buy rounds, remember?" he yelled back, but I barely heard him as I approached her, finally getting her to catch my eyes and when she did my heart almost stopped. I was looking into the most beautiful pair of brown eyes I had ever seen and I instinctively knew that I would have this girl. Her friend had conveniently disappeared as I approached and her cheeks were flushed, whether from the alcohol or my eyefuck I couldn't be sure.

"I'm Jasper."


"Well, Bella can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure, I'm having a Jack and Coke."

Whiskey? My kind of girl. I decided that the best approach would be to use my infamous Whitlock charm and just get straight to the point.

"Bella, can I be honest with you?"

"Sure," she answered with a raised eyebrow.

"I want to take you home and fuck you right now so if we could cut all the foreplay bullshit our night together could be that much longer."

As the bartender handed her her drink she slowly smiled, making me want her more, "Jasper was it?"

"Yeah." Shit this was working beautifully.

"Well, Jasper, you can fuck one thing tonight and one thing only, and that, is yourself," and then she promptly lifted her glass and dumped it over my head.

I stared, shocked at her while I heard someone laughing loudly behind me.

"Bitch," I growled out as I slowly turned around to release my anger on the asshole behind me. Turning I saw who the jackass laughing was, Edward.

"Shit man, I'm sorry, but you deserved that with a line like that," he choked out between laughs.

Fuming, I couldn't even respond as I stalked out of the bar without a word goodbye.

Faintly, I heard Edward behind me, "Bella is it? Looks like you need another drink."

On the way home I seethed with rage at being humiliated, and I realized that for the first time in a long time, I had lost the game.

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