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I had heard Jasper come in the house just as I entered his room. I was trying not to second guess my decision to go through with this but I couldn't help the nervousness that was creeping in. What the hell was taking him so long? I decided to stave off my nervousness by looking around his room. I had never actually been inside it and it was interesting to see this glimpse of him. It was a typical college guy's room – very sparse and kind of messy but he did have personal touches like the huge Texas state flag over his bed. I did have to admit I found his accent sexy as hell and I had noticed he fell into it the more distracted he got, I shivered as I thought about exactly what that distraction usually was.

I got lost in my thoughts and didn't notice Jasper had come up the stairs until I felt his hands on my waist, causing me to jump at his touch. I quickly turned around and came face to face with him. "Remember what I promised you?" My eyes dropped to his lips as I nodded dumbly, remembering his words at the bar 'I knew I wanted it to be you screaming my name as I fucked you senseless.'

I slowly realized his lips were still moving, "I hope you're up for a long night darlin', because I'm going to have you every way I want and you're going to be saying my name when you cum." He was so sure of himself. I looked him in the eyes with a smirk, "Are you going to keep talking or are you going to make good on your promise?"

With that he grabbed the back of my head and brought his lips down on mine. I quickly responded and opened my mouth wider as I felt his tongue invade my mouth. I gasped as I felt his hands run up and down my back. It was funny, when we had sex before we had never had real skin on skin contact. I detached my hands from his hair and quickly realized he was still fully dressed while I was in my bra and panties. I broke our kiss, prompting what I'm pretty sure was a growl.

"Too many clothes." I quickly went to work on his shirt but was apparently going too slow for him as he pushed me back onto the bed and began to undress above me. I had seen him without his shirt on before but my memory did not serve him justice. He quickly tossed his shirt aside and quickly dropped his pants, leaving him standing in his briefs. I had never been more aroused in my life by the sight of him – think Mark Wahlberg in his Calvin Klein ads. My eyes slowly made their way down to the bulge in his briefs and I couldn't help but lick my lips at the reminder of how big he was. I was still propped up on my elbows on his bed as he stood above me and I began blushing as I felt his eyes travel up and down my body.

I tried to cover myself under his gaze but he grabbed my wrists, "Don't." He quickly trailed his hands up to my neck and took my mouth again in a deep kiss, inching me back as he positioned himself between my legs. I took the opportunity to explore his body with my hands as he deepened the kiss, stroking my hand across his stomach, causing him to grind into me. I moaned as he did it again. "Is there something you want, darlin'?" He had gone annoyingly still after asking this and I realized he was going to make me say it. Well, two could play at this game. "I have no idea what you're talking about." I slowly unhooked my bra and smirked as I saw his eyes bug out. "See something you like?" He looked me in the eyes before announcing with all seriousness, "You are the devil, woman." He took my nipple into his mouth and slowly began sucking and nibbling on it. I felt his hand slide down my stomach and slowly take off my panties. I moaned as I felt his hand brush my clit.

"Fuck Bella, I don't know if I can take this slow." "Then don't, not the first time." I knew there would be time later to go slower and get to know each other's bodies but we both needed each other now. As soon as I said the words he slammed into me, causing me to scream out. He lifted my hips up, hitting a new angle. "Fuck, Jasper, harder!" "You like that baby?" I could only let out a strangled cry as he continued to pound into me. I was so close. I heard him in my ear, "I knew you'd like me fucking you like this. Cum for me baby." I felt his hand pinch my clit and I screamed his name as I felt my walls clench. I felt him cum after me, still pumping as he came. He collapsed on top of me, his head in between my breasts, lazily kissing my chest. I ran my hands through his hair, as we both tried to catch our breaths. There were no words exchanged. After a few minutes, Jasper finally made eye contact with me, giving me his sexiest smile and a one word command. "Again."

I laid back exhausted, but with a stupid smile on my face, after the marathon session Jasper had just put me through. I was unsure of whether to stay in Jasper's bed or go back to Edward's. I started to rise – it would be easier in the morning for us both – when I felt Jasper's hand grab my wrist.


I hesitated for a moment before I let him pull me against him – the morning would take care of itself.

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