Happy December everyone! Before anyone asks, no this isn't Reily! It's Evan again! Reily's allowed me to upload the first chapter of this story, mostly because it's very special to me! Why? Because this story is what inspired her to create me! You'll see who I''m based off of in later chapters; if you know anything about me, or have read the original, then you know, or will know, who it is!

In case nobody knows, Reily told me to explain a few things. This is a remake of a story that Reily made a couple of years ago called, The Legend of Zelda: Return of Evil! Spooky, huh? Anyways, looking back on it Reily realized she hates it now and wanted to improve on it since she used to like the story when she was making it. So there's going to be quite a few changes. For example, we'll have some new characters entering the story and from what I understand, there's going to be a lot of scenes omitted from the old to put it new and improved ones! Hmm... an interesting saying that one, new and improved... How can something be improved on if it's new...? Ah, but anyways aside from that, she did also tell me to mention that there's going to be more Vaati than there was in the original. I'm not sure why that's such a good thing, but that's what she told me to say! Um, so yeah. That's all for now. I'm sure Reily has more to say at the bottom! Bye bye!

The Temple of Time had remained empty for at least two years. In fact, since the day that Link had defeated Ganon, and he and Zelda ran out of the tumbling castle no one had gone near the remains of Hyrule Castle Town. It was only to be expected. The place was a wreck, through and through. The only ones who lived there was the Poe Collector and the ReDead… and one couldn't even be sure if saying they "lived" was right.

The old Castle Town was in such a bad state that it was decided they wouldn't rebuild there, but just to start over completely and make a new Castle Town. And after two years, it was at least half way complete. Complete enough to have people already living there and a coronation being planned for the Princess Zelda to be named queen.

But there was one thing that needed to be attended to before Hyrule could really get back on track.

The Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny had entered the Temple of Time.

"You're sure about this, Link?" Zelda asked as they walked to the pedestal of time.

He nodded. "Yeah."

"You can never go back if you do this." She warned.

"I know, you've told me about a hundred times already." He said, slightly annoyed.

"I'm sorry… It's just… You can never get those seven years back if you do this, Link. I took your childhood fro-"

"You didn't." He said, quickly turning to face her. "I didn't have to help you, it was my choice. And it's my choice to do this now, too. I feel like… like there's more here than back there; and it's not right to just leave while Hyrule is still recovering."

Zelda just gave him a small and sad smile. "I know I'm not going to change your mind… I just had to be sure."

Blushing slightly, he just turned around and went up the small steps to the pedestal of time. Despite the cloudy skies outside, sunlight still blared brightly through the window of the Temple and onto the pedestal. He unsheathed the Master Sword and stared at it for a few seconds. The sword had been his partner… and so had Navi. And like Navi, the Blade of Evil's Bane also had to leave him.

"I need to have my own journey now, Link… one I can only do by myself. I'm sorry, but goodbye." Is what Navi had told him.

But the sword remained silent.

A swell of sadness rose up in him but he didn't let it show. Taking a last firm grip on the sword, he thrust into the pedestal. He didn't make sure it was firmly inside, he just ran out of the dais before a shocking blue light erupted up from the platform. He stumbled at the last moment and ended face planting out of the dais, but he had made it out.

Zelda ran to help him up. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah…" He said, glancing over his shoulder to the still rising blue light. It was almost like watching a waterfall in reverse.

He stood and looked at Zelda, who still had her hand on his arm. Again, he felt blood rush to his face and averted his eyes. "Let's go."

The princess hesitated as she watched Link walk on ahead. Did he really want to be in such a rush?

She caught up with him and together the two left the remains of Castle Town, carefully avoiding the ReDead that still roamed. Zelda had warned that they wouldn't didn't disappear very easily; they weren't really human corpses after all, just dark magic in a condensed form.

Once past the broken bridge over the moat of the destroyed town, they went over to a tree where Epona waited. Link helped Zelda up onto the mare, still avoiding eye contact with her.

They began the trek to New Castle Town silently. And it remained silent.

It was a day neither of the two really looked forward to. The day of their separation.

Hyrule, in the state of disarray that it was in, needed a leader. Zelda was the last heir to the Hylian royal blood line, so the duty fell to her. But Link… Link had no place in any of that. He saved her but… he was still a boy from the forest. The high class that had survived Ganon's reign of terror had returned and were as stuck up as before, if not more and, hero or not, they frowned upon Link because he was from the forest, because he "didn't know the intricacies of political life." They didn't care to listen… so Zelda was forced to listen and bear what they had to say, because without those stiff nobles there was no money for Hyrule to rebuild.

Into New Castle Town Link guided Epona through, the city busy and bustling despite it still being incomplete. Past the marketplace, through the trail and up the steps of a new Hyrule Castle, Link finally brought his horse to a stop.

As he helped Zelda down, a woman emerged from the castle and awaited her at the top of the steps. The woman was one who Link personally thought had a face that made a chunk of ice look warm, and she was definitely not looking at the young man very nicely.

For a moment, Zelda and Link's hands did not part. They just looked at each other as if waiting for the other to say something, but no words came. The woman at the top of the stairs gave an impatient, "ahem," and Zelda finally pulled away.

"Zelda, wait." Link called out. Now was his chance. If he was going to tell her, it had to be now.

The princess looked back at him, a glimmer of hope in her expression. "Yes?"

"I… I-" he had begun, but he chickened out at the last moment, "I… I hope everything goes well."

"Ah… thank you…" She said while trying not sound disappointed. With another sad smile, she said, "Good bye for now, Link. We'll see each other soon, I'm sure." And then she continued up the steps.

He just watched her and cursed himself for not being able to say it. Three simple words and he couldn't say them!

The woman waiting for Zelda put a hand on her shoulder as she came up the last step. "It's for the best." She told the princess.

"Faruch," Zelda said kindly, "I know Impa appointed you to care for me in her stead but… shut up."

The woman called Faruch was left gaping before she realized she must've looked like an idiot just standing there.

As both Link and Zelda left their separate ways, they grabbed their dominant hands. Their Triforces made the backs of their hands itch… Did it have something to do with their emotional yet silent separation?

It actually had nothing to do with that. It had more to do with something occurring at the place that they had just come from.

In the ruined old Castle Town, in the rubble where Ganon's castle had been, something blasted through the ground, sending old and new rubble flying. And floating up from the newly formed tunnel that had come from the blast was a man. He wasn't so much floating, though, as he was using the wind to guide him. He did nothing for a few minutes except defy gravity and look up at the sky. Finally, lowered himself to the ground and smiled.

"A terrible looking day is still a great day to be free." He then looked at his surroundings and forked an eyebrow. "Well… Hyrule sure has changed since I last graced it with my physical presence… No use staying in this ruined place."

He decided to walk out. It had been a while since he walked. But when he discovered ReDead, walking became overrated so he did what he did best and used the wind fly right out of the town.

It was good to be back.

Heya! It's Reily this time around! Whoo, I'm excited for this! And Evan was right, I do have a little more to say this time around. Each chapter will be having a bit of author commentary, you know, kind of like a DVD. That's mostly because I like to talk and redoing this story really has me going. Back when I first wrote it, I loved Return of Evil... I mean, it was the first story I ever completed ever. I looked back on it a while ago though and I realized something... It sucked. It sucked big green donkey balls. So now I'm rewriting it so some people, won't say who, will have personalities, so I can have more Vaati (because I love pervy sorcerers), and overall so I can make this better and add more Vaati. :D I have a thing for wizards, teehee.

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