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Every Day Thoughts December

Dec 1

While the pot boils, friendship blooms. – A. B. Cheales

Palmer stared into the machine, completely fascinated. He really wanted to know who had come up with a machine to clean human bones.

They certainly didn't have the easiest job in the world. NCIS had been called to the scene of a horrific car crash, the body inside burned beyond all recognition. While Abby confirmed that the car in question belonged to a Naval Commander, he and Ducky had been given the task of determining exactly who was in the vehicle.

With the body in the way it was, Ducky had reluctantly concluded that they needed to remove the flesh from the bones; it was simply interfering. And he enjoyed standing next to it while it did its job.

"Tea, Mr. Palmer?" came a familiar voice.

He grinned and headed back into Autopsy itself. "Yes, please," he replied, settling on a stool that Ducky had placed out for him.

"While we have a little time to spare, we may as well catch up," Ducky smiled, pouring the tea into two mugs and handing one to his assistant. "Abby seems to think you went on a date over the weekend?"

Palmer smiled back. "Third date. She's amazing. And she doesn't mind my job."

"That always helps," Ducky noted.

"She's the type of girl I could introduce to my mother."

Ducky nodded sagely. "So you two might be serious?"

Palmer considered for a moment and nodded.

Ducky clapped him on the back. "Congratulations! Personally, I spent the weekend with mother…"