And it is… An American Idol Parody!

Regular narration

Amity Idol Announcer

Welcome ladies and Gentleman to the greatest signing competition since "Who Wants to Sing Like Millionaire?"… Amity Idol! And here are your judges…

Danny Phantom! Cheers came from the crowd, mainly from the rabid fan girls. Danny waved and sat down at the judges table.

Patrick Bateman the serial killer! Danny's eyes widened and he attempted to scoot to the part of the table which was farthest from Bateman, who was blowing kisses to the audience while at the same time making a cutting motion at his neck.

And last but not least… an eight-hundred-pound purple-back gorilla! The gorilla lumbered towards the table and took a seat between Danny and Bateman. The onlookers created a massive uproar at this judge's arrival. The gorilla was clearly the fan favorite.

Now let's meet our contestants! Ten silhouetted figures walked up onto the stage.

Tucker Foley! Tucker winked at the female members of the audience, and was promptly booed at.

Technus master of technology! Technus went up to the microphone. "Actually, I Technus am now Technus Master of Really Long Winded Introductions About Technology. My friends said it sounded more 'hip'." The technology loving ghost replied.

Paulina Sanchez! Paulina proceeded to blow kisses towards her many fans.

Jack Fenton! Jack ran up to the microphone and tried to do a stage dive, no one attempted to bare his weight.

Samantha- "SAM!" A familiar voice screeched. Uh, I mean Sam Manson! The Goth did a little bow and discretely tossed a wad of paper at Danny. He carefully unwrapped the message and read it's contents to himself: You better vote for me or you're not getting any tonight Fenton (Suggestive Wink) –Sam. Having seen him read, and blush nervously, at the note Sam smirked in contentment at how sweet bribery was and walked off the stage.

Dash Baxter! Dash attempted to look suave and unlike Tucker's performance it worked on the shallower females in the audience. Satisfied with this he left.

Ember McLain! The rock star ghost sauntered onto the stage, strummed her ghostly guitar a couple times, and then exited.

Vlad Masters, who could not be with us today because he's lost in space… so he'll be competing via a satellite feed from SPACE! Being in the cold void of space, Vlad made no appearance.

Danny Fenton… Wait you're the judge! "Yeah…" Danny began. "But technically Danny Phantom is the judge, so my human half can still compete!"

And a super-secret mystery contestant! Who is he? Or she? Find some of these things but not all of them in the next chapter!

Okay, there's chapter one. The performances will go in the order they were announced, except Danny and the mystery character's order is swapped. This is a standard "idol" story in which you guys vote for who you liked the best and by the time all the contestant chapters have been posted the one with the most votes wins! Also, I could definitely use some song ideas for them if you would be so kind reviewers. Mystery contestant doesn't count as I have his/her song picked out already and Danny's has to be a duet with Sam (it'll make sense later). So please review and I hope you like this story!