Bella POV

"You don't want me?" I stuttered out as Edward stood before me with a cold blank look on his face. "You're no good for me Bella you were only ever a distraction to me, a test of my control, why would I ever want a clumsy human like you?" He sneered back at me; before I could even utter the truth about who I really am he was gone too fast for me to ever hope to catch up too. Feeling no point to my existence I laid myself on the ground as a whole opened up in my chest and prepared myself for an eternity of true loneliness. The only word I could utter "Gabriella" the only person who had any hope of truly fixing me, the only person who truly knows me,….my big sister.

Gabriella POV

As I sat in the throne room conversing with my Father, Marcus and my Uncles Aro and Caius discussing the upcoming Saint Marcus Day Festivities, I felt a pain like no other come upon me and I knew immediately what it was as I collapsed to the ground. "Gabriella, Mia Stella, what is it?" my father asked of me "It's Isabella father she's in such pain I have never felt such agony before in my entire existence" As my father clutched me to his chest I tried to contemplate what could cause my sister such pain. "I must go to her father I cannot sit here while my sister suffers so" I wept, no longer able to stand the agony. "Of course Gabriella none of us which to see Isabella endure a moment of agony, I will have Gianna ready the jet for your immediate departure" Uncle Aro said, as he swiftly left the room making preparations for my departure. I attempted to rise to my feet with much struggle only to be halted by my Fathers' next request "Gabriella because we do not know what you will be walking into I will be sending Peter and William with you" "William I understand father because of his connection to the Quileute people, but do you think it wise to send Peter he is after all a human drinker; I would not want to disturb the tenuous truce we have with them by bringing a human drinker to Forks" My father gave me a sly smile "This would not have anything to do with your fear that they will recall William back to take his place as true Alpha of the Pack would it my daughter?"

"Of course not!" I sputtered; "I am after all his imprint even the tribal council cannot force him to come back if it would separate us, and seeing as my place is here in Volterra and Will's place is with me that means this is his home" I said in a rush of words "Relax my daughter I only tease you" my father said with mirth.

"I will go to Alec and have him summon William and Peter to the throne room" Uncle Caius said with a hint of disdain in his voice. He is slowly coming to terms with Will's imprint on me and my returning his feelings, I am after all dating a man who appears to be although not a real werewolf a wolf nonetheless.

"Father I am afraid of the condition in which I will find Isa she is such a gentle soul for anyone or thing to cause her such emotional pain………I cannot even begin to fathom why anyone would even want to?!" I cried out. "I know my daughter but if there is anyone who can begin to heal your sister I know it will be you, the two of you have always shared such a deep connection not even Chelsea could tear you two apart" my father holding his head down he continued to speak in a much sadder tone "I only wish it did not have to take the loss of your Mother to form this bond between you two, Mia Stella I know you believe that I only was with your mother to curb the loneliness left by Didyme.." "Father" I interrupted "I know you loved mine and Isa's mother as much as you could given the circumstances and that you love Isa and I more than your own self that is something I never have and never will doubt" I spoke as I hugged him with all of my might

"You called for us Lord Marcus?" Will spoke as he and Peter entered the throne room "William how many times must I tell you, you're marrying my daughter please, just call me Marcus" my father laughed' "Of course Lo- Marcus" Will said with a smile upon his face.

"Unfortunately I have called you hear under not so pleasant circumstances, it seems as if Isa is in an intense amount of pain, enough for Gabriella to feel it all the way here in Volterra." My father said in a grave tone

Will rushed towards me pulling me from my fathers arms "Are you alright baby" he said anxiously

"I am fine my, my only concern is for my sister, Uncle Aro has begun preparations for the Jet to take us to Forks we should begin making our way to the airport as soon as possible I cannot stand the thought of my baby sister enduring such pain alone" I say with sadness in my voice

"I will go and gather a few of my things" Peter says and prepares to leave the room "Peter" I call out to him as he turns to look at me "Yes my lady?" "You are aware of the truce with the tribe in La Push I would not want to risk it so I ask that as distasteful as you may find it that you only feed from animals while we are in Forks" I say hesitantly knowing how sensitive Peter is about his diet' "Of course your highness" he says "Oh and Peter how many times must I tell you call me Gabby, Gabriella, Ella anything but your highness you know how much it irks me" I say with a smile in my voice "Of course your high-Gabby" he says with a smile and with that he is gone to prepare for our trip

"Lets go sweetheart we have some packing of our own to do" Will says as he prepares to lift me "No!" I say in a huff "We will leave for the airport now I don't need anything right now accept to get to my sister, we will leave for the airport at once" I finish as Peter comes back into the room.

"If that's what you want honey" Will says as we leave the room making our way to the limousine that would transport us to the Jet.

After a half hour drive we reach the airport and board the plane, quickly taking our seats as the pilots ready the plane for take off. "Hold on little sister, I'm coming" I whisper as the plane begins its ascent.

Bella POV

As Charlie lays me on the bed I can swear I hear Gabby talking to me telling me to hold on. So I will, because I know that once she's here everything will be okay. It has to, Gabby has always made things better, always been my safe haven when I was afraid. She has always made things right for me, from my skinned knees as a little girl to helping me deal with the death of our Mother, and I have to believe she will make this better too. As I slip off to sleep awaiting my sisters' arrival, I begin to reminisce on our childhood in Volterra from running through the halls playing hide and seek with Demetri (who always won), playing dress up with Aunts Athenodora and Sulpicia, to going shopping with Heidi and Jane. "Tomorrow will be better" I whisper to myself as I finally succumb to sleep.