Title: Hide and Seek

Summary: They say teens and adults are too old to play hide and seek. But if given the chance, wouldn't you give anything just to hear someone say "Boom! I found you!"?

Disclaimer: FoR is not mine despite the fact that I want to keep it to myself… so my last resort is to write a fanfiction that has my name (or in this case, pen name) written all over it and have the part about Fuuko and Tokiya go my way... LoL!

There are things in science that are unexplainable and, sometimes, impossible to answer. From where did humans come from? How the universe was formed? And several questions about the universe that we, humans, couldn't find a concrete answer for. So we form a set of possible answers that could probably explain the things we can't seem to grasp the concrete meaning of. We form hypothesis waiting to be proven by some great genius and be accepted as the concrete answer to something so unexplainable by science. We think of whatever possible reason we could think of just so we won't be ending the day thinking and wondering why.

Chapter 1: Amused

He inhaled deeply as he rested his arms against the cold metal railings of the school rooftop, taking in the fresh sweet scent of spring lingering in the air. Slowly letting out his breath, he stared silently at the sun slowly setting beneath the horizon.

The school grounds was empty except for the very few number of students left behind to either do some make up tests and studies or to do the least appealing reason to stay in school after school hours, detention.

Despite the long absence he took from school last year due to the UBS and being the born genius that he is, he never had to do some make up classes in order to catch up and pass for the current school year with above average marks. He would have done it with high average marks but their absence from school was too long for him to catch up to his normal space in so much little time. But if he has to, if it was for him to catch up with school studies, he wouldn't mind staying in school after school hours.

Detention, however, was an entirely different matter. He would rather commit suicide than bear the humiliation of receiving detention, much more if he has to do one. He finished preparatory and elementary level without receiving a single detention and he's planning to keep his record clean until he finishes high school or even until he finishes his university studies, if detention still applies in universities, that is.

So what the hell is the great, ever-so-perfect, never received detention nor needed make up classes, Tokiya Mikagami, still doing in school after school hours?

As he stared at the setting sun trying to calm his nerves, he made up three simple hypothesis to this question.

One: Life is cruel.

Two: Fate hates him.

Three: He made a serious mistake of letting himself associate with a girl, who's the perfect resemblance of his sister and he couldn't say no to and with a bunch of primates, who currently holds the world record for most number of detention received all throughout their entire school life and still counting.

He was supposed to be in the comfort of his apartment a long time ago if only Yanagi hadn't came up to him during the end of lunch break and asked if he would like to go with them to the café nearby after school.

Normally, he would turn down any girl who asked him out, whether ranging from ordinary, boring-looking girls to hot, sexy models, or from flirty, elementary girls to women old enough to be his mother. Not to mention those that goes in between the male and female population. Come to think of it, he actually has to turn down offers of different kinds on a daily basis that it has become part of his everyday routine.

However, none of those who asked and he turned down was the complete replica of his weakness, of someone he could never say "no" to even if she ask him to jump off the cliff.

'Except her.' His mind voiced out as he stare at the horizon before him slowly changing from its bright crystal blue hue to slightly dimmer color with a little hint of the orange setting sun.

Indeed, life was cruel to him, sending him his sister's replica to remind him of his weakness. Which is why when she came up to him, after about half an hour of waiting for them later that afternoon, and told him that their primate friends, disguised as humans, got detention during the last minute, he didn't even show any hint of irritation nor did he voiced out any complaints of how stupid and inconsiderate they are. After all, what could he expect from a bunch of primates, anyway? Getting detention just on the way out of school grounds was already a hard task for them. Usually, it would take just until second period for one of them to cause trouble.

Besides, the thought didn't bother him that much, especially if it meant spending three full hours sitting on one of the school benches with Yanagi while they wait for the monkeys to behave until they're free to leave the cage they call detention.

Of course she insisted that he go home and leave her to wait for the others, but being the gentleman that he is, he refused to do so, insisting on keeping her company until they arrive. Not that he was eager to leave her anyway. Looking at it, he considered it as one of the very rare times he was lucky enough to spend some time with her without the constant annoying company of the monkeys.

To say that it was very uncomfortable, however, is an understatement. It was worst than uncomfortable. It was awkward times ten to the nth power. But he already learned to accept the reality that the only person he cared for, for probably as much as he cared for his sister, would never care the same way for him. It was one of the very few areas where the flame caster actually defeated him without even lifting a single finger. That, and the fact that, no matter how complicated it is now, he still have his family with him.

The first few minutes of their afternoon together was like threading the hot waters. It was like they were in this vacuum full of awkwardness that neither of them knew what to say to break the silence. And apparently, based on his character and the way he deals with people, he was not the one who caved in first and broke the silence.

Yanagi politely asked questions, clearly avoiding the personal ones and sticking only to questions related either to academics or the weather, and he politely answered each and every one of them, keeping in mind to keep his coldness in check.

But, apparently, there weren't too many questions related to academics or the weather available to be asked when you're having an awkward moment with someone. So whether they liked it or not, much of the time they had on that bench was spent in awkward silence, something that he welcomed with open arms rather than talk too much about anything, at all.

And then, fate decided to interfere and since, like he said, fate hates him, it didn't actually lean to his favor. It leaned to the opposite side. No, it buried itself deep on the other side.

After an hour and a half of waiting with Yanagi, she got a call from the kindergarten asking her to fill in for that afternoon because one of the teachers had to go home early due to an emergency. She had no choice but to go, fast. And since her phone battery was already running low and she had no way of getting a hold of Recca and the others after they got out of detention, he had no choice but to offer to wait for the others and tell them what happened.

'I shouldn't have done that.' He thought as he mentally kicked himself for not having enough backbone to say no to Yanagi.

Just then, the door of the rooftop opened, pulling him out of his thoughts, as he turned his face towards the door to see who the intruder was.

To his surprise, a familiar figure emerged from the open door, as he took in her familiar purple locks and dark blue eyes wearing the same expression of surprise he had on his light blue ones.

She was the one to voice out the words that accompanied the surprise the moment they recognized each other though, as expected from someone whose mouth seems to be connected directly to her brain.

"Mi-chan!" he winced at the sound of the cursed nickname only she dared call him. "What are you still doing here? Classes ended hours ago!"

When he fully turned around to face her, she was already standing a few feet away from him, one hand on her waist, obviously waiting for him to answer her question.

"I should ask you the same question." He said, leaning casually against the cold, metal railings, daring her to actually say the truth.

Knowing the fuujin wielder, getting detention was one of the few things she wasn't proud about. Sure, she could brag about how she could defeat ten guys ten times stronger than she is but once she receive detention, her mouth shuts and refuse to even breathe a word about it.

Seeing her change from the confident posture she presented to a squirming figure of a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar the moment he said those words, made him smirk, surprisingly amused and expectant of what kind of excuse she'll give this time.

"I… had some things to do." Her voice was barely an audible whisper but his sharp ears caught every word as well as the embarrassment wrapped around them. "… for the freshman's welcoming party and all…"

His eyebrows raised in amusement as he recalled the fact that Kirisawa never liked parties much more organize one. Somehow, he surprisingly found himself enjoying the way she was fidgeting against his amused and curious stare as he decided to add more fuel to the fire.

"Welcoming party?" he asked, feigning ignorance. "I thought you never liked parties, Kirisawa." He said, stressing every word to add more embarrassment to her part.

"Well, I do now!" her answer came in an instant that it sounded like a one word response to his ears. "But hey, enough about me! What about you? What are you still doing in school?"

He almost chuckled at her futile attempt to change the subject but he decided to give her more credit for that. After all, how many people could actually think of diversion strategies in the middle of a tense situation?

"I was with Yanagi." He stated, already predicting the reaction of the purple haired monkey standing before him.

"What?! How..?! When…?! Does Recca know?! Are you trying to steal her away from him again?!" her questions came one after the other that he could even find a second to answer them. "You can't do that!"

"No, I'm not trying to steal her from the sea-monkey so you could be rest assured now." He said the moment her questions died down. "We were waiting."

"For us?"

"Yes. For you." He said as he met her questioning gaze. "To be let out the little cage you managed to put yourself into just before you could step out of the school grounds."

He watched as waves of different emotions flickered across her face in a way he never thought as humanly as possible. How she could actually look panicked as his words registered in her brain, then embarrassed as her mind processed what he was trying to imply, and finally furious about something, probably at him for trying to rub it on her face, was definitely beyond his imagination.

"Fine! We had detention! I couldn't even make it through the first week of school without receiving one! Happy?!" the loudness of her voice seemed to have disturbed the silence around him, suddenly making him aware of the other students, probably from detention too, chatting heartily as they exit the school grounds, and the sound of the wind gently rustling the leaves of the trees surrounding the school.

Suppressing the small chuckle threatening to rise from his chest, he walked forward, though, with no intention of walking towards her.

"Hardly." He said, trying badly to hide his amusement which flared his companion's embarrassment to an even higher level. ""I'm merely… amused."

Lying would be useless now, he decided, since it was clearly written on his face. Besides, to actually see smoke coming out of her nose in anger, putting down his mask for a brief moment was totally worth it.

"You're an insufferable bastard, you know." He heard as he passed by her side, barely touching her shoulders, as he made his way to the door.

"You never forget to remind me every now and then, Kirisawa." He said, quite amused once again that she could keep her anger in check and actually manage to snap back at him.

Too bad, he had no intention of losing.

"And Kirisawa," he called out before exiting the rooftop. "What you think about me doesn't bother me at all because I know that the rest of the female, normal, human population all thinks otherwise."

He was already descending the stairs when he heard her shout in anger, fitting almost all the curses he know and those he haven't even heard of, in one sentence.

Hypothesis number three would just have to wait to be proven, for now, he thought as he made his way down the flight of stairs, his footsteps echoing across the empty hallways. At that moment, associating with them doesn't look like a serious mistake. It was already a mistake, that, he won't deny. But at the moment, it was not that serious. It was merely amusing.

"Mi-chan! Don't you dare leave when I'm not through with you, you asshole!" her voice suddenly echoed around the empty hallways, followed by her running footsteps.

Luckily for her, the school was already empty; otherwise, the teachers would give her another reason to squirm about because of her use of profanities in school premises.

'That doesn't sound so bad.' He thought as a graceful smirk adorned his face once again.

Her hurrying footsteps sounded closer and closer, yet, he made no move to hasten his strides. It was as if his body was unconsciously slowing down for her to easily catch up with him.

"There you are, you piece of iceblock!" her voice boomed a flight of stairs above him. "I finally found you!"

It was merely three simple, common words; yet, it felt as if it was the exact same words he had been longing to hear from someone. Why, however, he doesn't know and he never even had a second to dwell on it as something soft but heavy landed hard on him, catching his breath in his lungs and blocking all thoughts from his head.


Life and science are two similar things that are entirely different. Sometimes, when it comes to dealing with life's most unexplainable questions, making hypothesis and proving them isn't enough. Sometimes, no, most of the time, there are questions that should be left unanswered and hypothesis that should not be proven. Most of the time, what we don't know and what we can't explain make life most dangerously exciting and incredibly wonderful.

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