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Accident. Just a single breathe of the word could send even the strongest man into frantic frenzy. It has been an established fact that accidents are bad news and just the mere shadow of the word could summon the dread and fear from the pit of your stomach until it eats your whole being. It hurts us, taking away something valuable, something so irreplaceable that it wouldn't feel the same again even presented with the complete replica of the object. It leaves us broken and incomplete, snatching away someone we hold so dear to our hearts, someone who fill that gaping hole in our chest, and you know that nobody else could complete you the way they did. But most of the times, especially dealing with minor accidents, it just takes away precious time that could have been spent on something more productive other than arguing about who broke the beautiful antique vase or who was at fault when you came home with a scrapped knee. Most of the time, accidents are just troublesome.

Chapter 2: Accidents

It took a few seconds before he could recover from what happened, the air finally filling his lungs again as his brain started its job of processing information blocked by the fall.

The first thing that he realized was that he was not poised on the stairs in the act of descending another step like he should have been before everything else happened. He was not even standing at all. Rather, he was lying on his back on the uneven steps, his elbows bracing his spine just a few centimeters from the danger of breaking against the hard cold cement. Thankfully, he had quick reflexes and was able to unconsciously protect his precious spine from breaking.

What he couldn't understand, somehow, was why his ever-so-great reflexes that saved him countless of times from life-threatening situations, failed to save him from whatever it is that fell on top of him?

Suddenly, he felt the object on top of him stir, distracting him from continuing any further observation of his current situation. It was followed by a muffled voice he knows too well, a voice that frequently threatened to break his eardrums by the intensity of its loudness.

"Itai, itai!" he heard, as he tried to open his eyes and focus his mind.


As soon as his eyes opened and his light blue orbs focused, he saw a mob of purple hair fidgeting a few centimeters from his face. His breathing didn't even help him ignore the closeness as the fresh scent of lavender filled his senses with every minimum act of supplying his lungs with its much needed air. Although, it did help, in a way that his brain had enough supply of oxygen to function normally and properly.

It was only then did he realize that somebody was sprawled disgracefully on his body. He could feel her legs on either side of his thighs while one of her hand was gently touching his chest on the spot just above where his heart is.

Despite the layer of school uniform separating his bare chest from her gentle hand, he could surprisingly feel the heat emanating from it. It was so warm that it threatened to melt the wall of ice he built around his heart ever since the day of his sister's murder. It was warm and it felt good. It was melting his wall and it scared him.

As soon as the fear enveloped his body, he suddenly wrapped his hand around the wrist of the hand on his chest. It didn't matter if it surprised her nor did it matter if he was already grasping at her wrist too hard that is almost cut the blood supply to her dainty fingers. As long as he get to remove her hand from his chest, as long as he get to keep that wall of ice around his heart, then nothing else's matter.

The moment he got hold of her wrist, he pulled her hand away from his chest, causing her to suddenly jerk above him, her head almost colliding with his chin.

"What do you think you're doing?!" he snapped, his voice vicious with the unexplainable fear he felt a few seconds ago.

"Hey!" he heard her grasp with the sudden movement, her purple mob disappearing from his line of sight, replaced by a pair of furious dark blue orbs.

"Let go of my hand, you idiot!" she shouted at his face as he felt her struggle to free her hands from his grasp.

"If you're trying to kill yourself, make sure not to drag me into it!" He spat coldly, flinging her wrist as far away from his chest as possible while struggling to push her off him.

"Stop it!" the unexplainable edge in her voice made him snap out of the vicious fear that almost clouded his mind.

As soon as his mind cleared, he found himself staring at the girl above him, watching her bowed head and the even rise and fall of her shoulders, indicating that the edge he detected in her voice a while ago was somehow gone and together with it was the fear he felt when she touched him on that place he guarded so well.

"I didn't know you like me this much, Kirisawa." He said, suddenly finding sarcasm in their situation as he indicated the way she was still straddling him.

"What?" her questioning gaze suddenly locking with his own.

Unconsciously, he raised his eyebrows as a look of disbelief suddenly washed over his usually stoic face.

If it was a different girl in the same situation, she would have already scrambled to her feet, muttered a quick, embarrassed apology before running off to wherever direction her feet takes her. Of course, he wouldn't miss the obvious blush staining her cheeks. Who wouldn't be embarrassed by such position, anyway? Although, he has to admit, some girls, the most cunning ones, would try the seductive way, batting their eyelashes with the hope that the little air they produce could blow the sanity off his mind and make him head over heels in love with her.

But then again, she wasn't an ordinary girl, nor is she normal. Based on the sheer strength she showed during the UBS, she isn't most likely to fall under these categories. Not to mention the unbreakable number of detention records she holds that could rival that of the ten most notorious students alive.

"You're straddling me, Kirisawa." He stressed out, making sure to point out every word in hope of bringing enough thought of decency to what little brain she has.

"Don't you think I don't know that?!" came her unexpected reply, surprising him, but not enough for him to notice the faint blush tainting her cheeks. It was so faint that he could swear she was trying very hard to suppress it.

He chuckled, not hiding his amusement of seeing her blush like the normal girl she was supposed to be. Her blush was faint, almost unnoticeable, but it was surely there, the last hint of her feminine side actually showing up before he completely convince himself that she was a tomboy or a primate minus the physical evidence that tells people otherwise.

"And you're not getting off, why?" he asked, eyeing her with those amused light blue orbs.


He watched her struggling to answer, her brows furrowing as if she was trying to decide about something he can't put his finger to. Suddenly, the lines on her face relaxed a little as if she just came up with a decision about something and yet still hesitating on whether it was the right decision to be made or not.

"Never mind." She exclaimed, as he suddenly felt her weight off him and before he could even blink, she was already standing on her feet on the step just below where his feet was.

He would have thrown her another sarcastic remark about how she must have liked their position a while ago that she refused to get up. He would have teased her about the faint blush she tried so hard to suppress. But before he could even speak a word, he saw her suddenly losing balance and falling face down the long flight of steps below them.

It's not that he didn't think of it twice. Actually, he didn't think at all. It must have been his high class reflex. But then again, it only functions at its best if he's trying to protect himself. But as soon as he saw her losing her balance and falling dangerously down the stairs, he was suddenly on his feet, his hands immediately reaching out to save her as an unexplainable kind of fear suddenly surfaced from some hidden corner of his being, pumping the adrenaline all throughout his system.

In his eyes, everything was in slow motion, as if he wasn't an actor in the scene, rather a distant spectator watching everything unfold before his presence. Everything went back to normal pace as soon as his hands secured her fall and at that very same moment, his spectator self seemed to have united with his actor self.

The female lead would trip onto something, even a pebble lying innocently on the ground, or if she is such a klutz, she would just trip on any flat surface she's walking on. The male lead, who most of the time, just 'happens to pass by', would break her fall, reaching out to wrap his hand across her waist and pull her to his chest just before she hits the ground.

This scene has been an ancient routine shown almost predictably in mangas, novels, or movies. Even in theatrical plays, it has been slowly gaining popularity. Almost everybody could predict what the next scene would be.

The female lead would suddenly realize that she was leaning against the hard chest of the male lead, who, by the way, happens to be her major crush or who would be the guy she would have a crush on. Their eyes would meet and all the wonderful things would fall into place. And then, poof! A happy ending for everyone.

It was an overused scene; a repetitive content of just anything that has something to do with romance, a cliché so overrated and yet still manages to make its audience gush in awe as if they only saw that scene for the first time.

But unlike in the mangas, movies, or novels, he didn't have his arms around her waist nor is she somewhere near her chest.

He did save her fall, no doubt about that. But since he wasn't thinking at that time and his body reacted out of pure instinct, he just grabbed the first thing that his hand could get hold of, not even bothering that he was holding her by the collar of her school uniform, threatening to choke her to death. He didn't pull her toward his chest either like the male lead should have done. Rather he just hooked his fingers between her neck and the collar of her uniform, stopping her fall but never pulling her back so that her body was slanting in a 30 degree angle from his body.

"Can't breathe… Mi-chan…" she choked out, catching his attention before pulling her to his side.

As soon as he let go of her, he saw her lose her balance again but this time, instead of letting herself fall, she just grabbed onto his arm for support.

"Are you really trying to kill me?!" she shouted, obviously forgetting that he just saved her from a dangerous fall.

"If I was, I would have let you fall down the stairs." He said coldly, yet his eyes were already scanning her body for the reason why she lost her balance a while ago. "You should be thankful I saved your life."

"By choking me?!" she shouted as he felt her hand on his arm tighten in anger.

He was about to give another sarcastic remark but his sharp eyes noticed the cause of her fall.

She was injured, probably from the fall a while ago. Her left knee was scrapped and blood seems to have found a way through her wounds. Her other knee was reddish and appear to be a little swollen, promising a bad bruising in the next couple of days.

"You're bleeding." He stated, his eyes never leaving the wound on her left knee.

"Damn it!" he heard her curse as she bent down to wipe the blood with her dirty hands.

"You'll infect it if you continue that." He said before reaching inside his pocket and pulling out his pure white handkerchief.

Without another word, he threw it accurately on her shoes, making sure that it wouldn't touch the filthy floor.

"Use it." He commanded, turning his head away to give her a little bit of privacy as he made himself aware of the pressure of her hand on his arm, making sure that she was holding onto him strong enough so she won't lose her balance.

"Feeling guilty now?" he heard her mutter as she struggled to wipe the blood off her wound with his handkerchief.

She was probably referring to the way he tried to push her away a while ago, unaware of the injuries she was trying to keep from bumping on the cement. But guilty is such a strong word that doesn't actually belong in his dictionary. Besides, there was nothing to feel guilty about. He didn't, after all, asked him to jump off the stairs.

"More of pity, actually." He said, his voice dropping a few degrees lower than his usual voice. "I didn't ask you to jump anyway."

"I don't need you pity." He heard her say as she finished wiping her wound.

He looked at her injury with an amused, mocking eyes, taking in the way she was still struggling with her balance and clinging on his arm for support. He was sure, if he moved an inch, she would definitely fall again. She won't be able to do anything on her own for a few more minutes until her body adjusted to the pain and bear it enough to fully support her on her way home.

"From my perspective," he mocked, his baby blue orbs meeting boldly with her fiery dark blue ones. "I think you need more than pity."

"I don't need your help either." She retorted, catching up with what he was trying to say.

"I don't think so." He mused, his gaze traveling to the hands that was still clutching his arm for support just so she could stand up straight and not fall down the stairs.

He looked back at her face, watching as she opened her lips to say something back only to close again when the angry silence continued to stretch out before them.

"So, are you going to ask me nicely or do I have to make you beg?" he threw the question at her, mocking her of the weakness she was showing him.

"Fine!" she exclaimed as he felt her left hand straining to cut the blood supply from his arm. "Just help me down the stairs!"

"Nicely, remember?" he said, adding a mocking glare as he finished the sentence.

It's a good thing she was in desperate need. If she wasn't, he would have probably suffered her deadliest blow in a blink of an eye. As far as he knows, nobody mocks Fuuko Kirisawa and gets away with it, except him due to favorable circumstances.

He watched as she slowly breathe in deeply before forcing a fake smile and killing him with the deadliest glare he had ever seen mirrored in her dark blue orbs.

"I'm injured, Mi-chan." Her words cut through the air between them, sending daggers that that clearly opposes the act she was trying to pull off. "Could you please, with cherry on top, help me down the stairs?"

Instead of answering, he let out a mocking chuckle that seems to be screaming to her face how pathetic she looked following his instructions like a helpless puppy. Yet, he led the way, slowly descending the remaining flights of stair, patiently waiting for her to balance on her feet first before going down another step.

He was helping her yet he remained passive, never touching her, his hands remaining inside his pockets. He was leading her, yet also dragging her down the steps. There was no concerned gaze nor was there a helpless expression. Instead, his face remained as rigid as before although his eyes held the same mocking expression from before. And, although he refused to look at her, he could feel the killing glare she was sending him with every step they make. She wasn't any damsel in distress like any typical lead female would be. She was in distress, that he was sure, but he was certain that after everything is over, this "damsel in distress" would kick his ass the moment she cold balance on her feet.

"I'm going to kill you for this one of these days." Her angry whisper caught his attention as they near the end of the stairs.

"Let me see you try." He answered before their feet touched the very last step.

Immediately, as if she was scorched, he felt her release his hold on his arm, her body finally getting used to the pain.

Without another word, he watched as she limped a few steps away from him, not bothering to grace him even with a single glance.

"Aren't you supposed to say something?" he said, stopping her on her tracks.

"Go to hell." She spat out, not even bothering to throw him a glare as she continued walking away from him.

"Oh and Kirisawa," he called out after her. "Wash my handkerchief before you give it back. I don't want monkey flees from you infecting my things."

Instead of answering, however, he saw her raise her right fist out of nowhere. At first, he was confused by what he meant by that but when he saw her middle finger slowly stick out, he finally understood. She was giving him "the finger" as she took her valiant exit, winning the little battle between them.

He chuckled, thinking of the things that happened in such a short period of time.

Perhaps, he went a little too far today. After all, it wasn't like him to annoy her so much, although she would probably forget and forgive everything by tomorrow. Usually, it was her job to annoy him and not the other way around. But there was something with her today that made him want to trigger her nerves.

'I finally found you!' her words suddenly came back to him followed by the sudden warmth on the skin of his chest where her hand had previously touched him.

That was it.

He needed her to forget those words as much as he needed to forget the impact of those words to him. He needed her to radiate coldness towards him rather than the warmth he made him feel with her touch. He needed her to hate him, to leave him alone, rather than try getting closer and break his defenses. Annoying her was his diversion and he succeeded. He was able to keep his cold wall. He was able to get rid of her warmth, the impact of her words. He was able to get rid of every unusual reaction he felt that day except, unconsciously of course, the amused smile adorning the side of his lips.


People hate accidents. Whether it's because it's a world known fact that accidents are, more often than not, dangerous or because it could be troublesome, we don't know. It could be both. But one thing is certain. After an accident, people would go through emotional pains that seem unbearable for months. It would take a long time before they recover, and if they do, it's either they go back to their normal selves or they become lifeless, pathetic human beings trying to crawl their way through existence. And amidst all these, people seem to forget that things happen for a reason. They seem to shut the fact that maybe, just maybe, there are no accidents. Just a series of unfortunate events needed to unfold for something wonderful to begin.

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