Perfection: Naruto the Chimera

Chapter 1

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Orochimaru was a patient man. In order to be a good scientist, you had to be. It takes a while to get experimental results. And you always had to prepare for the unexpected, like that old fool Sarutobi barging into one of his labs, forcing him to leave Konoha. He had been prepared that night, everything of importance was sealed up in scrolls, which were sealed up in a single scroll he had hid beneath his clothing. A bit risky, but the only ones alive in the village of Konoha who could actually get in a hit that might damage the scroll were Jiraya, Tsunade and Sarutobi. The first two weren't there, and his old sensei wouldn't attack him, Orochimaru knew him too well for that. It was a shame that infants with the Shodaime's genes hadn't lived, but that had been a minor setback.

Leaving Konoha was not much of a loss either, he'd been toying with the idea anyways. The village had been useful, but for Orochimaru's quest for immortality, there was nothing else Orochimaru could squeeze out of it, not counting experimental subjects, but those could be found anywhere else. He currently had an immortality-jutsu that allowed his soul to take over other bodies, but it was untested and also not really immortality, as there was still a threat of being lethally injured and unable to find a new host. So Orochimaru had left, seeking another place where he might find the answers to eternal life. And he found it.

He had been approached by an organization known as the Akatsuki, a group of S-class ninja, much like himself. Their goals were a bit strange, all Orochimaru knew that they fought devils, fiends and other hellish critters, which were still swarming the planet. They normally moved in groups of two, there were regular pairs that normally wandered together, and special occasions where different pairs or even groups would be sent against a particularly strong foe. But Orochimaru wasn't really interested in the organization's goals or setup, the members took too much of his attention. Within them laid the answers he had yearned for such a long time.

There was Hidan, an immortal in a literal sense, as Orochimaru had witnessed a fiend similar to a praying mantis had decapitated him, only for the head to start swearing about neck-pain. Orochimaru had heard of the near-extinct Order of Jashin, and that its members could reflect the injuries they suffered to their enemies after going through a secret ceremony, but never had he heard that they didn't die with their victims. In their belief, they destroyed their souls in order to send Jashin the ultimate tribute, the soul of their foe. Well, destroyed was not quite correct, seeing that souls were indestructible, but they were shattered, denying them entrance to heaven or hell until they reformed. Once that happened, they were reborn without a trace of who they once were, as the law of gods commanded. The only problem Orochimaru saw was that once the head was severed, Hidan lost control of his body. Also, Orochimaru didn't know if the man was truly immortal, or just immune to a forceful death.

The next member, Kakuzu, would solve that problem. He was Hidan's opposite. While technically mortal, he extended his life by ripping out others hearts, allowing him to use their strengths, as well as add their life to his own. Orochimaru had no idea how old Kakuzu was, but the man had hinted that he'd fought the Shodaime Hokage. If Orochimaru could combine the powers of these two men, he'd have his immortality. But Orochimaru was greedy, so why settle for second-best when you had a chance to gain perfection. The other members' ability would be a magnificent addition, truly creating the perfect body.

His own regular partner was Akasuna no Sasori, or Sasori of the Red Sands. The two of them disliked each other, but respected the other one's skills and actually worked well together. Orochimaru was interested in human puppets, as it would give him an edge. However, he felt that he had better things to do than learn puppetry, not that that meant he wouldn't like his perfect body to be able to use fallen enemies as weapons.

Another member that intrigued Orochimaru especially was Kisame Hoshigaki. Or more precisely, his sword Samehada. The sword could instantly devour chakra, and not only the limited amounts humans possessed, Orochimaru had seen Kisame shave all demonic and highly toxic youki off a fiend on the level of the Sanbi, without any ill-effects on the sword. Unfortunately, the damned blade was at least semi-sentient, and refused to let anyone but Kisame wield it.

The woman, Konan, did not interest him that much, but he saw the advantages in being able to turn into paper. It would give the expression being overwhelmed by paperwork a whole new meaning, plus nobody expected an attack to come from a pile of blank paper. And the idea was brilliant, Orochimaru would admit that much.

Of course the leader's Rinnegan made Orochimaru's mouth water. The first of the doujutsu, and the most powerful of them all. However, Orochimaru doubted he'd get close enough for a transfer, not that it'd do him much good. Pein wasn't immortal. Still, his skills in an immortal body would grant Orochimaru the strength of a god.

As for the last member, Orochimaru wasn't sure what to make of him. Zetsu was an enigma. All Orochimaru knew about him was that he could freely pass through solid objects, and cover great distances in seconds. Orochimaru had tried to copy that skill, but the results were moderate at best. Still, he was sure that Zetsu could do a lot more than he'd shown.

Orochimaru decided that he'd try to get samples from them, while biding his time in hopes that other shinobi would join, so that he may gain more samples.

And slowly and patiently, Orochimaru collected his samples. Ironically, the one sample he desired the most was the easiest to acquire, as Hidan left gallons of his genetic material whenever he fought or prayed to his god.

For the other samples, Orochimaru had to use cunning.

Orochimaru looked at Kakuzu with calculating eyes. The man seemed annoyed. "Why did you call me, Orochimaru?"

Said serpent smirked. "I have something for you." He raised a golden wristband with embedded diamonds into the air.

Kakuzu's eyes widened slightly, then his left arm detached and shot forward, black strings connecting it with the main body. Orochimaru reacted instantly, pulling out his Kusanagi and chopping the limb off with a single sweep.

Kakuzu looked at him. "Are you trying to test my patience?" he asked, obviously annoyed.

Orochimaru shook his head. "Now now, I never said it was for free. In return, I want some information. I heard rumors about a elemental bloodline in Takegakure, and as a former shinobi of that village, you should know."

Kakuzu frowned. It was no secret that Orochimaru was interested in bloodlines, but to go this far? Then again, who was he to complain? "Alright, give me the good and I will tell you what I know."

Orochimaru raised a brow. "How do I know you won't just run off with this? It is pretty expensive."

Kakuzu looked at him. "If I started to betray my business-partners, the news would spread and nobody would do money-related deals with me."

Orochimaru tilted his head, seemingly weighing his options, then he threw the wristband to Kakuzu. Said man pulled out a small magnifying-glass that was placed on the eye, the likes every jewel-dealer used, and started to look at every single stone. Finally, he nodded. "This is real. To answer your question, there is no such bloodline in Taki, and there has never been an elemental bloodline-user serving Take in its entire history." With that, he shunshined away.

Orochimaru waited a while, then he smiled. "I know." He had been the one spreading that rumor, and it had served its purpose. He bended down to pick up a number of severed black strings. Amongst what Kakuzu had sent with his arm, there had been a number of loose strings, some of which Orochimaru now collected and sealed in a scroll. With that, the necessary materials were gathered, now for the supplemental ones.

Orochimaru had paid a visit to Amegakure, Akatsuki's headquarters after Pein had killed Hanzo. Orochimaru had come to secure the corpse, which he managed, and look for the Salamander-contract. He had found that one as well, but it didn't do him any good. The paranoid ruler of Ame had sealed it into a tattoo on his arm, with a seal that required the man's own chakra to work. Still, having Hanzo's corpse could only be good, as it probably held a few secrets for Orochimaru to uncover. Sadly, the man didn't have a kekkei genkai, only ridiculous amounts of skill. The man had shown that he was a master in manipulating Fire, Water and Lightning, and that he had been a brilliant strategist.

Right now he was on his way back, but he was biding his time. Then he heard what he'd been waiting for, the flapping of tiny wings. He spun around and release a salve of senbon that nailed the paper-butterflies to a nearby tree. Orochimaru plucked them off the needles, then unceremoniously ripped them to shreds, although he sealed a few larger pieces into a scroll. He didn't have to wait long until Konan, the Angel of Ame, appeared.

She got strait to the point. "Why did you do that?"

Orochimaru chuckled. "Kukuku, while I enjoy spying on people to learn their secrets, I hate being spied on."

Konan looked him in the eye, then she slowly nodded. "Don't do it again. I have no idea why you want Hanzo's body, but be careful not to overstep your bounds." With that, she turned to paper and blew away.

Orochimaru shrugged. That was one.

Orochimaru looked at the floor. A giant open Venus-flytrap was in front of him, a man's head and shoulders were sticking out of it, one part of him white as snow, the other one black as the night. This was Zetsu, spy and messenger of the Akatsuki, and he had just given him and Sasori their instructions.

Orochimaru smiled and ruffled through Zetsu's hair. "You are quite useful, aren't you?" Then he quickly pulled his hand back, and not a second too soon. The flytrap snapped shut, sounding like a triggered bear-trap, missing Orochimaru's finger by a hair's width. Then the two parts opened again, revealing an annoyed face. "Don't pat my head."

Orochimaru shrugged. "Won't happen again." Then he and Sasori left as Zetsu sank into the ground. Orochimaru looked at his hand. A few strands of hair were in between his fingers. That was two.

Orochimaru and Sasori were in the hardest fight they had had for a long time. Zetsu had completely underestimated the threat this guy posed. While their foe looked like an overgrown mix between a gecko, a rodent and a bull, it could manipulate the earth beneath their feet, making a fight difficult due to permanent loss of footing. Also, the damned beast sent spikes through the ground every now and then, trying to target their blind-spots. Sasori was still in what Orochimaru was certain was a carrier-puppet, considering he hadn't used a single puppet yet, and having a harder time to dodge. Eventually, the inevitable happened, Sasori took a hit.

The strike had been a nasty one, coming directly from below. Sasori had no way of seeing it, and it pierced through the entire body, shooting out of the top of Sasori's body. As Orochimaru had expected, a figure shot out from 'Sasori's' back. Orochimaru saw the true Sasori, what looked like a young man with red hair. Orochimaru was intrigued. From his information, Sasori should be older than that by now. Did the man find his own way of eternal youth, or did he simply have a baby-face?

Sasori spoke. "Damn, he nicked me. And of all the possible places, it had to be there." Orochimaru noticed he was holding his chest, a purplish liquid flowing out between Sasori's fingers, dripping onto a rock on the floor.

Orochimaru smirked. "Looks like everyone doesn't bleed red after all."

Sasori glanced at him. "Orochimaru, be quiet. This has gone on long enough, it's time for me to end this." He looked at the fiend. "You have taken up too much of my valuable time already. But since you grazed me, you will die by my favorite puppet." He pulled out and opened a scroll that had the kanji for 3 in it. With a poof, a man that Orochimaru easily recognized was leaning on Sasori's shoulders. The Sandaime Kazekage, the most powerful leader Suna had ever had, was now one of Sasori's weapons. Then the puppet opened its mouth, and a black substance oozed out. Orochimaru knew that this was not some sort of blob, but countless metal-particles, and if he knew Sasori, the entire thing was poisoned.

The poor critter didn't stand the ghost of a chance. Suddenly, instead of the earth, it was standing on a black platform that bound its limbs, tail and made a choker around its neck while lifting it into the air. With a short tug, the creature was hugging the square platform, all limbs, tail included, were stretched out, pointing away from its body. Then a large block of the Black Sand appeared above it. Sasori's finger twitched and the two black squares shot towards each other, squashing the gecko/rodent/bull in between them like a mosquito between two hands.

Orochimaru walked over to the rock were Sasori's purple blood had pooled and dipped his fingers in the puddle, not without secretly pulling out a syringe and sucking up as much of it as he could. "And I thought that between the two of us, I was the one who was into self-experimentation."

Sasori looked at him. "You don't have a monopoly on intelligence and willingness to sacrifice oneself for his work."

Orochimaru shrugged. "Perhaps not." He had what he wanted from Sasori, almost. He'd take the scroll Sasori made on how to create human-puppets when he actually left Akatsuki, everything else would just raise suspicion.

Getting a sample of the leader Pein was difficult at best, impossible would be closer to the truth. Orochimaru had tried to get it, but he had found out that the Rinnegan had the ability to raise the dead, as secondary bodies, which meant that genetic samples from anything but the original body would be worthless, as the Rinnegan wasn't part of the genetic information of that body. But if that was the case, how could the revived corpse have it? What was different from before the corpse was revived and afterwords? Then Orochimaru had an epiphany. The black piercings on the bodies, he had currently seen two, must be the key. Orochimaru remembered that he'd seen the leader wield similar-looking skewers, and decided to snatch one, just to see what it was.

Getting it was easy, as the leader left the broken ones and the ones that were stuck in his enemies corpses behind. A first analyze gave Orochimaru the answer he had sought. They were made of bio-mass, and while on first sight their main purpose seemed to be the disruption, a closer look revealed that they were receivers, sending their maker's chakra into whatever was stabbed, disrupting the the flow of chakra while opening the way for mental attacks with no way to hit back. But these spikes had to be made of the one that channeled the chakra, and while Orochimaru couldn't check if they had the Rinnegan, he was able to do a basic bloodline-test, and to his joy it came out positive. Six down, one to go, plus any potential other members that joined.

A hiss of pain escaped Orochimaru's lips when his short flight came to an abrupt end on a few trees. He, Sasori, Kakuzu and Kisame had been ordered to fight a boar-demon that was terrorizing villages, for a price, of course. But the damned thing was tougher than they'd expected. The original plan had been to poison it, which was why Sasori and Orochimaru were present, and then just give it a workout till it croaked, but the oversized bacon had decided to make things difficult, as it just refused to drop dead.

Sasori had retreated, saying that he didn't have anything but his poisons that would be effective against a boar the size of a whale, and that he had already pumped as much poison as was reasonable into the damned thing, and stated that anything else he had with him would not increase the speed of death by a single second.

Orochimaru knew that Sasori had a point, he himself had also pumped everything he thought might work into the pig, and the demon had started to stumble, but it was not happening fast enough for the Akatsuki's tastes. Orochimaru had been knocked back by the last charge of the boar, covering Kakuzu, who was peppering the oversized piece of ham with all elements, leaving heavy injuries. The battle was coming to a close.

Orochimaru jumped up and charged again, intent on getting vengeance for that involuntary flight-lesson. He would call Manda, but as a member of the Akatsuki he had a hard time getting subjects for his experiments as it was, gathering the sacrifices Manda required would be neigh-impossible. So for now, he was on his own. He jumped, narrowly avoiding the tusks, and plunged his sword into the demon's eye, before ordering it to extend. "I'll turn you into wammiri (food cooked by boiling)! Katon: Yakuyaiba Shokkuueibu no Jutsu!"

The boar squeaked in agony as it was slowly boiled from the inside out, not to mention the blade going through its eye into the brain. Orochimaru jumped off, and the dying boar made a last-ditch effort to kill. It charged Kisame and thrusted its left tusk to his midsection. Kisame barely managed to raise Samehada in time to block the vicious attack. But the tusks were harder than he'd expected, as a few of the sword's scales were crushed, and one broke off and flew towards Orochimaru, who caught it inches before his eye.

Orochimaru curiously looked at the broken scale, knowing that everyone's attention was on the animal-like demon, who had finally dropped to its side and died. Out of curiosity, Orochimaru channeled a bit of chakra into his index-finger and scraped the scale over it. The effect was instantaneous. The chakra vanished from his finger, and the scale grew half a millimeter on an edge. Orochimaru smirked. Apparently, it was still alive, and Kisame obviously hadn't noticed anything. Orochimaru finally had what he wanted, after years of patient work, he had all the necessary ingredients, now he just needed to make it work.

For that, he needed a base, he had found something promising in Ta no Kuni, soon to be Oto no Kuni, although he'd keep a number of bases spread throughout the Elemental Nations. He had Kabuto, his best spy, but for waging war, numbers were essential, and having bloodline-soldiers would be even better. Kabuto had informed him that a young boy with a fascinating ability had contacted him, asking if Orochimaru, who despite his methods was known to get results, if he could be freed from his curse. What Kabuto had described was intriguing, especially if that 'curse' could be transferred to foot-soldiers, making them monstrous powerhouses. Orochimaru had in fact been working on a boost for his troops for a while, but without much success. Anko was the only survivor, but Orochimaru had lost interest in her when she had rejected him. The cursed seal just didn't work, but maybe Juugo's cells could change that. Little Juugo was god's way of telling Orochimaru that it would soon be time to leave Akatsuki, but not after he had a look at its newest member-to-be that the leader had told them would be there by the time they returned.

Orochimaru's eyes bulged. The new member was Itachi Uchiha! The man had fled Konoha after killing his entire clan sans his direct family, not counting the father. Orochimaru knew that the Uchiha were corrupt and lusting for power, traits he respected and liked about them, as it made them predictable. And now the man with the strength to kill an entire clan whose skills were at least similar to his own was a member of Ajatsuki, and therefor for Orochimaru to exploit. Apparently Itachi had awakened something that had been lost for generations, the legendary Mangekyo Sharingan. With Itachi, Akatsuki now had all the members the leader said they would need sans one, Orochimaru would only need to gather a piece of Itachi to be able to make a body that would unite Akatsuki's powers. The last member was still in the air, and the choice would probably take years Orochimaru could not spare. But to his dismay, Itachi was careful, and didn't trust Orochimaru at all, so it was impossible to get a sample. The young Uchiha was always eying him, waiting for him to do something that would give him an excuse to attack Orochimaru. And that gave said serpent an idea.

Orochimaru grasped his stump of an arm. His hand was on the floor, in front of Itachi's feet. Orochimaru had taken Sasori's scroll on human puppetry and fled. But Itachi had intercepted him and in a short but violent battle, he had put Orochimaru through his Tsukiyomi after the Sannin had managed to give him a deep cut just below the cheekbone. Itachi had then used the involuntary freeze-up to sever Orochimaru's hand with the kunai that had scratched him.

He looked down on the snake-man. "All your tricks are useless before my eyes." He stated.

Orochimaru's eyes were filled with hatred. "Then I'll make those eyes mine!" With that, he opened his mouth and the long tongue shot at Itachi. Itachi jumped back, preparing for an attack, but the tongue merely wrapped around the hand and pulled it to Orochimaru. Who jumped back and started to retreat.

Itachi smirked. "If you're thinking about reattaching it, you're wasting your time. My blade is covered with a poison that decomposes flesh. By the time you're anywhere near a place with sufficient instruments for such a operation, all nerve-endings will have decomposed. That hand will never function again. Jutsu are forever out of your reach." That one would especially hurt, since everyone knew it was Orochimaru's dream to master all jutsu.

The man grimaced. "You underestimate me Itachi Uchiha, and that will be your downfall." Then he shunshined away.

Itachi returned to the lair and reported that Orochimaru had defected, and that it had cost him his hand.

Sasori was still upset. "I don't understand what Orochimaru would want with that scroll. All it does is explain how to make a human-puppet, something I decided to make should I ever have an apprentice, but for Orochimaru, it's useless. He's not a puppeteer, and even if he started to learn it now, he would never reach the level of skill necessary to fully utilize a human-puppet."

Konan rubbed her chin. "Orochimaru has the corpse of Salamander Hanzo, one of the few men he ever feared. Perhaps he wants to turn him into a weapon for himself?"

Sasori nodded. "Orochimaru is proud. I can believe that he would do that, and with such a high-specs puppet, he could reach the level of a good user, even if mastery of this art is out of his reach."

Hidan chuckled. "Well, now that he lost the hand, I'd say the fucktard would be mediocre at best."

Sasori looked at Hidan. "A true master of puppetry can move a puppet, or even multiple puppets, with a single finger. Also, if I know Orochimaru, then by some means, he'll regain that hand."

Pein shrugged. "That man was always a loose cannon, but his services were excellent. We shall deal with him another time, right now we have more important things to worry about. Also, I found an S-class shinobi who may take over Orochimaru's role as Sasori's partner. Itachi, you and Kisame, your new partner, will recruit him. Use force if necessary."

Orochimaru was in a wonderful mood. He had just encountered a blonde man with mouths on his hands that had the ability to form explosives out of clay. Orochimaru had been forced into a small skirmish, got a few strands of hair and some of the raw clay, and retreated, with the man being none the wiser.

He had sealed it away, just like he had sealed away everything else he took from Akatsuki, including the kunai with Itachi's blood. The man had actually believed that Orochimaru had used that move for his hand. No, it had been for the kunai in the hand, but Itachi would've suspected something if he had just taken it. 'All my tricks are useless before your eyes, huh Itachi? In the end, you fell for it after all. Granted, I hadn't expected it to cost me my hand, but that's a small price to pay for your blood. With your Sharingan, gaining all the world's jutsu will be much easier, so thank you very much.'

Orochimaru actually had more of Itachi's blood then the man had realized. The kunai Orochimaru used against him had been a special creation of his. There were small holes in the tip, and the interior of the blade was hollow, covered in stability- and vacuum-seals. When the blade had entered Itachi's flesh, the vacuum-seals activated and pulled blood out of his body. Not as much as Orochimaru would have liked, but any more and Itachi would have felt it. Now that he had all the ingredients, he'd find a suitable body, modify it to his needs and take it over. But first, it was time to leave the body he was born with, and move to something better. His perfect host wouldn't be ready that soon, but Orochimaru was a patient man. After all, he had all the time in the world.

Years passed. Orochimaru had conquered the body of a woman from Kusagakure, the finest sword-mistress the village had ever produced, she had been born with high chakra-levels as well, which was a plus, but Orochimaru had chosen her for her sword-skills, seeing that he retained the knowledge of the body's former inhabitant, and could take that knowledge and all skills with him, unless it was a kekkei genkai. The availability of the host's knowledge was vital, as without it, Orochimaru would be forced to go through extensive rehabilitation in order to get used to the new body. All in all, his jutsu was a success, and there were no signs of a rejection.

Juugo was everything Orochimaru had hoped he was and more. Orochimaru had no problems extracting the materials needed to research the effect, and was hoping that he would soon be able to transfer it to others safely.

He had also gained a number of followers, including the last Kaguya, Kimimaro. Unfortunately, that was were the good news ended.

He had found multiple candidates for his new host, used a solution he had created from Hidan's samples, which he had the most from, on them, and waited for the breakthrough. He had seen that his formula theoretically worked, as he had used the same method to give Juugo's abilities to others. It hadn't worked until Orochimaru weakened the solution, essentially reducing the transformation-capabilities to a single form. His first successes merely showed the patterns of their seals, giving them an increase in strength, speed and chakra, but failing to achieve his hope, since they died if forced to Level 2. After some experimentation, he had found a way to safely allow his subjects to reach Level 2. Unfortunately, his subjects had been stuck in their monster-form, but his research showed that that was due to lacking mental strength, not a mistake in the formula. Many went insane, and Orochimaru resorted to locking them up a outpost, intending to send Juugo there once the process was perfected. But with Hidan's solution, there were no survivors. He was enraged, yet after six failed experiments with fifty subjects per experiment, he decided to save the rest of Hidan's blood, which would not last much longer, and instead use Kimimaro. The boy's kekkei genkai was something he desired as well, and Kimimaro was only too willing to supply him with the needed materials. Orochimaru considered using him as a host should the process take longer than expected.

Yet the experiments with Kimimaro's solution didn't have any more success. Orochimaru was furious, and Kabuto, who had joined Orochimaru in his work and worked his way up to Orochimaru's right-hand-man, was working furiously to solve the problem before Orochimaru forgot himself and ended him.

Kabuto scratched his head, this wasn't good. Orochimaru-sama's patience was slowly wearing thin, and he had no results. It just didn't work, but he was too smart to tell that to his master. In the beginning, Kabuto had found it almost amusing that nobody survived becoming immortal, appreciating the irony, but now it was his own neck that was on the line. If it went on like this, Orochimaru might get the idea that an accelerated regeneration like his was needed in order to succeed. Kabuto had tried it, and for a moment, it seemed to have worked, but in the end it had failed as well.

There seemed to be one piece of the puzzle he was missing. How do you get someone to survive something that has a 100% chance of killing them? Where do you find a person that doesn't die, despite logic, experience, science and everything else saying it should? Then Kabuto remembered that he in fact did know such a person. He smiled. This may very well be the breakthrough he had been waiting for!

He hadn't finished his thoughts when Orochimaru entered, seemingly in a miserable mood. "How are things going?" He asked.

Kabuto shrugged. "The latest batch has died as well..." Orochimaru growled and reached for something. Kabuto didn't even want to know what it was, so he quickly continued "...but I have thought of something that has fairly good chances of working."

Orochimaru raised a brow. "I'm listening Kabuto. But your fate may ride on this, so choose your words carefully."

Kabuto nodded. "I have tried using accelerated regeneration to make it work, and the results were better than anything else we ever got. But it wasn't enough. So I had the idea to use someone who not only has a regeneration equal or even superior to what I can do, but also possesses something that doesn't let him die."

Orochimaru glared at him. "And where would we find such a person? What you described is a scientist's dream subject."

Kabuto nodded. "Where to find him? Perhaps in the last place you would look, Konoha."

Orochimaru snorted. "I would have taken such a person would he have existed there, I squeezed everything out of that village before I left, I even looked at Danzo's ROOT."

Kabuto smiled. "But what if that person hadn't been born then?"

Orochimaru's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?" Then it dawned on him. "You're thinking of the Kyuubi-brat, aren't you?"

Kabuto nodded. "The demon will not allow him to die, and if it sees what we inject as the advantages that they are, it might even improve what we give."

Orochimaru nodded. "Yes, the brat would probably live, but what will we do once we injected it into him? Even if he gains the abilities, the demon would destroy me if I attempted to take over the child."

Kabuto shrugged. "Suppose that we extract the demon before the actual takeover."

Orochimaru frowned. "If a bijuu is extracted, the... jinchuuriki... Brilliant! With Hidan's power, he'd survive the extraction, and we could extract sperms for offspring just in case."

Kabuto nodded. "That has the highest chance of success from anything I came up with so far. I could probably easily convince the child to join us, seeing that Konoha is making his life hell."

Orochimaru chuckled. "Kukuku, yes, the most peaceful and kind of all villages, beating on an innocent child. We can't let that happen Kabuto, now can we?"

Kabuto smiled and pushed up his glasses. "Of course not, Orochimaru-sama. Shall I start gaining the boy's trust?"

Orochimaru shook his head. "I have no idea if the Akatsuki is still onto me, so time is of the essence. We don't need his cooperation, just bring me the child, we have to get started as soon as we can."

Kabuto bowed. "Understood."

The first chapter is done. This was actually going on in my head for a while, ever since I bothered to actually read through the entire profile of an author I highly respect for his skills at writing stories that to this day have never failed to fascinate me. When I read what dracohalo117 wrote as ideas up for grabs, I looked for things that interested me, and I did find one or two. But being the lazy fellow I am, I decided that I shouldn't make myself too much work, and left this as an idea in the back of my head. I should have known better. The idea started to grow and invade my mind at every given opportunity, so I eventually decided to just write a chapter and see if I like what I get. And I have to say, not too bad, if I do say so myself.

Onto a few story-related comments.

First of all, I know that Orochimaru's hosts have a tendency to reject him after a while, conveniently it starts to happen once he's able to move, but I think that started AFTER the Sandaime sealed away his arms. If you care to remember, Orochimaru's original hand is floating in a jar on his desk, so he obviously didn't reattach it after Itachi removed it. And I'm assuming that Orochimaru left Akatsuki more than three years before he attacked Konoha. I think that having part of your soul cut off doesn't heal easily, or at all for that matter. In my opinion, Orochimaru's jutsu allowed him to gradually absorb the soul of the other body, making it a part of him and completely replacing it with his own. After his encounter with the Shinigami, Orochimaru was using the host's soul, under his control, to move the arms. However, since the original soul was gradually absorbed, the soul-arms of the host faded and there were no soul-arms from Orochimaru to replace them, so they did what bodies without souls tend to do, they died off. Or something worse that I can't explain happened, like they died and rotted, but Orochimaru could still feel it.

And I know that in the original idea from dracohalo117, Orochimaru took the stuff he wanted when he left, but I don't think that's plausible. Stealing from one S-rank ninja I'll believe, even two or three if you get lucky, but from nine? Who are usually spread out through all continents? In one night? Sorry, I'm not buying it.

As for pairings, I haven't decided yet, so I'm open for suggestions.

Regarding the jutsu I use in my fic. I will explain every jutsu I create, but I'm too lazy to explain the ones I take from canon. If you want to know what they do, please go to Narutopedia, that's where I look for them.

Katon: Yakuyaiba Shokkuueibo no Jutsu (Fire Release: Boiling Blade Shockwave Technique)

Rank: A

Range: Short (0-5m) Middle (5-10m) Long (10m+)

Type: Offensive

This jutsu is a technique that is based on the sort-ranged B-rank jutsu Katon: Yakuyaiba no Jutsu, which heats a sword up to temperatures proportional to how much chakra is being pumped into the blade, and how much it can take. The advanced version creates a shockwave that raises the temperature of whatever it touches to the temperature of the blade. Usually used on weapons that have pierced the enemy to boil them from the inside out. It is to note that despite being a Fire release, actual flames appear at no point of either jutsu.

I said enough for now, so

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