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"If you don't answer my question right now, space trash, I'm going to rip that third eye right out of its socket and feed it to you! Do I make myself clear?"

Those words left the lips of a man who stood about 6'2" with deep olive skin. His endless black hues focused on the yellow skinned man that he had pinned to the wall by the throat. Chocolate tail angrily whipping back and forth behind him awaiting the man's answer to obtain the information that he was seeking.

"I really don't know what you're talking about!," The man screamed back in fear for his life.

"You are REALLY trying my patience!," The fierce entity roared as his hand tightened around the alien's throat.

A man who was about four inches taller than the humanoid threatening the yellow skinned alien stepped on to the scene. His long, onyx locks swaying behind him as stopped in his tracks to speak.

"At ease, dìdì! This man is telling the truth. He is obviously of no use to us. Stop fooling around and dispose of him!"

The shorter man released the alien and smirked in pure amusement.

"Well," He began, "I do believe it is your lucky day. I have places to be so I'm going to make this quick but I can't promise that it will be painless. But you won't have to feel it for long because you'll be dead before you know it."

With those words being spoken, he reached out and snapped the yellow skinned creature's neck and chuckled as he watched the lifeless body fall to the floor. He looked over towards the taller man and asked, "Gēge, what am I going to do about Lord Frieza?"

"You just leave him to me," The taller man spoke.

"Shì de, gēge," He replied before placing two fingers to his forehead and vanishing from sight.

The entity that was left alone just shook his head and growled, "Idiot."

"Father, I do believe that I have excellent news for you!"

"Oh? Please do proceed, then."

"In my recent planetary travels, I do believe I have encountered the perfect planet to sell on the black market! With all the resources and potential slave trades, it would be a gem!"

"And does this planet have a name?"

"Yes! Chikyuu-sei!"

"I see. Well then, it seems you have proved your worth in this family once again. I'm proud. Keep up the good work."

"Ah-kun, Pa."

"Ah, Radditz. Just the person I wanted to see," a silky feminine voice spoke.

The tall saiya-jin warrior got down on one knee and bowed his head in the greatest respect to the Emporer of the Universe seated before him in a black swivel chair.

"Lord Frieza," Radditz spoke, "What did you wish to see me about?"

The lavendar alien motioned his hand in an "up" motion as if to tell him that he could stand and started, "How did your little mission go?"

"I'd rather not discuss that at this moment if that's okay, sire."

"Very well," the tyrant paused for a second before continuining, "Anyways, that's not what I called you here for. I need your help in finding a certain Prince who has seemed to vanish from my reaches again. Do find him and bring him to me. Alive."

Radditz nodded as he questioned, "Anything else, sire?"

"No, you're dismissed."

As soon as those words left his lips, the saiya-jin was gone. The Emporer turned back around in his seat and continued to search through the galactic database.

In the deepest reaches of space, a Cold Empire space unit was barreling through the atmosphere. The red emergency lights flashing all over the craft. A man was aboard the ship fighting with the control panel to try and reprogram it in the right direction. He tried with all his might as he realized that he was fast approaching a planet and had no way of stopping the hunk of machinery before he collided with the rocky surface of the planet.

"Shimatta!," was the only word the man uttered before the ship rocked and everything faded to black.


dìdì - little brother (mandarin)

gēge - older brother (mandarin)

shì de - yes (mandarin)

ah-kun, pa - thank you, daddy (khmer)

shimatta - damn (japanese)

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