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The ethereal goddess sat admiring the view from Chikyuu-sei's gorgeous mountain peaks. She had quickly grown bored of wandering the streets of Tokyo and decided to admire the scenery of the planet of her mother's origins. She had been hoping that her mother had ended up back here but that didn't seem to be the case. If the woman was here, Bulma would have been able to track her by now. After all, she was the best tracker in the entire universe and nobody even came close to her skill. She heavily sighed realizing that her search could take her half of her lifetime but she was prepared. She was not going to give up. She really wanted to meet the incredible woman who had withstood her father's torment of her body. It took a strong person to survive under Frieza and to be just a lowly human and endure the torture, she had to be quite remarkable.

Chikyuu-sei's sun was just beginning to set and the brilliant shades of red, orange, pink and purple started to spread across the normally pale blue sky. It was a magnificent sight if you had never seen it before. The people of this planet were so used to it that they took advantage of the miraculous image. It truly brought a peace to her soul. The human blood pumping through her veins was crying out to her, telling her that this is where she truly belonged. She really didn't have any business with Frieza but the powerful Aisu-jin was all she had ever known. He took her in and gave her everything that her heart had longed for, aside from her mother, and she was truly thankful.

I'll stand for nothing less

or never stand again

The night was quickly falling over the rather inviting planet. Bulma probed into her telepathic abilities to locate the saiya-jin space pod that she was seeking. She felt out the ki quickly recognizing it as Kakarot's. She estimated that it would be another couple of hours before the saiya-jin's pod even breached the atmosphere. She was sure that there was something she could do in the mean time to keep herself from getting bored.

In the past, the blue haired alien had discovered something called 'the nightlife' on multiple planets. The nightlife was something she had learned involved a lot of alcohol, dancing, and music. She had overheard some of the citizens of Tokyo saying they hosted some intense night festivities and she could not wait to check it out. To this day, the hybrid enjoyed the nightlife on Vegeta-sei most of all. It was her favorite even though she couldn't tolerate being around those filthy monkeys for long. For one night of dancing and primal music, she could tolerate them. Her nights of dancing usually ended in bedding some creature she had met at one of the 'clubs' as they called them. She may have been a ruthless warrior but she was also a woman and she had needs that had to be taken care of from time to time.

Focusing all of her attention, she was able to draw a map of the planet in her mind and figure out in which direction she needed to be heading. With a powerful explosion of excitement she took off in to the air, quickly descending upon her destination.

These are the limits when one's buried,

this body's left the soul

The scene displayed before her mixed sapphire and purple orbs was better than she had ever imagined it to be. The buildings were huge and there was a display of multi-colored lights flashing everywhere. Lines of chikyuu-jins stood outside the elaborate structures. It seemed like they were all waiting to get in. She chuckled softly as she sauntered up to the front of the line and demanded to be let in the club at that very moment. The bouncer was quick to shut her down, though.

"Let me in this building at once," The princess hissed at the bouncer.

"There is a line here and these people have been waiting patiently. You need to turn your spoiled ass around and do the same. At the end of the line," he growled back at the enchanting vision standing before him.

"Fool! I will kill you where you stand! I am the daughter of the powerful Frieza! I demand you let me in!"

"Who the hell is that?" The bouncer asked incredulously.

Bulma stared in horror at the bouncer after hearing his reply. How did he not know who her father was? Did anyone here on this planet know of her father's existence or were they so backwards that they were blinded by their own ignorance? Her eyes flashed a crimson shade and in an instant, she was in her Aisu-jin form. The color of her long powdered blue locks now turning into a dark shade of purple as a lighter shade of lavender overtook her peach skin. A black upside down triangle formed in the middle of her forehead and two black lines from her eyes to her now purple lips formed on her face. A long lavender tail that resembled her father's spouted out of her back as two onyx horns emerged from her head.

Her arm shot out and her hand connected with the bouncer's shirt, her fingers tightly locking around the silk material as she drew him closer in to her face. "Frieza is the Emporer of the universe and you will let me in right now or I will destroy this planet and every single one of you halfwits on it!" An enormous ball of red energy began to form in her other hand as she indicated that she was not bluffing and would carry out her threat.

The only thing the poor human could do was freeze in fear as he looked the girl in the eyes. The screams of the other people waiting in line was the only thing that he could hear as he stayed trapped in the monster's deadly grip. He nodded slightly as his hand shook as it searched for the lock on the gate that kept people out. He quickly opened it becoming free from the girl's grip as she stormed past him in anger.

Well, could we have known

Never would I, have helped to nail down

The gorgeous tyrant chuckled darkly as she threw him down on the ground as she walked into the club. Pitiful humans. They didn't even have enough courage or fighting power to stand up to her. Instead they smelled of weak energy and fear, very similar to saiya-jins, another reason why she loathed the creatures with a passion. They were nothing but weaklings and they harbored little respect for others. It made her sick to her stomach. The ones who dwelled on her father's ship were not too bad because they had been beaten into submission by the powerful entity. Disrespect and insubordination were two things that her father had little tolerance for and she had grown up to have the same manners.

Bulma stepped into the building where the loud electronic sounding music was coming from and marveled at the intensity of the bass vibrating her entire being. It made her feel alive. The equipment they used here seemed to surpass even the technology on Vegeta-sei. She would have to have a sneak peak at it when she could. Science was something she enjoyed immensely, especially technology that she had never encountered before. It fascinated the blue haired woman. She quickly transformed back to her human state and stepped into the crowd. She had to admit that the close proximity of all the humans annoyed her a little but her irritation was quickly lost to the sound of the bass.

Careful of drifting off

Now losing taste and touch

Frieza had decided to leave the saiya-jin prince against his better judgment because he had more important matters to attend to. He made his way down the hall towards his science wing to visit his faithful subject, Bardock. Lately it had become apparent to him just how much his daughter knew about technology. After all, she had been the one to design the new laser guns for his guards. They had proved to be quite impressive and he knew that assigning her to a job in the lab would have great results. She had a very creative mind and could make high-tech weaponry that would far surpass the technology on any other planet. Yes, his daughter had proved to be a blessing time and time again. He never imagined having something so wonderful come out of a lowly human.

He quickly tapped in the code to the door of the science wing and stepped through it as it slid open. He pressed a button that would alert the saiya-jin scientist of his presence and patiently waited for him to appear. As he waited he contemplated what to do with his ... Vegeta problem.

Turning a pale blue leaning in to say,

this body's left the soul

Bardock appeared before his Lord and bowed down on one knee. "M'Lord," he greeted respectfully.

Frieza smirked never growing tired of creatures bowing to him. "You may rise, Bardock." He waited for the saiya-jin to stand before he continued with his proposition. "I've come here to inform you that when my daughter returns from wherever she may be, she will start working with you here in the lab. Her knowledge and creativity could prove useful to my empire. Do you have any objections?"

"No, none at all. In fact I have heard how intelligent she is and I could use someone who can challenge my own knowledge. I have grown bored of these fools. They are of no use to me any longer. It has been a while since I have had any excitement. May I exterminate them myself or would you prefer to have the honor?"

The lavender skinned tyrant chuckled as he replied, "No, Bardock. You can have the privilege; after all, you've earned it. I will send Bulma to you as soon as she returns. Good day, dear friend." He stepped outside of the lab only to hear the screams of the other scientists inside as Bardock eliminated them one by one. The sound of death was a sound that he could never grow tired of. He grinned from ear to ear as he reminded himself that he would be hearing the screams of a disobedient saiya-jin very soon himself. With that, he headed back towards the medical wing to wait for the prince to regain consciousness.

The brain needs oxygen,

can't sneak around this bait

Vegeta still sat inside the regeneration chamber far from healed yet. It was unlikely that he would recover before Kakarot came back from his mission. The saiya-jin's mind stayed active while he was unconscious. He had felt Frieza come in the first time and he could feel when he left. He knew that he was in for a severe beating. Frieza was not happy. His real destination had been Vegeta-sei but he had wanted to circle around the universe so it was not so obvious to where he was headed. It was not the first time he had tried to sneak away and it was not the first time he had been punished for his actions.

He was ready for whatever Frieza would do to him. He was just thankful the tyrant had allowed him to heal this time. It was his little secret from the tyrant that every time he was beaten within an inch of his life, his strength would increase. It would allow him to get one step closer to his goal of overthrowing the powerful aisu-jin. Vegeta knew how valuable he was to Frieza, that's why the monster had not disposed of him yet and he would use that to his advantage. The saiya-jin twitched when he felt Frieza re-enter the room. He knew he was waiting for him to wake up.

His catacomb has got me by the chin,

This body's left the soul

Once the sleeping prince was awake, he would be mercilessly dragged from the chamber he was currently in and taken to Frieza's auditorium and be beaten in front of all the soldiers on the ship. The worst part was that the aisu-jin would always make sure that his saiya-jin brothers would have a front row seat to watch their prince get stripped of his honor, of his nobility. The mere thought of it made him sick to his stomach. One day, he would make Frieza pay for all he had done and he couldn't wait to make everyone watch the alien beg for mercy as he slowly tortured him until his death. It was a day that Vegeta hoped would come soon because he did not know how much more of the ruthless monster he could take.

Could we have known

Never would I, have helped to nail down

Bulma felt the surge of energy as Kakarot's ship landed on Chikyuu-sei. Even over the vibrations of the loud bass around her body, could she feel the saiya-jin's landing. A smirk appeared on her beautiful visage as she realized the destruction would begin soon. She began to re-wrap her head in the head covering she had been wearing earlier. Even though Kakarot had only ever seen her in her aisu-jin form, she could not risk being discovered. She began to make her way toward the exit, shoving several of the disgusting human males off of her as she made her way through the crowd.

The blue haired temptress glanced at the bouncers who had given her a hard time earlier and she could not help but chuckle, "Oh, this is going to be fun!"

With nothing to gain, here's the clincher

This should be you

The bouncers began to tremble as she built an enormous ball of energy in her left hand. She laughed as she released it towards the building causing it to implode into millions of tiny pieces. She put more power into the blast until everything was incinerated. It had been a while since she got to enjoy something like that. She was mostly building technology for her father these days. It had been years since she assisted on a purge. She remembered her mission and glanced towards the sky where she had felt Kakarot land and located his ki signature.

With a smirk, she spoke, "Here I come, Kakarot! Let the fun begin!"

Now saturate, now saturate

Now saturate, now saturate

And touch!

The saiya-jin space pod came barreling through Chikyuu-sei's atmosphere. It was not long before it made contact with the ground causing a crater to form in a secluded woodland area of the planet. Kakarot emerged from the pod as it opened to let him complete his task. He stood with a stoic expression on his face as he felt the energy levels of all the living beings on the planet. They were weaklings. It seemed they had stronger animals living here. He chuckled at how easy it was going to be to wipe out the population. He just had to save the youngest women and children for slave trades on the black market. The rest he could annihilate.

A strong power caught his attention for a brief moment as he tried to feel out the ki signature. He recognized it almost instantly as Frieza's daughter's, but what would she be doing here? There was no way she could possibly be one of the people to help him on the mission. There had to be something else going on. The ki signature vanished almost as soon as he felt it. Perhaps he had been imagining it. There was just no need for someone as strong as the purple haired aisu-jin female to be here to help take out the planet. The humans were far too weak to waste such strength.

Now saturate, now saturate

Now saturate, the Earth

It was just a few moments after he felt the great surge of strength that he felt the ki of Frieza's men in the area. He rose to scan the area and found them a few hundred yards away and quickly approached the team of assassins. He was the head of this operation and it was his job to give orders. He just hoped that they knew what was best for them and took direction, otherwise it would be lights out.

Kakarot turned his head to one of the men that he recognized as one of Frieza's generals and spoke, "You there, I want you and your men to separate and herd out the people from their

homes. There seems to be a large population here so we can afford to destroy a few hundred thousand. Remember, we capture only the best looking young women and children. If you find any valuable men like scientists, capture them and we will weed out the weak ones and send the best to Frieza. Try to leave the planet in tact as much as you can. Frieza will have our asses if it is not sellable."

The General nodded at the orders and started barking orders to his own men to initiate the purging process. It would take them a few hours give or take due to the extreme size of the planet but it would not be a difficult task considering they were all weaklings.

Now saturate, now saturate,

Now saturate, The Earth!

The tall saiya-jin watched as the men scattered around the city waiting for him to give the first initial go ahead. He moved one arm forward and concentrated deeply as he formed a ball of ki in his hand. He had to make sure it was enough to scare the people out of their homes and not to destroy the entire planet. His primal saiya-jin instincts were pumping loudly through his veins as he fought the urge to kill every last being on the planet.

It took him a moment but he managed to gather the right amount of power and sent it flying off towards the concrete. The impact was enough to cause the people to come running out of their homes and Frieza's men took care of the rest. He watched in delight as a few of Frieza's men viciously raped some of the more resistant women and killed a handful of people. He was not one to condone rape but the saiya-jin in him was more than he could handle at the moment and there was nothing a saiya-jin loved more than carnage.

Could we have known,

Never would I, have helped to nail down

In that instant, a flash of blue caught the corner of one of his onyx eyes and it was in that moment that he decided to join in the fun. The flash of blue that he had seen was the long, flowing locks of cerulean that belonged to Frieza's daughter. He slowly started walking towards where he had seen the blue and quickly encountered a young woman huddled in a corner of debris that had once been a building. A small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips as he chuckled out, "Well, well, what do we have here? It seems to be a sniveling, helpless little girl."

Bulma resisted the urge to chuckle at his statement. She was far from helpless and nor was she really sniveling but she could never let him know that. For now, she just had to play along. Her body began shaking with her fake sobs as she softly whispered out, "Please Mister! Please don't hurt me!"

Kakarot chuckled as he responded, "Oh, it's not me you should be worried about hurting you. I would be more concerned about my boss, he's not as nice as I am. You've got it easy with me. Once I hand you over to him, your life will become a living hell, just like mine."

With nothing to gain, here's the clincher

This should be you,

Made cold and crippled

The female Aisu-jin eyed the saiya-jin warily as he spoke ill of her father. So maybe Kakarot was in on Prince Vegeta's plot to rebel against the Emperor of the Universe after all. She had always pinned him to be one of the smarter saiya-jins of the bunch, but it seemed that his words proved otherwise. A small smirk formed on her lips from under her head cover at the vital information that she had just received. Oh how her Father was going to be pleased with this knowledge!

The young saiya-jin leaned in and grabbed the blue haired humanoid by the arm and dragged her up off the ground. He managed to get her up off the ground before she started pulling away and resisting him. This was one of the parts of the purge that thrilled him the most. He laughed as she screamed for him to let her go and he brutally pushed her up against the wall to knock her out. He watched as she slumped to the ground. After he was sure she was unconscious, he lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder to carry her back to the ship where they had brought the other potential slaves.

But little did Kakarot know, that Bulma had pretended to fall unconscious and let him carry her so that once he was out of the room, she could contact her father.

This happened to be never changing

Holding inside

The Halfling softly chuckled as she pulled her scouter out of one of her capsule devices that she had invented to carry large items like weapons without them being found. She placed the device over her eye and immediately paged her father via her scouter. It only took a matter of seconds before the Aisu-jin was on the other line.

Frieza barked, "I assume you're contacting me because you have some information for me?"

Bulma excitedly responded, "I do but I don't have much time. Kakarot just left to finish up the purge and he'll be back soon. But he told me that you made his life a living hell which causes me to believe that he may be plotting with Prince Vegeta to overthrow you, Father! Zarbon told me that the Prince talks about how one day he'll get strong enough to defeat you."

This new bit of information caused the Emperor to go in to full blown laughter which confused his daughter for a moment causing her to question his sanity. As soon as he was done with his bout of laughter, he explained, "That monkey will never be strong enough to overthrow me, my dear daughter, so you have nothing to worry about. Those monkeys don't realize how many people they'd have to go through to get to me and you're one of them. You and I both know that you have more strength in your pinky than the Prince has in his entire body. I'm not exactly worried. But on the other hand, I will have to keep my eye on the King and Vegeta-sei, just in case they decide to try something funny. Thank you, Bulma. I appreciate your concern. Let me know if you hear anything else."

"Chah, Pa." She responded in her native tongue before cutting the link of communication and recapsulizing her scouter.

The phobia viewed

Made cold and crippled

Ending it all

Kakarot couldn't stop thinking about how familiar that human's energy seemed as he pulled her on to the ship. It felt almost like Frieza's daughter's but Bulma wasn't a human. At least, he had never seen her in her human form. Only her Aisu-jin form so he had no idea that she had a completely different form. He shook off the feeling as he gathered another ball of ki in his hands. He fired it towards another building as he destroyed one of the cities on the planet. Frieza never told him he had to leave the cities in tact so he decided to relieve a little stress.

Now saturate, now saturate

Now saturate, The Earth!

It wasn't long after that they started boarding the ship to head back to Frieza's. Kakarot just hoped that the Emperor would be pleased with what he brought back for his fearless Lord.

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