Reflections of the Past

A Sailor Scout's Beginning…

"You know…I may never see you again. If all goes according to plan."

Usagi looked to the ground most displeased with his decision. She had a feeling it was for the best however. "At least I got to meet my brother," she replied looking out at the sunset.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"When you were born, the council forgot about me completely and worked as hard as they could trying to prepare you for the day you would ascend to the throne. Was I given a chance to live? To be given my heritage? I was to be KILLED!! I was SHUN from my heritage!! How do you expect me not to feel angry…NOT to feel UPSET! I WAS NEARLY ROBBED OF MY VERY EXISTANCE!!!"

Sailor Moon stood in place unable to think of anything and her eyes felt warm and watery.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Usagi…I'm…sorry, but…I don't think I'm going to be…seeing you again…"

"Aaron…don't say that…you'll be fine…you won't die…"

"Usagi…it's…it's too late to save me…" Aaron's eyes fell and he died in her arms.

"Aaron…Aaron! AARON!!!!" *End Flashback*

* * * * * * * * * * *

"And after that…I appeared back in my room…alive." Aaron turned his head to the side and sighed. "And Sabin, he didn't make it back. He's still in there wondering what to do most likely." Aaron looked to his alarm clock and noticed the time. He sighed and said, "I'm alone and abandoned…again."

* * * * * * * * * * *


"Are you sure there isn't a way to open a portal?" Sabin asked.

Chibi-Usa grunted and growled before sighing. She had failed in her attempt and said, "'Fraid not. After Aaron locked down my latent powers I no longer have the ability to open up portals."

Usagi finished, "So…it looks like Sabin is going to be here a while."

Chibi-Usa nodded, "Until we can find a way to break the lock down…I won't be able to do anything, and Sabin isn't going anywhere."

"What should I do till then?" Sabin asked.

"You'll just have to stay at Rei-chan's a while longer," Usagi replied.

Sabin closed his eyes and smiled, "There isn't anything wrong with that. If I must…then I must!"

* * * * * * * * * * *

Aaron awoke to the sound of his alarm and checked the date on the VCR. "Five days. It's been five days since I returned confused as ever. He stretched himself out and dressed for the long day ahead.

Two hours later…

"Yeah…I was out for a few days. Of course. Yeah. I can. Nice. All right. Yeah. Talk to you soon. Yeah. Bye." Aaron sighed and shook his head, "Women." About a half-hour later the doorbell rang. "Come in!!" Aaron yelled.

The door opened and a brown haired girl came in. "Hey Shane," she said with a sweet voice.

"What's up?"

"Nothing much. You ready yet?"

"Give me a few seconds." Aaron headed into his room and looked at the Sigma medallion on his head dresser. "Better safe than sorry," he thought putting the medallion around his neck. He gave a deep, soothing breath and headed out of his room shutting the door. He motioned to the girl and said, "Let's go!"

* * * * * * * * * * *


"I've always wondered what you guys do when there's peace!" Sabin said taking a hearty bite into a piece of watermelon.

The air was abuzz with activity, but Chibi-Usa seemed a bit in the doldrums. "Man I miss home. I miss Aaron. I miss…" she looked at Usagi and Mamoru.

"Miss your parents?" Sabin tapped her shoulder, as she seemed to stare off for a moment.

"Yeah…I guess you kinda understand considering you're far from home as well."

"Truth be told…I'ld prefer staying here over going back."

Chibi-Usa looked at him rather surprised and asked, "Why?"

"Life here isn't so…depressing. Where I come from it's just so dull. Like I said at the funeral. Shane spiced up my life with constant threat from something or the occasional crush from a girl and everything."

"So the rest of the place is dull?"

"In my opinion yes. It's been a dream of mine to live in Japan with the one I love. Ironic isn't it. Here I am, with Rei, in Japan. Irony at its finest."

Chibi-Usa sighed, "I have yet to find someone to love." She lowered her head slightly.

Sabin looked at her and said, "Cheer up Chibi-Usa. One day you'll find someone you'll fall in love with. Trust me." He gave her a smile of confidence and she looked up at him.

She nodded and took a bite out of her piece of watermelon. The chatter continued amongst the picnic, but none of them knew they were being watched and studied for possibilities.

* * * * * * * * * * *


"What now Schala?" Aaron asked the brown-haired beauty.

"Let's take a break and grab a bite to eat." Schala tugged Aaron over to one of the many places to eat and said, "So…which one do you want?" She made a light laugh considering there were near 15 different places you could order food from.

"Let's try the Japanese place. Hopefully the curry is good."

After Schala and Aaron placed their orders and paid, they sat down at a table and waited for their food to arrive. Aaron moaned and put a hand to his head suddenly feeling a slight headache approach. Schala looked at him almost expecting to tell him everything and said, "You know I want to know where you were these last few days."

"Out and about really."

"Where exactly? I mean, I called like…10 – 15 times and no one answered the phone."

"Well, I don't know why my parents didn't answer the phone, but they might have had business matters to attend. I don't know about my brother and sister. Both of them are really lazy so I can't really account for them."

"So where 'out and about' were you?"

Aaron bit his tongue and said, "Sore wa himitsu desu."

Schala lowered her head and said in a depressing manor, "You know…I was worried…when you were gone for more than 2 days."

Aaron's face returned from the held back look to a serious one and he replied, "That's a first…"

Schala looked upset by his remark and said a bit angered, "This isn't a joke you jerk! I'm serious! I was worried!"

Aaron sighed and put the hand back to his face again, "I'm…sorry Schala. The events that happened where I was...they are really weighing heavy on my mind. I've been really burned out by them the last few days."

Schala nodded and looked down at the table trying not to show the apparent tears in her eyes. "Excuse me for a moment. I think something flew into my eye." She shuffled off to the bathrooms in a hurry leaving Aaron alone at the table.

"Now I feel like an ass," Aaron groaned.

"Sir," a girl with black, thinly veiled hair stood over Aaron with a tray containing to bowls of curry. She lowered the tray onto the table and said, "Here are your dishes of curry." As she set it on the table a dark glint came from her eye.

Aaron raised an eyebrow and said with a prideful tone, "If you so wish to fight me…why don't you let me get ready and we'll go at it."

The girl's eyes narrowed and she grinned, "Make it snappy…MetaSigma."

Aaron made an evil of sorts laugh and replied, "I hate to break it to you, but I'm not the fabled MetaSigma you speak of. It would be hellva cool if I could be him! Damn, that guy kicks some serious ass."

The girl gritted her teeth and said, "Don't tempt me to force it out of you putrid human."

Aaron shrugged, "Sorry to disappoint you your royal whoreness."

The girl opened her mouth to yell at his comment, but her manager yelled out, "Hey! Get back here and get to work! I don't pay you for blabbing to customers!"

She looked back over at the manager and started a dark, high-pitched laugh. "I've got some work to do now!" she threw off her apron revealing a pair of zelonite leg stockings and finished, "But first I'm gonna do my other job!"

A pair of closed eyes was imbedded at the knees of the stockings. They opened revealing dark purple irises that sprayed the area with rays of light. "Look out!" People yelled trying to avoid the rays.

All the people around Aaron were frozen as if he had been taken out of current time. "This is some very trippy shit!"

"Now MetaSigma, you have a choice: You can fight me as MetaSigma or…I will kill your little girlfriend Schala."

Aaron looked over at the frozen figure of Schala coming out of the bathrooms. Aaron shrugged, "Go ahead and kill her. No skin off my back." He got up ready to leave and continued, "I do have one question for you before you kill her."

"And what prey-tell is that?"

"Why are you invading my mind trying to trick me when I know I'm inside my own mind?"

A mighty crash hit, and the image shattered like glass. "Shane…Shane…SHANE!!"

Aaron jumped up out of his seat and looked around. "Man, I'm back from the heinous mind assault." He noticed Schala and once more put his hand to his head and moaned.

Schala looked concerned and said, "Are you OK?"

"Yeah…I think I had a momentary black out."

"Do you just want to head back to your house?"

"I'll…be OK. Let's just continue having fun," Aaron smiled clearly feeling the effects of the headache.

* * * * * * * * * * *


"It's been a week, and not an ounce of progress has been made," Sabin sighed.

"Have patience Sabin," Rei said, "You can't expect things to change overnight."

Sabin tossed a little his sleeping bag and made a groan. "She's right Sabin," Makoto agreed.

Sabin sighed and nodded, "You're right…I'm just…worried about what happened to Shane and all."

"We're all worried about what happened to him, but we can't do anything if we can't get a way back to where you come from. The more we worry the more we lose sight of how to solve the problem at hand. Just relax and have faith. We'll figure something out one way or another."

Sabin nodded and slithered out of his sleeping bag. He got up and stretched saying, "Excuse me, I need a few minutes to clear my head." He opened Makoto's terrace sliding door and stepped out amongst the twinkling stars lining the sky here and dotting there. "I'm happy…but I'm homesick still." Sabin looked from the sky down and across the brightly lit city until he noticed a strange black object swirling about under a streetlight in the park near Makoto's apartment. "Could that be…?" Sabin looked on in hope, but confusion at the same time. He hopped over the end of the terrace and executed his armour. When he hit the ground he kicked the accelerators in his boots and dashed toward what he saw. "I swear it was near here," Zerto said searching the area. After a few more minutes of searching he found the strange swirling object. "I don't believe this! How could this actually exist if Aaron cut off the use of them?!"

"Maybe this isn't a portal," a voice said amongst the shadows of night.

"Who are you?!" Zerto ignited his saber scanning the area for something that might be hostile.

A man with red hair emerged from the shadows of the statue and said in a calm manner, "You can put your saber away Sabin, you have nothing to fear from me."

Zerto narrowed his eyes and held his saber even tighter replying, "Like hell I will."

The man simple shrugged and started, "The choice is yours. You know what this is don't you?"

"If I do?"

"Sabin…don't get so defensive. I give you my word that neither I nor anyone else will attack you."

Zerto growled a little and lowered his beam saber telling, "All right…tell me what's going."

"Certainly. I assume you are still looking for a way to return to your own reality?"

"I might be…what's it to you?"

"Well, I might be able to help you…"

Zerto pondered for a second and replied, "Sorry man…but you needent concern yourself with my matters." Zerto turned around and started to walk away.

"But, if that's true…why haven't you returned yet?" Zerto stopped and the red-haired man grinned slyly. "Maybe you don't want to return? Perhaps your life would be better here?"

"I'll be glad when I return home. Then I can help comfort his friends when they learn of the bad news of his death." Sabin kicked the accelerators in his boots and something like the sound of glass crashing tore him from his dash.

"Sabin! Sabin!! SABIN!!!"

Sabin shook his head and looked around. For some reason he was back in his sleeping bag once more. He looked around completely surprised and said in confusion, "How the-?"

"You Ok Sabin? You've been zoned out for the past 30 minutes," Rei said in a concerned voice.

"Zoned out?"

"Yeah…you just…fell over out on the terrace," Makoto said.

"I wasn't even on the terrace. I hopped off the thing to investigate something."

"No Sabin…you never left."

"But…if I never left…"

"Maybe we should take you in to see the doctor Sabin," Rei suggested.

"Hey, we can talk to Ami's mother about it tomorrow!" Makoto agreed.

Sabin thought for a second and nodded. He relaxed his body back down to the pillow and sighed getting comfortable, "Night you two."

* * * * * * * * * * *


"Windstrom…scan for temporal anomalies within a 20 mile radius," Aaron said to his computer.

The metallic but sweet voice replied, "Scanning perimeter." After a bit of silence Windstrom replied, "I have found 13 different breaches in the space-time barrier."

"13?!" Aaron jolted up from his leather chair, "What could open 13 breaches in the space-time continuum?!"

"Unknown at this time."

"Are they only allowing passage one way, or are they usable both ways?"

"They appear from my initial scans to be one way portals, but that may change, as they are expanding at a steady rate."

"Give me a printout of all locations of the anomalies."

Windstrom printed out a topological map with x's on the anomalies locations. "Shall I prepare anything?"

"Transfer your program to my matrix array. I'll use you out in the field since this is a reconnaissance mission." Aaron sighed and yelled, "Sigma, Moon POWER!!" A behemoth battalion of armour covered his body and he gave Windstrom the reply to transfer.

After a few seconds Windstrom replied, "Transfer complete."

MetaSigma disengaged his armour and returned to his room once more through the only portal that actually could be used. He thought for a second and called someone up on the phone before heading into his room. He looked about on the dresser and found what he was looking for. "Hopefully after the first few failed attempts this time…I got it to work."

After about 15 minutes Schala appeared at the front door, and knocked on the oak door. "Hello? Anybody home? Shane? You there?!" The door opened with an eerie creak, and MetaSigma stood in the doorway with his arms folded. "MetaSigma's here?!" Schala ran into the house calling out for Aaron. She was only 10 or 11 when she first heard about MetaSigma, but her first instinct told her that if Meta was nearby, then something bad must have happened. It seemed to follow him wherever he went. If there was trouble, then most of the time there was Meta. It wasn't like he was the source of all the problems…it was just the fact that there was never any real sort of peace.

Meta laughed and stopped her frantic searching, as she was about to enter the basement. "Settle down Schala! What's the big all fire rush?"

"Shane! Where's Shane!"

"What's wrong? Do you think he's in trouble?"

"Wherever you go there's trouble! What happened to him?! Where is he?!"

"How do you know he's even IN trouble? Why do you associate trouble with him?"

"Wherever he goes, there's trouble to be found."

"I hate that…they are SO damn wrong…since when does being MetaSigma mean that trouble lurks about?!"

Schala hear a voice within the voice that sounded familiar and she looked closer at his eyes. "Hey…wait…Shane?!"

Meta flashed a clean smile, "Great to see you figured it out."

"But…but how?!"

"How? Well, you see, I was…"

"No! I'm saying…how could someone as stupid as you be the greatest crime fighter in history?!"

Meta grit his teeth and growled in the back of his throat. Knowing that kicking her butt would do nothing more than tarnish his image and crush any of the morals he had in him, he turned around and grunted in disapproval of her comment. "Talk about greeting someone with a kind manner!"

Schala opened her mouth to reply but was caught off-guard by his patience at not snapping back at her, as Aaron did. "Wow…you actually can bite your tongue Aaron. Talk about the impossible happening!"

Meta was clearly fighting the insult with passive resistance and simply made a prideful smile. "Perhaps…but I didn't ask you to come over to start talking down upon me…"

Schala tilted her head a bit confused still, "But…why did you…why are you?"

"Showing you my identity?"

Schala nodded as Meta had taken the words from her mouth, "Yeah!"

"Well…I'll just say for now that I might need some back up."

"The mighty MetaSigma? Needing back up?!" she laughed until tears came from her eyes.

Meta pulled out the pen he taken from his room earlier. He held it up to Schala and asked, "Do you recognize this?"

Schala looked at it a bit and squinted her eyes like it was difficult to see. "It looks something like a Sailor Scout pen, but I've never seen that kind of insignia before."

"Insignia?" Meta looked at it closer, "There isn't one…well…not yet anyways."

"Not yet?"

"You're right though. It's a Sailor Scout pen. Would you ever believe I made it though?"

Schala looked at the pen and then at Meta, "No way you could've made this!"

Meta face-faulted and groaned, "Yes Schala, I made this."


"Extensive research and days of work."

"Does it work?"

Meta scratched the back of his neck, "Actually, I was hoping to see if you would like to test it. I don't think it's very kosher to have a male using a woman's transformation pen."

"What's the difference? You act like a girl all the time!"

"Schala…" Meta fought every angry thought in his mind and forced out, "Just test the pen please!"

"I don't know…" Schala taunted him grabbing the pen and waving it in a thoughtful manner.

Meta growled and said, "I'm sure girls with a kinder heart would test it." Meta snatched the pen out of her hand and turned around.

"Oh come on Shane! I was only kidding around!"

"Hmm…I don't know…if it works, then you can't tell anyone about your identity, or I'll have to kill you!"

Schala gulped, "K-kill me?!"

Meta laughed, "I'm just kidding Schala, I wouldn't kill you."

Schala kicked him in the leg only hurting her leg. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

Meta shook his head and handed the pen back to her, "I'm going to be a Sailor Scout!" Schala stopped for a second and asked, "So what's my name?"

"Uh…that's just it. You decide what kind of a Sailor Scout you'll be."

Schala face contemplated nothing of that sentence and she said, "Explain that again to me…in English."

Meta sighed and put his hand to his face. "Ok I'll try. When a Sailor Scout pen is created it has to be given a designation upon the first transformation. Such as…Sailor Mercury's transformation wand, (AN: Original transformations were called pens. Check Manga for details) it began as a pen just like this. Once it was given a designation, the wand changed to accompany the Scout's choice. The same thing happens with all other Scout pens. Attacks go with the designation as well."

Schala's face was more confused than before and Meta shook his head. "Uhh…I still don't get it?" Schala gave a cheesy grin.

Meta face faulted and made a fake cry, "Dear God…"

"Well…am I supposed to make up some name for myself?"

"Yes, you become whatever Sailor you want to be called. So…for instance let's say you want to be Pot Head."

"Pot head?!"

Meta burst out laughing, "Sailor Pot Head!? Your fuku will be made of marijuana leaves!!"

Schala shook her head and said, "That was a really bad joke Shane."

Meta started coughing up phlegm in a gross display and Schala winced at the nasty sight. After Meta had caught his breath he finished, "Oh…that was a good joke…but now, you must kinda have an idea of what I mean."

Schala thought for a second, "Sailor Crystal? No. Sailor…Jaderunner? No. Sailor…"

"How about Diamond cutter?"

"To long…but I do want a name that has a crystal based power."

"Sailor…Mystic Crystal?"

"Mystic Crystal? Hmmm…hey…I like it!" Schala smiled.

"Choice is yours. I think it's pretty good."

Schala took a deep breath and said, "Ok…here goes!" She raised the pen up to the air and yelled, "Mystic Crystal Power…Make-Up!!" A diamond appeared in front of her and flashed a silvery light covering her body with a white skintight suit. A flaming red jewel that wrapped around her raised arms showing her long, white, glowing gloves followed this. A light blue crystal drew ribbons around her legs giving her a pair of glossy, blue high- heel boots that ran up to her knees. A dark green crystal appeared in front of her midsection and she began to turn in a circle. As she turned, a forest green fuku attached itself to her body suit. After the crystal had finished there, it rose up to the center of her breasts and a forest green bow-ribbon appeared in the center. A very dark blue crystal emerged from her forehead and crested the center of a glowing tiara going from ear to ear. "Sailor Soldier of the ancient crystals. I am Sailor Mystic Crystal!" She posed with one arm extended forward and the other going as far as the elbow pit to her other arm. Behind her the four crystals she used to transform gave off a beautiful light according to the color of each crystal.

Meta whistled and said, "Damn…you look hot!"


"Uhh…I said how do you feel?"

Crystal moaned a little becoming cognizant of what had just transpired to her body and replied with a small but somewhat fatigued smile, "A little light headed."

"That's to be expected. The first transformation is extremely hard on the body. You'll get used to it though. Just sit down for a few minutes."

Meta helped her to a chair and activated the communication device on his wrist. "Windstrom…are you ready to go?"

"I am as ready as I'll ever be Meta," Windstrom replied.

"Who's Windstrom?" Crystal asked confused.

"He's my computer. I use him whenever I need to scan things, or calculate how to do certain things," Meta replied.

Meta's face suddenly turned to one of remembering something and disengaged his armour. Crystal looked at him confused and asked, "Why did you take your armour off?"

Aaron turned back to her and replied, "It would be a little strange if people saw us in our hero forms riding a motorcycle."

"Why would it be strange? Tuxedo Kamen did it in Sailor Moon all the time!"

Aaron gave her a bland look of stupidity, "Is this Sailor Moon?"


"Then we do things different than her."

Crystal rolled her eyes, "Fine. So how do I get out of this thing?"

"Think about it for seconds and relax your body."

Crystal shrugged and closed her eyes. After a few seconds she opened them and noticed she was back in her windbreaker jacket and blue jean shorts. She looked about her body and blinked a few times before stating, "Freaky!" She spied the pen in her jeans and noticed it had changed from its dull appearance to a see-through top half. The tip was crested with a sparkling crystal within the loop. "Wow! That's cool!"

Aaron looked at it and nodded. Then he headed to the fridge and pulled out a can of Mountain Dew. After chugging its contents he ripped a righteous belch and said, "Let's go!"

Schala looked at him with disgust and followed him out the front door.

* * * * * * * * * * *