The Beginning

Warriors of Cosmos. Warriors of Chaos. Soon, their paths will collide and blend like none they have ever experienced during the endless conflict between the Gods.

Yet another battle ensued for both sides of harmony and disorder, in the place known as Order's Sanctuary. The unnamed Warrior of Light was holding off the powerful Garland and his mighty giant sword swings. The weapons specialist, Firion, dodged even more powerful traps set by the evil Emporer. The brave child, given the title of Onion Knight, used his array of magic to counter the evil Cloud of Darkness' corrupt magic. The warrior who weilded Light and Darkness, Cecil, combatted his alliegance-confused brother, Golbez. The adventure seeker, Bartz, battled against the Void-driven Exdeath. The beautiful Esper, Terra, fought her endless clown-faced rival, Kefka. The enigmatic Cloud used his endless sword attacks to fight his evil nemisis, Sephiroth. Squall, Harmony's Lion, tried everything in his power to fight the time mage, Ultimecia, but her powers were one step ahead. The thief with a tail, Zidane, dodged endless magic attacks from his evil counterpart, Kuja. The Blitzball sensation, Tidus, battled the one man he hated most: his father, Jecht. And the two new arrivals, Shanttoto and Gabranth, battled each other, because they had no rivals to face, and were the only two left. All the fights that occured in the battlefield, were watched over, by the Goddess of Harmony: Cosmos, and the God of Discord: Chaos. But, to Cosmos, watching this fight pained her, seeing her beloved comrades endure so much trials for her. She gave a small pain-filled sigh.

"I am sorry, dear Warriors..." She said, in a harmonious voice.

The warriors of Cosmos were beginning to feel the strain of battling Chaos' forces. Garland's attacks were too strong for the Warrior of Light. The Emporer's traps were becoming more clever for Firion. The Onion Knight's intellect were beginning to fail against the powerful Cloud of Darkness. The powers of Golbez were weakening both sides to Cecil. Despite his numerous attacks, Bartz struggled against Exdeath's sword. Terra's controlled magic was no match for Kefka's wild magic attacks. Sephiroth's speed and taunts were too much for Cloud. Ultimecia's arrows finally pierced Squall's limbs, making him crouch in pain. Zidane got hit by a powerful magic spell cast by Kuja. Tidus was thrown against one of the decorations of the arena, painfully hurting him. And Shantotto was overwhelmed by Gabranth's hate-filled attacks. All eleven of Cosmos' forces were ready to be slain.

"This is the last chance I have..." Cosmos continued in her pure voice. "...To save you from this endless cycle of conflict...I know in my heart, you will not appreciate my efforts, but..." The eleven forces of Chaos struck the fatal blow to their enemies, but before doing so, all of Cosmos' forces vanished with a flash of light. "...I know you will come to thank me..."

The eleven forces of Chaos stood, baffled at what they witnessed.

"What is this sorcery?!" Yelled the Emporer in disgust, having lost his victory against Firion.

"They just picked up and vanished!" Jecht said, clearly confused over what happened.

"A rather undramatic stage exit." Kuja said, trying to sound dramatic.

"This is just reeking of dung!" Whined Kefka in his rather odd tone of voice. "I bet that Cosmos did it!"

"There is no doubting that." Golbez said. "The question remains, where did they vanish to?"

"They are most likely scattered across this world..." Exdeath suggested. "They may run, or hide, but their fate shall be to return to the Void..."

"Void or not." The Cloud of Darkness intervened. "They must be found."

"Mice can run, but they can only scurry so far." Ultimecia mocked.

"It's just a matter of finding them!" Garland called.

"Then we will find and crush them!" Yelled Gabranth. Sephiroth, who was the only one not conversing, or arguing, looked up to the sky.

"I will find you, Cloud..." He muttered. But, the greatest anger of all went to Chaos.

"Cosmos! Too far you have gone this time!!" He growled.

Meanwhile, in the far reaches of Cosmos' powers, the Warrior of Light was surrounded by darkness; not by evil, but by sheer unconsciousness.

"Cosmos...what plan do you have for us now?" He asked mentally. Suddenly, he awoke. But when he awoke, he found himself in a strange environment: a regular subard-street with a concrete pavement, to which he awoke from, and along both sides with fairly large houses, most likely with four bedrooms, to which the gardens were of equal value. The Warrior of Light looked around in astonishment.

"What is this place?" He asked in confusion. "In all my wanderings, I never came across this place." Suddenly, he noticed the other ten unconscious on the pavement. "My comrades!" He hurried to them to awake them, to which they all did, all sharing the same reaction as him.

"Where are we?" Asked Cecil.

"Sure looks peaceful." Bartz said.

"It could be a new battleground for us to fight in." Squall suggested.

" looks too peaceful to be a place of fighting." Terra said.

"Who do you suppose brought us here?" Asked Zidane.

"If it was Chaos, we better stay alert." Said Firion. Cloud then looked to another direction.

"I don't think it was Chaos." He said. Suddenly, there came a glow of light, to reveal the Goddess: Cosmos. Everyone gasped in surprise. Then, Cosmos' luminous glow faded, as her feet touched the hard ground.

"Welcome, dear warriors." She spoke.

"Cosmos." Spoke the Warrior of Light. "What is the meaning of this? Is this a trick of Chaos, or..." Then, Cosmos shook her head.

"No. It is the doing of I." She said. Everyone gasped.

"Why?" Asked Tidus. "What for?"

"The power of Chaos is growing too strong for you to defeat. Even if you were to prove victorious, Chaos' minions will return, endlessly." Cosmos explained. "I wish not for you to suffer anymore. Therefore, I have taken you to a realm far from the world you have grown to know, and bestowed you a life of solitude and peace."

"What do we do here?" Asked Onion Knight in confusion.

"You will live lives as ordinary people would." Cosmos explained. This had the Warriors restless.

"Aren't we already regular?" Asked Bartz.

"Ordinary life, huh?" Cecil said. "This should be interesting."

"We shouldn't run from Chaos!" The Warrior of Light protested. "I refuse to let Chaos prove he is the strongest, and watch us flee in terror!"

"Come on, dude." Zidane said. "It's better than fighting all the time." He then gave a stretch. "I was getting tired anyway."

"A life with normal boundaries, you say?" Asked Shantotto, then giving her trademark laugh. "This should be worthwhile."

"Are you all in terms with my decision?" Asked Cosmos. The Warrior of Light stepped forward.

"If this is the will of Cosmos, we will do as you wish." He said, hesitantly. She gave a smile, when all the others did.

"Fear not, for I too shall live as you do." She said without hesitance. The others got restless again.

"A Goddess living like a human..." Mumbled Cloud.

"This idea's getting kinda stranger and stranger." Tidus noted.

"I guess it's worth a try." Terra said encouragingly.

"Then come, dear warriors." She said, waving her hand to a nearby house, that was slightly larger than the rest of the houses surrounding them. "May our new lives begin." She walked over to the house, expecting everyone to follow. The Warrior of Light, without hesitance, followed.

"He's such a Goddess' pet." Zidane said to Bartz, who followed.

"This will be good, huh?" Said the Onion Knight to Terra, who followed on afterwards.

"Wonder if this place has any good grub." Tidus said, walking with Cecil, Cloud and Firion.

"I don't think it'll be easier in our old world." Firion said. Squall looked to his environment, being the second last to go.

"I won't like this idea, I imagine." He muttered. Then Shantotto walked past; Squall only managed to notice her from her strange laugh.

"Don't be so hesitant, "fierce lion". In your common tongue, the lion who doesn't strike first, starves." She said with an almost mocking fashion. Squall smiled at this.

"Who's hesitating?"