Readers of Woren of Uzu no Kuni, this is not the chapter you have been waiting for. Rather, this is my apology for its delay. As well as me asking for the help of a few individuals with the construction of the next chapter. It is not that I cannot write anything. I am actually blocked by having too many things to write. Not stories beyond Uzu no Kuni but too much in it. I keep a file full of note on possibly things to put in as well as me continuing to write the chapter I am working on. What I need help with is...pulling the snakes out of the bag and laying them in a line. What to put in, what to keep out. The chapter itself is a fair length even now but I haven't gotten to what I wanted so I can't put it out. I'm sorry for the convoluted mess this has become and thank you for patience. To any persons willing to help me, send me a PM and I shall look over your work and make a decision. Please note though, these ideas are sometimes original, sometimes references, but always of what is to come in the future of the story so I ask you do not use it yourself or speak of it.

Semper Fi, Foxcomm