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In the days since they left, I had been under an enormous pressure to act normal. My heart was broken and I could not really function. I was an empty shell of my former self. How could I let them effect my life and not to mention Charlie's life like that. My poor father had to see me suffer everyday and there was not a damn thing neither he nor I could do about it.

Where would the road lead? What could I do to get myself back on track? It's just too damn hard to be alone. My friends tried talking to me but I just couldn't listen. Why try when the family that I loved, more than that, the ones I wanted to be with for all eternity, left me all alone.

I had shut down my heart, my soul and my will to survive. However, that all changed when Jasper came back into my life. I will remember the day for the rest of my life.

Three years to the day after Edward left me in the woods, or the incident as we now call it, I was at Newton's listening to Mike yammer on about meaningless shit. We were swamped and finally had a minute for a breather. I heard a husky southern voice from behind me.


I turned and looked into his beautiful golden eyes, my world went dark. When my eyes reopened I was in my bedroom. At first I thought I had dreamed it again but then I heard him speak very quietly.

"Bella, darlin' are you okay?"

I sat straight up, my heart started to pound and the tears started to fall. I saw him from the corner of my eye move a step towards the bed and stop.

"Jasper, are you really here?" I cried out.

"Yes darlin' I am here, Alice sent me."

"No," I screamed, "it's just a dream, he can't be here... you left…. they left."

"Bella, I am...." I held up my hand to silence him. I jumped off the bed and ran for the bathroom. I made inside the door and slammed it behind me. Why was this happening to me? Why is he back? Shit! Are the others back? The room started to spin and I was in the darkness again.

When I was awakened by a cool set of hands on my face I was startled to be staring into his eyes again. I started to feel the tears stream down my cheeks again.

"Is that really you? Please tell me I am not dreaming anymore."

"Bella it is really me. You are not dreaming."

"Jasper, I am so tired will you stay until morning? Please don't leave me again."

As I drifted off I heard him say, "never again, I promise."

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