Oneshots are dark and evil things.

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"Something has to be done." growled Lyn, pacing.
"Oh, come on. It's not that bad." commented the group's tactician, a girl called Elix, from the corner.
"He asked out every girl in the camp within an hour." said Lyn. "Even Florina, and she was hiding behind a cloud."
"'s true…" said the shy pegasus knight. "He bribed Nino to help him up…"
"Not my fault I'm too young to buy-" started the prodigy before closing her mouth very tightly.

"As if one pervert isn't far more than enough. We need to do something." said Lyn.
"We oughta do something to him so he understands what it's like." said Serra. "Being us, y'know? How annoying it is when some guy keeps going on at you."
"I hear about a rare scroll that can swap someone's gender temporarily." said Nino.

A brief silence.
"Perfect." said Lyn, grinning darkly.
Priscilla and Florina exchanged worried glances. Rebecca giggled. Farina rolled her eyes.

* * *

"We are going on a small quest, to recover a… powerful magical item." said Elix, making it up as she went along.
"Sorry, I'm busy." said Eliwood.
"Same." added Hector.

"Alright. Who's coming?"
"I am." said Rebecca, followed by Florina, Fiora, Serra, Priscilla, Nino, an amused Isadora, a silent Karla who agreed merely by nodding, and then Sain.
"Anything with such beautiful company!"
"Talking about me again?" said Lucius with a slight blush and a grin.

Sain wilted.

* * *

"You wouldn't think such a stupid scroll would be so heavily guarded." said Lyn, cleaning blood and debris from her sword, the only remains of the monsters they had fought to reach where they were.
"What scroll would that be, my flower?" said Sain.
"There is no scroll." said Rebecca.
"What she said." agreed Lyn.
"No, really, there is no scroll here." said the archer.

Lyn turned.
"Ohyeah, forgot about that." said Elix. "This isn't where the scroll is. It's just there's no mighty adventure unless you fight a few hundred nameless enemies."

Utter silence.
"Admit it, you were bored." said the tactician, cleaning her nails with the tip of her sword.

"Alright." sighed Lyn, annoyed, and unwilling to admit that she would have been quite happy to go kill these things any time over the last few boring months. "Where is this stupid scroll?"

"In a shop… that caters for… well… let's just say Nino wouldn't be allowed in."
"I hate you, Lix."
"We'll smuggle you in."
"I retract my previous statement."

"What scroll is this?" said Sain.
"A Very Powerful Scroll." suggested Lyn.

* * *

"Alright then." said Nino, holding the pink-and-black tome at arms length. "Sain, stand very still."
"Why are you pointing the Very Powerful Scroll at me?" he asked worriedly.

A flash of power and light.

Sain now seemed to have long hair, and some rather impressive curves.
He looked down in fear, and his expression became one suspended halfway between glee and terror.
"This is… so awesome." he decided. "Ladies, care to join me back at the camp?" he-wait, she-said.
Rebecca nodded. Then Fiora. Serra, Priscilla, Isadora, even Karla. Nino sniggered slightly.
"Nino, am I good enough to use that scroll?" asked Elix.
"Probably, it's very simple."
"Mine." she said, taking it. "Hey, Lucius, heads up."


"Hm." said Sain. "She has more impressive assets now. That seems to be the only change. Lucy."

"I love this scroll." said Elix, hugging it before following the entire group back to Sain's tent.

* * *

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