Author: FuryanGoddess
Title: Pon Farr
Fandom: Star Trek 2009
Rating: NC-17
Warning: for graphic sex.
Pairing: Spock and Autumn OFC
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Summary: What happens when a Vulcan goes into Pon Farr when there is no home planet left and no 'wife' to return to? To make matters worse and against all logic, he is in love with someone else.
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Authors notes: Thanks to Bitten for the tons of help and time she has put in to this story for me and beta, suggestions, answers and everything else. Thank you also goes out to Evil Grin for her encouragement to write again and to do this story.

Prequel to this is Human Emotions

Info from http: // Encyclopedea . Wizards . Pro / index . Php / Vulcan _ mating _ rituals [i]PON FARR:

Every seven years the adult Vulcan male must endure a time when his logic is ripped from him, when a lifetime of suppressed emotion erupts to the surface. It is the Pon farr, the time of mating. Pon Farr is an ancient drive that impels the Vulcan to return home to take a mate, or die. It is seen as a deeply personal experience. Few outworlders know of its existence. Vulcans do not usually speak of it even among themselves. They shield it with ritual and custom shrouded in antiquity.

Pon Farr brings with it a neurochemical imbalance that leads to erratic behavior in the Vulcan - nervousness, sleeplessness, outbursts of anger and violence... he can even become unaware of his actions. It's as if huge amounts of adrenalin are pumped into his bloodstream at once, and if nothing is done about it, the physical and emotional pressures will simply kill him.

It culminates in a condition known as Plak tow, or blood fever, where the male is overwhelmed with emotion and unable to think about anything else but satisfying his biological imperative. This state must be followed to its natural resolution. And there are only three known ways to do that. Taking a mate, the ritual combat and intensive, private meditation. Meditation is only attempted as a final resort, under circumstances where the pursuit of the other options is impossible. Achieving psychological resolution through meditation and thus correcting the chemical imbalance requires a degree of discipline that is extraordinary, even for a Vulcan. But such attempts are rarely successful and most often merely defer the inevitable. The preferable response to Pon farr is to fulfill the impulse, as nature demands. Those already partnered in a Vulcan union consummate the cycle every seven years.[/i]

Chapter 1: I do not like Pon Farr!

Spock took a deep breath and blew it away silently. He could not let anyone know what he was feeling. If they knew, they would lose respect for him, maybe even make jokes and laugh at him. He had enough of getting made fun of as a child, he would not allow it to happen as an adult. No one could know. He was strong enough to beat this on his own, he had before, though it did not seem this severe. He would do it again without the violence, without the mating, he would keep his logic and meditate away the fever as soon as his shift ended. Only two more hours.

Unable to maintain his silence any longer, Spock turned and said, "Scotty, is there a purpose to your visit to the bridge, other than distracting the Lieutenant from her duties?"

Autumn's soft laugh died on her lips as she looked over at Spock. She had never failed to complete an assigned task and it was very unlike him to comment on anyone's actions unless it directly effected his work. Scotty, bless his happy soul, didn't seem to notice the tension in Spock.

"Yeah, well, I was just chatting up me wee lass. It gets boring down there in the engines. Thou' they're warm, they don't talk back, and they're not as pretty neither," Scotty replied with a grin and turned back to Autumn.

Autumn's eyes remained on Spock as she spoke, "Actually, Scotty, I really need to finish reviewing these charts and plotting our next course. My shift is almost over and I need to have them for the Captain."

"Right, well, guess that's my cue to leave. I'll talk to ya later, love." Scotty leaned over and gave Autumn a kiss on the cheek before he got up and left the bridge.

Autumn watched as Spock's eyes turned black and narrow for a moment before he turned back around to face his console, seemingly satisfied that Scotty was gone.

She and Scotty had become quick friends. She liked his twisted sense of humor and his accent. He made her laugh and she was shocked that he really was in Starfleet. He was so different than anyone else she knew and she found it refreshing. Autumn loved spending time with him, but by the looks of it, Spock did not approve.

If he knew how much she loved him, he'd have no reason to doubt or feel jealous because she was sure that is what she had just seen in his eyes.

Odd, Spock never really gave much emotion away. Every once and a while, she'd catch a glimmer of something in his eyes, but not anything as intense as she had just witnessed. Something was up with him and she wanted to find out and help if she could. She'd have to wait until her shift ended, only two more hours. Autumn grinned as she realized that was when Spock's was over also. She wondered if he had anything to do with the scheduling or if that fell to the Captain's duties?

The questions fell from her mind as she returned her focus on to her work. She had a short period of time to do a lot of work, thanks to Scotty. She'd have to tell him to cut his visits shorter in the future. She couldn't afford to have anything effect her performance. Neither Kirk nor Spock would put up with it and she really liked her position on the bridge.

The whistle sounded as the shift ended and Spock was more than grateful. His mind had grown increasingly hectic and troubled. His body seemed to not want to do what he ordered it to and once, he caught himself shaking. Shifting in his seat, Spock almost groaned as his erection dug into the zipper of his pants. This was not something he was accustomed to and it made him begin to doubt that he would be able to handle his Pon Farr alone as he had always done.

He was not sure if it had to do with getting older, or with the destruction of his world. Maybe when Vulcan fell, the need to mate and procreate became stronger? That seemed like the logical reason for the increased hold the Pon Farr had over him, but he could not be sure and he did not like that.

Spock turned and stiffened in every way when he saw Autumn bend down to retrieve a stylus she had dropped. Maybe it had nothing to do with Vulcan at all. Maybe it had everything to do with a certain red head in a short blue skirt and a pair of sexy gogo boots. He was glad she wore blue, on top of the fact it matched his uniform, it accented the blue in her eyes.

Who designed these uniforms, Spock wondered, and why did they think males would be unaffected by the females' lack of proper covering? Standing, Spock walked slowly to the turbolift and managed not to even glance at Autumn, but he could sense her confusion. He knew he was acting out of character, but he could not help it.

Autumn hurried into the turbolift and gave Spock an awkward smile as the door closed. She didn't understand why Spock was acting the way he was. Was she pushing him too hard, too fast? Did she want more from him than he was capable of giving? He was the one keeping them from going to the next level and now he was acting all weird and jealous. It was very confusing. The last thing Autumn ever thought she'd have to deal with would be Spock's jealousy.

"What's the matter, Spock?" she asked softly as she watched the bars of light flash as the lift descended the levels.

"Nothing is the matter, Lieutenant," Spock replied without looking at her.

Autumn looked over at him and shook her head, "Do you expect me to believe that? You only call me Lieutenant on the bridge now. Did I do something wrong? It's not my fault that Scotty was talking to me, but he's my friend. I have every right to have male friends."

"Of course you do."

"They why the attitude?" Autumn ground out.

"I do not have an attitude, I just think it is inappropriate to," Spock paused to find the right word but nothing logical would come to mind, "flirt while on duty." Flirt was not what he had planned or wanted to say. Try as he might, he was having an increasingly hard time thinking properly and logically.

Autumn laughed and rolled her eyes, "Flirt? You think I was flirting with Scotty?"

Spock glared at her, "I know you were."

Autumn gaped and stood stunned for a moment as the door opened and Spock began to walk with quick, stiff steps. He had never reacted that way before. The look on his face did nothing to hide his anger. With a curse, she ran to catch up to him and grabbed his arm to turn him to face her.

Though she knew it was wrong, his anger sparked her own. "When have I ever acted inappropriately or failed to compete my assigned task?" She cocked her head when Spock didn't respond. "Not once and you know it! I told you before how I feel about you-"

"Stop!" Spock snapped as he looked around and grabbed her arm and pulled her into his quarters.

With a trembling breath, Autumn looked up at him and she fought back tears, "Are you ashamed of me? Is that it? Is it because I'm human?"

"My mother was human," Spock said flatly but that just enraged her more.

"I know she was human and because of that fact, I love you. I love you because you can feel human emotions. I don't think I could stand being with a full Vulcan, not like your father."

"My father is a good man."

Spock was back to his unemotional self, at least for the moment.

"Yes he is, but one that could only admit that he loved his wife after she was gone." Spock flinched and Autumn asked again, "What is wrong with you? You aren't acting like yourself."

"I am not my father."

"What does that mean?" she cried.

"I do not know!" With a trembling hand, Spock rubbed at the perspiration on his forehead and took a breath, "I think it would be wise if you left before one of us says something we can not take back."

With a very unlady like snort, Autumn agreed, "Fine, Commander. You know where to find me when you stop PMS'ing." She spun around quickly only to bump into Captain Kirk. She looked at him and saw his lips twitch.

"PMS'ing?" Kirk asked, "Spock?"

Autumn threw a look over her shoulder at the Vulcan, "If it isn't PMS, it's something else. Maybe you'll have better luck figuring it out than I. Of course, you're just a lowly human too."

Autumn stormed out of the room and wished vehemently that the doors swung shut so she could slam it in his face. The green blooded, cold-hearted hybrid! Stopping in the middle of the hallway, Autumn fought with herself. Everything inside of her wanted to turn back and hug and kiss him until he told her what the matter was. She loved him and was pretty damn sure he loved her too, as much as he was able to, but she had a little pride left. If he was having doubts about her, albeit her race or just her in general, she would not push him any farther. He would have to come to her after he decided once and for all.

Spock stood stiffly as he waited for Jim to start firing off questions about his behavior. He was not sure he would be able to handle it at the moment. His stomach churned with lack of food and gnawing hunger. He was tired and felt feverish. Still, he remained still out of sheer willpower and waited for Kirk's questions.

"Spock, what do you know about the new Non-Human Specialist Lea Archer?"

Confused by the change of subject, Spock raised a brow, "I do not understand the question, Captain."

"It's a simple question, Spock. What do you know about her? Is she involved with anyone? Married? Why did she not choose to go to Starfleet if she wants to serve on a starship?"

Humans and their questions were highly illogical. "I do not know the answers to those questions. I was unaware it was my job to find out. Perhaps I can have Autumn pass her a note next shift."

"Haha, is that sarcasm, Spock? Clearly, Autumn is correct. You aren't feeling well. Why don't you tell me what's the matter?"

"There is nothing the matter! Why won't anyone believe me?" Spock snapped and shoved his desk chair out of the way. All he wanted was to be left alone, but clearly that was not going to happen any time soon. Madness threatened to overtake him and he was starting to worry about what could happen.

Being Vulcan, Spock was stronger than any human dreamed of being and he did not want to hurt anyone. He did not want the blood fever to over take him and make him do something he was sure to regret.

Kirk looked at him with raised brows. "Well, for one, you're irritable as hell and two, you don't use contractions. I didn't think you were capable."

"I did not use a contraction." He denied, but could not be sure. He was not thinking properly any longer.

"Yes you did. You said, 'Why won't anyone believe me', not "Why will not anyone believe me."


"There you go. So. So what? So what's wrong?"

"The matter is closed, Captain," Spock said as he picked up the chair he had just knocked over and sat down, "There are things I refuse to talk about, even with you."

Kirk looked at his first officer and sighed. He hated to pull rank, but he had a good idea that this occasion called for it. "Commander Spock, I order you to tell me what is bothering you."

Rage filled Spock for a second and he jumped up and took a threatening step toward Kirk who did not flinch or react in any way. He remained calm and that helped Spock get a grip on his emotions. He did not want to tell Jim, it was too personal, too intimate and no outworlder knew about it.

"Please, Jim, if you are my friend, do not demand this of me," Spock pleaded.

"It is because I am your friend that I have to insist."

Spock sighed and knew there was no way to avoid it any longer. He was asked as a friend and ordered as an officer. He had to tell Jim the truth. Oh how he wished at times like these he could lie. Sitting back down in the chair he sighed and rubbed his hands together, "It is called the Pon Farr."

"The Pon Farr, what is that, some kind of illness?"

"Yes, in a way. Blood fever. It's something most outside of Vulcan do not know about. We, ourselves rarely talk about it." Spock paused and tried to calm the burning in his blood. "Every seven years, Vulcans are stripped of their logic and have to face their more... primitive urges." Spock could feel sweat dampen his flesh and his shirt stuck to his back. It was very uncomfortable.

"Primitive? What, like sex?" Kirk tried, he really tried not to make a wiseass comment, but in the end, he failed, "Do you need to get laid, Spock? Is that what this is all about, because I'm sure Autumn is up..."

"Do not talk about her that way!" Spock jumped up and growled as he grabbed Kirk's shirt. After a moment, he released him and stepped back as he straightened his shirt, "Forgive me, Captain. I believe it is in everyone's best interest that I take a leave of absence."

Puzzled, Kirk also smoothed his shirt, "Why can't you just... work it out here, Spock?"

"It is much more than the urge to copulate, Jim. It is the way a Vulcan takes a mate. Normally, I would return to Vulcan, but since it has been destroyed, along with the one I was mated to,"

"What? Mated, like married? Spock, are you married?" Kirk interrupted.

"It is less than a marriage but more than a betrothal. It does not matter now since she perished along with my world." Spock said matter-of-factly.

"Doesn't matter? Does Autumn know about this?" If Kirk knew anything about women, he knew that everything that you didn't think mattered, in fact did. If Spock didn't tell Autumn about this other woman, she'd skin him alive when she found out.

Spock shook his head, "No, she does not. It is why we have not..."

Kirk knew what they hadn't done without Spock finishing the sentence. Still, one question remained, "Would it have mattered if you did?"

"I do not know. I am unsure if I would have been drawn back to Vulcan, back to T'Pring. It was not logical to become intimate with Autumn until I knew for sure. It would not be right to hurt her in such a manner."

Well, at least Spock cared that much. "But T'Pring is dead?"

"Yes, but I am still Vulcan. I was unsure if I would be called to the colony to chose a new Vulcan mate, especially with so few of us left. It is what my logic tells me to do. It is what I should do to save my race, but,"

Understanding, Kirk smiled. "It isn't want you want, is it?"

"No, it is not. I want Autumn."

To Kirk, it was simple, go after what you want and screw everything else. Kirk always followed his heart, his emotions, never so much his logic. It was what made him and Spock such a great team. They balanced each other out. "Then Kung Pao with Autumn."

Spock snorted, "Pon Farr, Jim. Kung Pao is a food. Chicken I believe."

"I believe you are correct and it's quite yummy too. Now, I'm gonna go so you can get some action."

Groaning, Spock wished once again that he had not told the Captain anything. He knew that he would never live this down.

"It is more complicated than that. The blood fever can only be quelled by violence, intense and intimate mating or meditation. I believe that I am past the meditation point, though it was my plan once I retired to my quarters for the evening, but she followed me." Spock looked around, "I can still smell her." He shook his head, "And then you showed up."

"Would you like me to send in Scotty? The two of you can duke it out over the girl." Kirk said, only half joking.

"I do not think that that is a wise plan, Jim, as I will fight him to the death for her. I would fight anyone to the death for her and that, that is what scares me. These emotions scare me, I do not like Pon Farr. It is uncomfortable."

Kirk laughed, "I imagine you will like the resulting fun."

Spock doubted that there would be any 'fun'. "Autumn is quite put out with me at the moment."

"Well, you should have told her what your damage was."

"My damage, sir. Forgive me, but I do not understand human talk. I sometimes wonder if my mother really came from your world." Just for once, Spock wished that he fit in somewhere. He was too emotional to be full Vulcan, too logical to be fully human. Now, with the Pon Farr upon him, it was another thing to set him apart from the rest. What would Autumn think of him now? Would she decide he was too alien for her? Perhaps she would be better off with someone like Scotty, someone that could love her openly as she deserved. The mere thought of it almost crippled Spock.

Laughing loudly, Jim started to leave when Spock stopped him, "Wait, Jim. I do not wish to complete the ritual on board the Enterprise. If something were to happen and we were interrupted, I believe there would be bloodshed." If Scotty looked at or talked to her one more time, there would be bloodshed.

Kirk rolled his eyes, "You know, for a first officer, you're a major pain in my ass! What do you need?"

Scotty gone. "A ship, leave for both myself and Autumn."

"For how long?"

"I do not know."

Throwing his arms up, Kirk grumbled to himself, "Great! Fantastic! Anything else you'd like? Wine? Caviar?"

Cocking his head, Spock replied, "I do not eat the flesh or products of animals."

"Jesus, I know that, Spock. When do you want to leave?"

"If I can convince Autumn to accompany me, I would like to leave immediately."

With a sigh, Kirk put his hand on Spock's shoulder and was shocked to feel the heat there. Spock was usually a little cooler than everyone else. It helped the Vulcans survive on such a dry and hot planet and right now, he felt like he was running a good 101. Perhaps he would stop by and talk to Bones before making the arrangements.

"Autumn loves you, Spock. She will agree."

"To marry me, Jim? I am stuck between two worlds. I have no right to ask that of her."

Unsure what to say, Kirk just repeated what he said, "She loves you, she'll agree."