Chapter 6

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Warning: Language

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"Spock, what are we doing?" Autumn asked, as she put the finishing touches on her make up.

Spock, unfazed by nerves answered calmly. "I believe we are about to exchange human wedding vows."

"Yeah, I know that, but why?"

Spock raised his brow, "Why? To be married, of course."

"But we already are married," Autumn said with a shaky sigh.

"In Vulcan tradition, yes, but Vulcan is no more. We must evolve, besides, I want no doubt that you are mine, no matter what planet we are on. If a federated Starfleet captain marries us, it is binding everywhere."

"I still think it's overkill." In reality, she'd marry Spock over and over again. She was just anxious, she had reason to be.

Spock turned and looked at Autumn. She was breathtaking. Her wedding dress had no embellishments, just plain, light blue silk, soft as a cloud. The bodice hugged her tightly around her breasts but hung loose to the floor. Small straps held it up and it was all Spock could do to keep from walking over to her and snapping those tiny strings of satin and feast. "I believe that you are nervous."

Autumn scoffed, "I am not." God, he knew her too well.

"Yes, you are." Spock held out his hand to her, waiting for her to come to him, "Why? We are already bound."

Autumn sighed, "I don't know?" She flopped down in the chair beside him, so un-lady-like. He loved her more for it. "Because your father is going to be there, and the Elders. And Scotty and Bones, Kirk and Uhura."

"They are our friends."

"Again, I know. Damn it, now is not the time to be logical." He was always so logical. It made her want to scream sometimes. Why couldn't he be as big of a mess as she was?

"Now is the perfect time. You are acting quite human and illogical."

"What does that mean?" she snapped.

"That I believe that you are trying to pick a fight with me, why? Are you not happy?" Spock kept his voice level and calm, but even he picked up on the slight tinge of hurt. The small cracking of it.

That did it for her, she started to cry. Sob actually. Spock sat stiffly as she rested her head against him.

It hurt, having her cry. It hurt even more to think that he was the reason. Did she not want him any longer? Had he done something wrong? Being a husband was new and very challenging. Spock tried as best as he could to show her how he felt, but emotions were difficult for him. Her weeping was almost too much to bear. "Are you sorry that you Pon Farred with me?"

For that query, he earned a punch.

"Is that a yes?"


"No it is not a yes?"

"No it's a no. No I'm not sorry that we mated. Oh, God, mated. We mated Spock. MATED. Do you understand what that means?"

"Apparently not because I do not understand why you are crying. If I did something to..."

"NO! Stop it. Shit, how much more can I fuck this up?" Autumn asked, jumping up and scowling at herself in the mirror. Her make up was ruined. She'd have to start again. She grabbed up a few tissues and tried to repair the damage.

Spock cleared his throat, he didn't really care for that kind of language and she shot him a look.

"Oh, don't give me that shit, Spock. This is all your fault!"

Spock stood and watched her intently. "Naturally, I am a male," he agreed calmly and that earned in a finger poke to the chest.

"Did Kirk tell you to say that? Or was it Bones. I'm gonna kill him."

"Who? The Doctor?"

"Yes, and Kirk too?"

"After he marries us, I hope."

Throwing her hands up in the air, Autumn sighed, "Oh, for the love of... Spock."

"Yes, Autumn."

"How can you be so calm," she whined.

"Because you are not."

"And do you know WHY?" she asked him, almost hysterical now.

"No, I do not believe that I do." Calm as ever, on the outside. Inside, he was becoming nervous. Spock had never seem Autumn act so out of sorts.

"Because, you idiot, I'm pregnant!"

The End!