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Shades of existence

Sorry about the long wait. I was hard pressed to continue this story. Today I found my hands willing to type.

To those who have reviewed the story many thanks. I am yet too reluctant to let Draco in Harry's new life. He may become a friend but the main story focusses on the mentor Voldemort and Harry/Blaise pairing.

Chapter 4

Draco had fought against impossible odds before to get what he wanted. He did attain what he wanted too. Still like the devious sand, the things he got slipped from between his fingers. Potter was the bane of his existence. He was the one thing he had been denied more than once in his lifetime. He had been ecstatic when he found out that his father had managed to ensnare the elusive Potter heir as his bonded ( one of the concessions granted for the cessation of the war). He had finally got one over the annoyingly handsome prat. He had happily insulted the daylights out of the hangerons of those blood traitors and mudbloods Potter had always allowed to hang around him.


"Stay away from my betrothed weasel and mudblood." Draco sneered.

He had spotted Harry sitting beside the lake. Since they had found out about the contract the golden boy and his posse had avoided him like a plague. Finally Goyal had shadowed them and informed him of their favorite haunts. He had found Harry slumped over in a tight embrace with the red headed weasel and Draco was annoyed.

Granger sneered at him. "Go away Malfoy. He is not under your power yet and if I can manage it never will be."

Draco smirked. "Maybe I can get them to include a contract for you with Crabbe or Goyal" He leered at the blanched face of the mudblood. 'Served her right to meddle in his affairs.'

"She may be beneath you in the new social hierarchy but she is far away from your clutches. I made sure of that in the documents of faith that your lord signed." The calm voice of the weasel stumped him for a moment. " Go Malfoy, before I challenge you to an honor duel for insulting my fiance. Harry would be my second you know that."

Draco shook with rage at the implied meaning. The pure blood of the weasel was still good for something. He was surprised though. Harry hadn't even glanced at him during the entire episode. He had ignored him the entire time.

He would make sure the next time he would catch the prat alone. He wouldn't be able to hide behind his friends.


Draco stalked through the Room of Requirement. Potter was sitting quietly beside a roaring fire. The whole room was so entirely Gryffindor it made Draco sick. He knew both Granger and Weasley had classes at this time and they thought to hide their golden boy in here. A quick note from Snape and it was just too easy to sneak in here. Harry was given the whole week off from classes since he had collasped in herbology the other day.

"Stress. hah a joke. Potter had never showed any signs of stress with insane mass murderers after him. He always got special treatment sitting here while the rest of us slave at classes." he muttered as he neared the prat.

He knudged the boy. "HEY POTTER". Draco grinned as the other boy opened his eyes and glared at him. It was that reaction he loved to see in the other boy."

"Malfoy." There was such utter abhorrence, loathing and a desire to throttle him for good all rolled in the single word that Draco was speechless for a minute.

"You look so damaged Potter. Did the light side throw you to the me to save themselves. Did you know your dear substituted godfather Lupin signed the contract on your behalf. You are going to come to me and I will own you to do as I please.

Potter glared at him. "You may own my life but my death would be my own."

Draco stared at the stubborn boy lying in front of him. 'He would never give up and surrender to you.' his mind whispered. 'He will.' He vowed.


'Imperio.' Potter had thrown the spell at him. Draco knew that Harry couldn't hurt him but he still felt a shiver of fear. The spell rebounded and hit Harry back throwing him onto their bed. Draco approached the other boy with trepidation not knowing what had happened to him. Harry laid there with a glassy eyed stare and a trickle of blood flowing from his ears.

'Shit' Draco swore. The blood with the rebounded curse was indicative of severe brain damage. He hurried to the stupid prat's side. If Potter died then all of their negotiations would be for naught. Both the sides would gladly murder him. Draco really felt true fear for the first time in his life. As he touched the other boy he felt a magical presence engulf him and throw him into the opposite wall. He blacked out.


When he came to, he found himself in one of the rooms in his manor. His mother was sitting beside him and beside her stood an angry Lord Voldemort. Draco recounted the previous night quickly and was left alone and well alive. He shook like a leaf. His mother barely looked him in the eye as she told him what had happened after he had been knocked out. He had been declared dead which was good since both the sides wanted to kill him until they were told that he had already died. France seemed the best option to lose himself as a different fraternal twin to himself. His mother had swiftly arranged his adoption into his cousins family. It helped to change and mask his features and give him another identity to keep him alive.


He looked at his ex husband hanging on the arms of his best friend. His time with his cousins had helped him realize one thing. He had cared for the prat that had been such a constant in his life. He had begged to visit Harry many times but his requests had been denied. The Weasleys and Granger surprisingly managed to get the permission though and Harry had recovered after two years from his insane attempt. He looked delectable but still out of his reach.

I wanted to do Draco's point of view for a long time to fill the gaps in the story. The story is finished now. I might consider a sequel but not sure about it yet.