)This story takes place after "Wilson" leaves off. Think of it as a nice gift to help us all get through the long two month hiatus. Enjoy=)

Wilson woke up to the sound of piano music coming from the living room and emerged from his bedroom only to see House sitting at the piano lost within the music being produced by every stoke of his fingers.

Seeing Wilson standing there House stopped playing and looked up at his friend with a nod.

"What do you call that?"

At this comment House shrugged while beginning to play a jazz scale.

"Music Therapy."


"It was Nolan's idea."

"Is it helpful?"

At this question House couldn't help but smirk evilly at Wilson while arching an eye brow.

"Don't know. Either way its nice to be back behind these 88 keys again. (Pause) The only piano they had back at Mayfield was locked all the time."

Hearing House talk about his stay in the mental hospital always brought a chill to Wilson's spine. The flashbacks of the days leading up to that life changing move flashed through his mind but then again, Jimmy thought…at least he's talking about it.

House shot Wilson a look.

"Its been over six months Jimmy, your going to have to let it go."


"Don't play dumb with me. Every time you get that far away look and your eyes glaze over I know your thinking about my stay at the giggling academy. "

"Is it that obvious?"

"Oh yeah. So knock it off. Besides, its not like I'm going back there anytime soon. Now that I'm clean and sane I'm going to stay that way."

Wilson couldn't help but smirk at his friend's comment. It was nice having House back and now that he was here to stay Wilson would be damned if he'd let anyone screw it up least of all himself.

"Which room do you want?"

Wilson was snapped out of his thoughts by this question as he stared at House curiously.


"Allow me to rephrase. Seeing as we are now living in a brand spanking new apartment and all of our stuff is still in boxes two weeks after we moved in I suggest we choose up rooms and unpack. What do you say Jimmy?"

"I'm in."


An hour or two later House was sitting in his spacious new digs conveniently located on the first floor of the new apartment when he heard his name being called from the living room.

Suddenly, Wilson rushed into the room out of breath with his face turning red.

"Did you see the size of the closets?"

House couldn't help but stifle a laugh at the sight.

"You are such a girl. The closets are the same size they were back at our old place."

"I'm telling you their bigger."

"And I'm telling you your out of your mind."

Wilson sent House a condescending glare while crossing his arms over chest.

"Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?."

"Don't start that again."


Later that day, House stood in the kitchen making lunch. He wore a blue and white apron around his waist and was whistling while he worked. (Where have we heard that before? =)

It was House's day off but Wilson had to work which meant the apartment was all his for the day. Unfortunately, House's cell phone chose that exact moment to make an ass out of itself and started ringing.

Checking the caller id, the diagnostician rolled his eyes at the sight of the name and reluctantly pressed send.

"This better be important."

"It is."

The sadness in Cuddy's voice didn't faze House in the least.

"Cuddles, if this is a pity party call because you didn't get the apartment your wasting your time."

"We both know you wouldn't even have gotten that apartment if Wilson hadn't called Bonnie."

"Well, then I'm sure glad he did."

This being said House hung up the phone and sighed to himself while going back to work preparing his meal.