Moments Later, Wilson found himself standing in the lobby just outside Cuddy's office taking in the scene before him. There was Lisa, sitting behind her desk nonchalantly doing paper work seemingly unaware of anyone outside her door. That was until she released a sigh and glared at Wilson menacingly.

" I assume you didn't come all the way down here just to lurk outside my office so, come on in if you must."

The edge in her tone caught Wilson off guard as he did as he was instructed and walked through the large wooden doors giving Cuddy his best don't mess with me glare.

"Cuddy we need to talk."

"Not now Wilson. I'm up to my neck in over due paper work thanks to a certain crippled pain in my ass who should remain nameless."

Wilson knew he was about to push the barrier on this but he didn't care. Something needed to be done and since House obviously wasn't going to do it Jimmy knew it was up to him.

"I know you fired House."

"You and everyone else in this hospital. You wouldn't believe the amount of applause and pats on the back I've been getting today."

"Yeah, bravo. You just fired the best damn doctor in this hospital and for what? To boost your own ego. You should be so proud."

Wilson had a seat in the chair and crossed his arms over chest never letting his gaze off of Cuddy. After several minutes of this intense staring competition between the two colleagues, the dean of medicine relented and slumped herself down in the chair behind the desk.

"The truth is I'm not."

This statement caught Wilson off guard as he waited for Cuddy to go on with her explanation. When she didn't James asked what was on his mind.

"Then what was all that about just now?."

Cuddy chose to ignore this question and continue with her train of thought as if the inquiry into her motives hadn't been taken just now.

"I had no reason to fire House. Your right the son of a bitch is the best doctor we have and I hate to lose him."

"So why did you fire him?."

The next statement out of Cuddy's mouth was one neither person in the room expected. The dean of medicine was about to let her guard down and reveal the true reason behind her hasty decision and she wasn't sure if Wilson could handle it.

"To make it easier on him."

"How is taking away the only thing in his life that gives it meaning helping House? That doesn't make any sense to me."

Cuddy sighed.

"I know about the job offer."


"Winters called me a few days ago. Since I am House's current employer he asked me for a character reference."

Now Wilson was curious. This conversation certainly wasn't going the way he had expected it to go but never the less he decided to go with it and let his curiosity be known.

"What did you say?."

"I told Winters that Saint Sebastian's would be lucky to have House. He's been a valuable asset to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and the staff wishes him luck at his new place of employment."


"Yes. Why would I lie? Despite his colorful reputation House is a genius when it comes to diagnostics you know that better then anyone."

Wilson nodded his head and scratched the back of his neck. Something about this still didn't feel right to him. What would PPTH do without House? What would Cuddy do without House reeking havoc in the clinic and driving her up the wall?

"So, that's it. Your just going to let him go?."

At this question Cuddy sighed and nodded her head.

"I've moved on Wilson."

"And apparently so has House."

This being said Wilson left the room and Cuddy returned to her paper work. The dean of medicine would have never admitted this to Wilson but there was a part of her that wished House would have put up more a fight to keep his job. She secretly missed the banter that they once shared and she knew that they would never have that again Lucas made her happy but House made her feel…confused.

There was nothing she could say, nothing she could do to convince herself that this wasn't the right call but something seemed off.

This thought in mind, Cuddy sighed to herself and leaned back in her chair.

"I'm an idiot."

Meanwhile, House stood in his office packing his stuff up into boxes when Chase walked into the room. The Aussie doctor was stunned by the scene before him but couldn't make a move until House greeted him with the usual sarcasm.

"Hey…why don't you take a picture it'll last longer."

At this comment, Chase walked closer to the desk and looked at around at the mess that was covering the wooden piece of furniture from top to bottom with paper and debris.

"What happened to your cast?."

"Got it off this morning. Which was perfect timing for what I'm doing now."


House rolled his eyes at this comment and gave Chase a condescending glare. The department head couldn't believe how naïve Chase could be at times. Of course, it wasn't his fault coming from a foreign country but still being a doctor you'd think he'd know what to say and what not to say in certain situations.

"Thanks your too kind."

That's when Foreman walked into the room looking smug while carrying a medical file in his hand.

"Hey House…I heard you were fired."

House looked up from the box he was peering into long enough to nod his head at the neurologist and sneer.

"News travels fast around here."

That's when the color drained from Chase's face completely as he trued to steady himself. Robert couldn't believe this was happening. What the hell was Cuddy thinking? Who would run the department? Why was he talking to himself? In the midst of the conversation he was having with his subconscious House cleared his throat and sent Chase a knowing yet understanding glare.

"If the two of you want to discuss this in more detail that's cool but I suggest we do it quickly. I have to be out of here by the end of business today."

The professional manner in which this sentence was delivered surprised both fellows but rather then bring any more light to the situation then necessary Chase and Foreman nodded while House lead the way into the conference room.

Having a seat at the coffee table, the diagnostician gestured for his two colleagues to have a seat and waited for one of them to make the first move.

"Why were you fired?."

By the end of their rather pleasant conversation, it was decided that Chase would be put in charge of the department and House even made a point in saying that he would be available for consultation even if he wasn't actually employed at PPTH. This sparked a curiosity in both his fellows that couldn't be hidden.

"You'd be willing to do that?."

"Why not? I love you guys."

There was an heir of sadness in his voice as House said this. The department head would never admit it but a part of him would miss the team and terrorizing the nursing staff (ha) but in all seriousness he wondered what his life would be like now that he was on his way out.

Then, House did something completely unexpected as he looked down at his watch and smirked while limping over to the lounge chair to retrieve his jacket hanging over the side.

"I'm starving. You guys want to grab some lunch? My treat."

After the shock wore off, Chase and Foreman exchanged a look and regained their composure.


"I've tried sitting apart its very painful. Especially with a bum leg."

After several more minutes of silence passed between the trio House was growing frustrated and he made this known right away.

"Are you guys coming or not? If not let me know now so I can go steal some of Wilson's food."

This comment went right over their heads as Chase and Foreman exchanged a look yet again and replied in unison…

"Why not?."

As they were leaving the office Foreman made this observation as the trio headed for the elevators.

"Besides, this will probably never happen again for the rest of our lives so might as well enjoy it."

To this House replied in his typical sarcastic manner.

"Homey's right. Let's go eat."

In the cafeteria, after paying for their food, House, Foreman and Chase sat down at a table and dug in without a single word the entire time.

Wilson walked in through the large wooden doors and looked around for House. Spotting his friend over at a table currently preoccupied by two of his fellows James couldn't believe his eyes.

Smirking to himself, the oncologist turned on his heel and headed back through the doors and over to his office with this thought echoing through his mind.

Hell must have finally frozen over.

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