Just a little advent calendar for all the Merlin fans out there!

Chapters range from 200 to 600 words.


Arthur stared down at the newborn baby from his father's arms in confusion.

He didn't understand why everyone said she was beautiful when really she wasn't. She was all wrinkly and pink and overall utterly boring.

Deciding that he had been ignored long enough, the toddler struggled to reach the crib – the centre of attention.

The duke chortled at this, mistaking Arthur's behaviour as interest in his baby daughter."Go on, Uther, put him down. Let them get to know eachother."

The king carefully placed his son into the crib next to Morgana and ruffled his hair."He already knows who's worthy of his courtesy."

Seeing that interacting with the baby brought him both his father's attention and approval, Arthur reached out to carefully pat the girl's head.

She grabbed one of his fingers with a surprisingly strong grip and opened the most vividly coloured eyes he had ever seen to look at him.

While the king and his friend happily regarded the two infants, saying what a fine match they would make one day, Arthur Pendragon remained completely mesmerized by the tiny hand on his and the huge eyes staring back at him.

The word beautiful had just taken a whole new meaning.