A Superhero's Holiday

By turtlegirl42

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Chapter 1: Watchmen

Christmas was here. Daniel could feel it.

As he walked down the streets of Manhattan, a brisk winter wind blew and there was a good inch or more of snow on the ground, covering the garbage that usually littered the streets.

Daniel entered a corner coffee shop, warming his cold and numb hands with his coffee, and choosing to sit in a window seat, looking out on the streets of New York. Christmas music lilted in the background.

Looking out the window, Dan's mind began to wander, and he thought about what the oncoming holiday season meant.

Dan had several things he needed to do; give Archie a winter tune-up, bring out his winter suit (spandex in the winter was too cold!), among other things. Of course, crime never took a holiday. In fact, crime was at its worst during the Christmas season. Which was ironic if you thought about it, Dan mused, because Christmas was supposed to be about giving and caring about others.

Anyhow, Dan had decided that this year, he was going to give Christmas presents to everyone (i.e. the other Watchmen).

Unfortunately, masked vigilantes were hard to buy for.

Dan wondered what the heck he was going he was going to give Rorschach. He knew hardly anything about the guy. Dan only knew that he threw a mean left hook, he stank like garbage, and…well… he was slightly weird. Okay, more than slightly. But Rorschach had grown on Dan and he could help but like him.

Dan was still mighty stumped on what to give Rorschach that wouldn't earn him a punch in the face. A book, maybe?


Dan didn't even bother to look up. "Hey there, Rorschach."

"Hello, Daniel," Rorschach replied in that monotone voice of his.

Rorschach and Dan continued a mostly one-sided conversation, with Dan doing most of the talking.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Rorschach asked, "Do you ice skate, Daniel?"

Taken aback, Dan replied. "Um, no. I don't know how to ice skate.

"Will teach you sometime. Fun thing to do."

With that, Rorschach slipped out of the coffee shop.

"See you tonight!" Daniel called after him. But Rorschach was already long gone.

Daniel was baffled. Ice skating?!? But now he thought he had the perfect idea for a Christmas gift for Rorschach…