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Chapter 1

Max P.O.V.

"Max, Max, it's time to get up" Fang whispered softly in my ear.

"mmmmk." I mumbled rolling over and cuddling up to his side. Ah home, just where I belong.

"Come on Max. It's time to get up. Breakfast is ready and if you don't get up now there won't be any left." I sighed and opened my eyes to see Fang's eyes staring into mine. He leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the lips before getting out of bed.

"Fine, fine I'll get up." I said sitting up and rubbing my eyes "What time is it?" I asked.

"Eight am."

I got out and went to take a shower. I know what you're thinking. Maximum Ride is having trouble getting out of bed, something must be wrong. Well for the first time since you read my previous books you are wrong. Everything is right in the world. I'm just not used to waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning.

It's been five years since the flock and I saved the world from global warming when I was fifteen and six years since the last book. Maybe I might be getting a little rusty. The flock and I settled down and are living in a mansion somewhere on the border of Colorado and Arizona.

Nudge is in her senior year of High School and Angel and Gazzy are following right behind her. Angel managed to jump a few grades so she is in grade nine with Gazzy.

Fang and I are going strong and Iggy has had a few girlfriends, but none of them knew the secret. We haven't been in the news since we stopped being the poster kids of CSM. That was the foundation of how we can now use our fake names and live a normal life as we have grown and nobody has recognised us as the flock yet.

The best part of saving the world the world was that the voice has not being annoying me for the last five years. The last thing it said will be something that has my mind in overdrive sometimes.

"Max, the world will need saving again, but this time it will involve the military and confidentiality!"

I still haven't figured out what it meant. We saved the world so how are we meant to save it again unless a big power comes up and destroys the peace.

I haven't heard anything for five years so I hope nothing's going to happen soon.

When I was finished getting ready I went downstairs to find everyone sitting down at the table finishing of their breakfast. Thank God for that Max Ride card cause without it we wouldn't be able to feed ourselves.

I sat down beside Fang and held his hand under the table. I filled my plate with the fry Iggy had made that morning.

`I'm back'

"NOOOOOOO" I screamed.

The Flock jumped and looked at me and Fang's hand tightened its grip around mine. "What's wrong, Max?" Fang asked.

"The voice is back. The voice has come back." I said turning into Fang as he started to hug me as I recovered.
Iggy stood up and went over to the phone.

Iggy's P .O.V.

I heard Max scream `NO' an immediately knew something was wrong.

"What's wrong, Max? Fang asked. The answer she gave shocked the flock so I started to react as third in command as Fang was busy comforting Max.

I stood up and walked to the phone and rang the school to tell them that Angel, Gazzy and Nudge won't be in that day.

"Hello Riverside High school, how may I help you?" the receptionist said on the other end.

"Hello, I was just calling to let you know that Angela, James and Crystal will not be in today due to a family emergency."

"Can I ask who's speaking please?"

"Jamie Ride one of their guardians"

"Okay that's fine, do you know when they will be back in?"

"Not at this moment in time. We don't know what's going to happen. Goodbye!"

"Goodbye Mr. Ride"

I hung up the phone and told Angel, Gazzy and Nudge that they won't be going to school. I sat back down at the kitchen table beside Fang and Max. Max sounded a little better.


I heard Iggy telling the school that the kids won't be in today.

`Max, I'm sorry to spring this on you so suddenly, but the world needs you again. You have to fly to Colorado Springs from there I will direct you to the base.'

`Why do we need to go voice? Can't they look after it themselves since, you know, it's the military and all?'

`Max the military needs your help to defeat a bigger threat than Global warming and Itex put together.'

"Okay voice, but can we have a little more time? Let the rest of the flock finish up things here"

`No Max, time is very limited.'

`Why is the time limited?'

No answer. Damn I hate it when it doesn't answer. I repeated to the flock the conversation and sent up to pack.

Fang and I went to our bedroom and packed two duffle bags, one each. We brought the essentials, clothes, toothpaste, toothbrush, and a hairbrush.

I went downstairs and seen the others had gotten ready. We were going to collect Total on the way since he had decided to live with my mom and his wife the pure bred dog, Akila.

Iggy packed a food bag and we were ready. We went out the back way so we wouldn't be seen by a walker.

We sopped of at my mothers to pick up Total. I knocked on the door. Ella answered. "Hey Max what you doing here?"

"Hey Ella, something has come up and we need Total. Is mom home?"

"Yes. Well don't just stand there come on in." We all went in and sat on the sofa. Total came rushing in and jumped into Angels lap. "I missed you guys sssoooooooo much." Total said.

"Hey Total. Just the one we were here for. We need you again. The voice has come back and told us we need to save the world again, you up for it?"

"Yeah, I could do with some action. My jaws and muscles are becoming soft."

"Max." my mom said coming up and hugging me.

"Mom, how are you doing?"

"I'm grand, you?

"I'm fine but the voice is back so I can't stay long we have a very tight schedule. We have to be in Colorado Springs by tomorrow morning."

"Oh no! Well then you better get going."

"Bye mom see you again."


We were flying for a good while until Nudge, like old times, got hungry.

We landed and went into Mc Donald's. I went up and ordered first.

"Hi can I have two big Macs, two boxes of chicken nuggets, five large fries and two large cokes?"

The lady looked at me but got the stuff. I paid and passed the card to Fang so he could order while I found a seat. I have grown up a lot in the five years. I don't blow my top as quickly as I used to.

Fang came over and sat down beside me and put his arm around me. I relaxed into him and ate.

Soon we were all done so we took flight again. After five hours of flying we were on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. I started scouting the area for a hotel. The rest followed my lead and scouted for one too.

"Max there's one there" Nudge said as she started flying towards it. The Flock and I followed in a v formation coming out form Nudge with Fang and I next, followed my Gazzy and Iggy, while Angel and Total stayed in the middle of us so anyone could catch her if she faltered although that safety measure wasn't needed anymore it was more of a habit now.

When we were close to the hotel, maybe a block or two away we descended and walked up to it.

Fang and I booked three rooms. Angel, Total and Nudge were in the first, Iggy and Gazzy were in the second and finally Fang and I were in the last.

We all went to sleep for a few hours. After flying for hours you would get tired. I woke up to the Flock in the room whispering. "Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked them sitting up. Fang came over and took me into his arms. "You needed the rest, so I told them not to wake you up."

"I didn't need the extra sleep Fang!" I told him.

"I thought you needed it, that's all." Fang said beside my ear.

"Thanks. Just don't let me sleep as long again." Fang had gotten very considerate towards me and maybe a little protective over the last year. He has also managed to loosen up when around me and sometimes he might even show some feeling, mostly happiness and caring for the flock.

`Max I need you to fly up to the mountain's checkpoint and tell them to get General Hammond. Don't forget those military IDs you got six years ago.'

`You know we don't go anywhere without them now!'

No answer. "Come on guys we're on the air again."

"K Max" Angel said standing up. I stood up with Fang and led the flock out of the hotel and around the back where we took off.