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Everyone headed back up the spiral staircase and sat back in their seats again. "I have one more thing to say; then everyone can get back to work. I would like to present to you our new SG team SGMR. Max your team will train with SG1 and will mainly be paired with them. You will go on missions suitable for your skills."

"Thank you General, we really appreciate this." Max said.

"You're welcome Max and the flock." I said standing up. "Dismissed." I walked into my office and closed my door.

Chapter 9

Max. P. O. V.

1 month later

"Target and fire" Jack said. We had been going through a month of training to be qualified to go off-world. At the moment we were learning to fire Tauri and Goa'uld weaponry.

Having improved eyesight helped when targeting so we were flying through the course.

"That's a wrap guys. Let's see your score." Jack said bringing forward the targets to see that we nearly had a perfect round, bar a few centimetres when we were still getting used to the recoil of the guns, but getting a nearly perfect score after one day was pretty much unheard of.

"Wow that's one dead chap." Jack joked. We all chuckled. "Now I think it's time we did a practise trial. Meet us here at 06:00 tomorrow and we will start the trial."

Here, was a training field for cadets, it was rented by the SGC from the Air Force Academy for training new recruits. It had dilapidated buildings that could be an apartment block or a warehouse. There were burnt out cars and other materials like barrels that purposely made the field look like a pigsty, or as Jack put it, a teen's bedroom. On another part of the field was an outdoor shooting range for all guns.

On a sunny day the terrain was rough and hot as there was no shade and the gravel did nothing to soak up the sun. It felt like being back in Mexico, but worse as we were always running and training.

When it was raining the terrain changed to that of a slippery mess and cold, soaking gear that weighed twice as heavy then dry ones. The course was a nightmare for recruits.

The flock had found it a little too easy until Jack decided to forbid us form flying or using our special abilities. After this was put in place the difficultness of the course presented itself to us.

After a month of training they developed ways to combat the different tasks, but more just kept on coming.

"Max, can I talk to you for a bit?" Nudge asked shyly. She had grown up a lot since the chatty preteen and now was becoming a nice adult.

"Sure, but how about we eat first and talk later?" I asked. I was seriously famished and didn't want to hear how hungry Nudge was feeling.

"That sounds like a good idea can we ask Sam to come also. I want to have a girl talk, but Angel is too young to understand what I'm talking about and give me advice."

"I'm sure that would be fine, but you have to ask Sam deal?" I said sticking my hand out.

"Deal." She said shaking my hand and running after Sam.

I felt Fang come up behind me and put his arm around my waist. I automatically leaned in and felt like I could take on the world with him by my side. We walked like that back to the all terrain jeeps waiting to take us back to the SGC.

During dinner Sam came over to us and sat down beside me. "My house 18:30." She whispered in my ear. I knew what she meant. I checked my watch and it was 17:00.

We finished our grub and went to relax in our rooms for a bit. All the training was catching up on us and we were knackered. We must have let ourselves relax a little too much if we were finding this hard. I meditated with Fang for a bit. We had been doing it ever since Teal'c had taught us. We used it to loosen up and connect with each other. We finished earlier then usual because I had to collect Nudge and fly over to Sam's house.

"Hey guys come on in. Janet heard about this and came along. Is that okay?" Sam informed us when she answered her door.

"That's fine. The more the merrier." Nudge said walking in. I followed her in and seen that Sam had set up the TV with numerous chick flicks in a stack beside it and of course chocolate and popcorn were on the table and I was willing to bet there was ice-cream in the freezer. "This is so cool" Nudge said sitting down on the love seat. I sat beside her and Sam and Janet shared the other one.

"What movie do you guys want to watch?" Sam asked going over to the DVD stack.

"What about Mama Mia?" I nominated.

"That sounds like a good idea put it in." Janet agreed. Sam got the DVD and put it in. We watched chick flick after chick flick. What was starting to worry me was that even though Nudge had gotten the people here for a girl talk she had yet to open her mouth since she had walked in."

The movie finished and we decided not to watch another one. "Nudge what's wrong?" I asked giving in and asking straight out.


"Nudge, it's not nothing, you haven't talked since we got here."

"I was just thinking about something."

"About what?" Sam joined in noticing the sad look in Nudge's face.

"I'm scared I won't find someone like you all have. I want to be loved and love in return."

"Honey, you will find somebody out there. You are kind, funny and have a lovely personality. Just because you haven't found anyone yet doesn't mean you should give up. It took me awhile to find Daniel and then for him to notice me as more then a friend." Janet said. "Nudge, just live your life. The right guy will come, but live your life while waiting for him and don't give it up if he asks. Do what you want and if he makes you do something you don't want then he isn't the guy for you."


"Yup, Janet is right I went through one engagement before I found Jack. He abused me, but I couldn't find the strength to leave until I started working on the Stargate program. The first guy isn't always the one. It takes a few for some people."

"But Fang was Max's first."

"No he wasn't Nudge. I dated a guy called Sam when we stayed in Anne's house. Fang and I discovered our feelings after that, but I was petrified. I didn't accept him and my feelings until we saved mom from Mr. Chu."

"Really? You were scared?"

"Yup and sometimes I still am when it comes to my flock when they are in dangerous situations and I'm scared that my flock will hate me and leave me if I do something wrong."

"That would never happen Max. We love you too much."

"I know that but it still scares me."

"Nobody would have thought you were scared."

"That's right Nudge because I hid it. I didn't want anyone to know that the strong leader Max was scared, but Fang saw right through it and made me share my burden with him a bit. Not that you were a burden but the whole leader/mom at twelve and the world's saviour at fourteen. I was scared that I would do something wrong and then there was changes going on inside. I was a mess a lot of the time but I grinned and bore it for you guys."

"Why are you sharing this with me?"

"I think what Max is trying to say is that it's alright to be scared. It's natural, but you can't let it rule you." Sam said earning a nod from me.

"So it's alright to be scared, but I just can't let it control me."

"Exactly! Hole in one!"

"Alright, I feel better now thanks guys. So what else can we do tonight?"

"I don't know how about some board games?" Sam asked going over to a press and taking out some board games.

"Cool why do you have toys in your house?"

"I have toys in the house to entertain Jack. We decided to have something for him to play with in every house because we sometimes have to take care of him when he is out of action or vice verse. He gets bored very easily and then things start to break. One drawer in Daniel's and my labs is filed with toys for Jack when he sits with us." Sam chuckled and the rest joined in. Soon they were all laughing out load at Jack's expense.

They stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing board games until they decided to sleep. They all said goodnight. They had all decided to stay in Sam's since they were too tired to fly or drive home. Sam, Janet and Max rang their guys to say goodnight before they went to sleep.

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