When demons appear

(A supernatural story with Dean and Sam Winchester, starring Zoey and Alice Mayland)

It was dark when Alice, Mary, Stacey and I decided to take out a boat to go for a ride along the borders. I was in charge of steering the machine having done so for most my childhood, you see my parents are well respected in our local community and so me and Alice usually got to try new things. I hated being treated so highly, it annoyed the heck out of me and Alice, so we rebelled of course.

Alice and I would like to of said our family was normal, but we weren't, our mum was a professional psychic so everyone came to her for advice and our dad, well what can I say he was good man when he was around, but he's not any more and so our mum's sister moved in to help our mum cope with it all.

You see our aunt wasn't particularly liked by the community because she was slightly odd, lets face it she hunted demons, vampires, witches, you name it she hunted it.

But me and Alice we loved her for it, because it was our only escape from the real world, we used to get trained by our aunt every week in different types of combats, using different weapons, so we could do the same as her when she took us on our first hunting trip, when we turned 18 we each when on our haunting trip now that we had left home and our mum couldn't stop us.

Alice was brilliant at the fighting stuff and the using her brain sometimes, she was more hands on and less logical, me on the other hand I liked to read lots of books and think about what I was going to do before I did it, so lets just say Alice's hunting took longer then mine.

I mean she did everything right it just took a while, and yeah I can do all that fighting stuff to, I just choose to use it only when I have to.

Anyway we were out on this boat and everything was running fine, until the engine cut off and it all went cold, all I remember seeing was this great blue light followed by these shadows, and me and Alice jumping out of the boat and swimming for survival after the wind had taken Mary and Stacey into the night and we never saw them again, but I could swear I saw something in the wind, faces mocking me and telling me I was next.

It's been a week since that accident and still Mary and Stacey haven't turned up, they've been reported missing but most likely dead.

I haven't told Alice what I saw that night because I'm sure she'll think I'm crazy because she didn't see too, and usually she would.

Since the accident I haven't slept at all, I keep being woken by a reoccurring nightmare that Alice is going to be taken from me. And every day I have I feel the time she will leave is getting closer.

I woke up in the morning of yet another horribly night, and decided to have a shower to calm me down, so I went into my en suite and ran the hot water in the shower allowing the steam to fill the room, as the water ran, I went and washed my face, I looked up into the mirror and screamed.

Alice came running through the door,

"Zoey, Zoey what is it?" she asked worriedly.

I mumbled out "the…..mirror, look at…the mirror"

"I don't understand Zoey, what do you mean the mirror?" she was still starring at me as she replied.

I grabbed her face and turned her so she was facing the mirror; she gasped and read what the mirror was showing,

"You'll be next, but your sister is first, it's your fault why they are dead, you should have been more careful."

"Zoey what does it mean? Why is it your fault? Tell me" she shouted at me.

"I don't know I'm sorry Alice, I'm so sorry" I sobbed out.

"Why are you apologising, you've done nothing wrong" she said pulling me into her so she could dry away my tears.

After I had finished crying Alice wiped away the message on the mirror and told me to have a shower.

It calmed me down, it always does but I'm not sure why exactly.

This wasn't the only time me or Alice had received a message like that, we kept getting them days after the accident and neither of us understood what it was, we knew we were being haunted but we didn't know what by.

We would find messages written in paint across windows, in steam on the mirror and shower glass, we even found a message written in blood across the picture of the four of us, Stacey, Mary, Alice ad me.

That message was the worst of all, every time we tried to clean it away more would appear in its place, telling us of what will happen to us and what has happened to our friends which is why we had told our mum to call of the search for Mary and Stacey because we knew they were dead.

I'm not sure what it was that made me want to leave the house but something did, the smell in the house was one thing for sure, the smell of blood and dirt mixed together from a new message Alice had found in the sink made me want to leave as fast as I could.

This message was the message I had been dreading for weeks, it was the same message that appeared in my nightmare right before Alice disappears, and I didn't want to believe it was coming true, I had to do something but I didn't know what, so I stayed out of the house all day hoping I would think of something to explain this.

When I got back it was early the next morning, and I hadn't slept, I couldn't sleep. So I tried to come in quietly because I knew Alice would be sleeping. But when I got in, it was quiet, too quiet and that's when it hit me, Alice was gone.

I ran into her room hoping I would at least find some clues as to where she had gone, but it seemed all to familiar as if my nightmare was repeating itself over and over in my head telling me what to do next.

I decided then and there that this was all my fault, why didn't I tell Alice, why have I been putting it off, why didn't I tell her about my nightmare at least then she might have been prepared for what ever happened.

I just kept repeating that night through my head to try and come up with some sort of explanation for what I had seen and what was happening now, when it hit me.

Of course Alice couldn't of seen it, because it was in my head, they were pointing at me and mocking me, not her not the others but me, so it was my fault but what had I done.

I couldn't think of anything, so I decided it was about time I just did something about it, so I packed my bag ready for any kind of hunting trip I might be going on and heading out the door when, I realised I was missing some essentials, so I grabbed some cash and my keys and phone, chucked my bag into the side of my car and heading of to local shop.

I parked the car and noticed there was only one other in the car park, a 67' Chevy Impala.

And I thought wow; Alice would have loved this, so I took a photo of it for her on my phone and headed into the shop. Where I noticed two tall young men who had just finished talking to Stacey dad who owns the shop and has a feeling he told them to come and speak to me about what happened, as he was pointing at me as I walked into the shop and I noticed the taller one was starring at me more then the other, so I walked over to the isle that had the items I needed, because I was in no mood to talk and needed to find my sister. Nothing else mattered.

"Excuse me, miss" said the one closest to me, he had green eyes and slightly spiked hair and was slightly shorter than the other one who was still staring at me.

"Yes" was my simple reply.

"Do you mind if we talk to you for a moment" the other guy asked and then smiled at me.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just too busy to talk right now so if you'll please excuse me." I said politely back.

"Wait a minute please, if you don't mind me asking but what is all that for?" the first asked pointing at the stuff in my hand.

"It's for an EMF, I make my own" I whispered in reply.

"An EMF, why aren't we just a little bucket of crazy"

"What?, I'm not crazy, my aunt was a demon hunter and she taught me everything she knew, and why am I telling you all this I don't even know your names and I'm sure Mr Stevenson has already told you mine, I'm Zoey Mayland, Daughter of Maria Mayland, and you are? And don't lie."

"Sam Winchester and this is my brother Dean, wait your not Stephanie Wilson's niece are you?"

"Yes I am, and you are John Winchester's sons am I right?"

"Wow, and yes you're so you know we're demon hunters too then."

"Yes, now sorry if you'll please excuse me, I must go"

"Wait, where are you going? Maybe we can help" Sam called after me.

"I'm going to look for my sister, she disappeared this morning and I must find her. She is everything to me, and I don't know what I would do if I lost her."

"Tell us what you know and we'll see if we can help you." Dean responded.

So I told them everything up to that morning when she disappeared.

Dean said "Well, I don't know what we can do at the moment, I'm so sorry."

"Please Dean, you've got help, I don't know what to do." I replied almost heartbroken by his response not to help.

"Sam, will you help me?" I asked pleadingly.

"I don't know what we can do, but here is my number in case anything else comes up, just give me a call, ok?" Sam said.

"Thank you. I guess I might see you around then" I said hopingly

"I guess you might." Sam replied as in he wanted it to happen.

Dean and Sam left the local shop and I went over to pay for my items, just as I was about to reach the counter the basket was thrown out of my hand as I was knocked into and pinned against a glass fridge door.

I tried calling out to Sam, but I knew I couldn't shout loud enough, so I reached for my phone and typed in Sam's number and just as I was about to hit 'send' another blow knocked the phone out of my hand, so I tried to ask Mr Stevenson if he would phone Sam for me and he did, I overheard the conversation.


"Hello, Zoey"

"Hi, is this Sam, this is Mr Stevenson."

"Yes this is Sam, what's happened, where is Zoey?"

"Well, you better get back to the shop asap, because well, she is pinned up against my fridge door by nothing, so I'm not sure what is going on."

"I'm on my way" then Sam hangs up.

Sam returns alone to the shop, so I am unsure where Dean is.

He finds me pinned to the door, I try to smile at him to show him I'm ok but I can't move anything as the whole of my body feels strangled and squished.

I can feel something around my throat but nothing human is there, so I start gripping at my throat trying to remove what ever it was stopping me from breathing.

Sam notices my struggles and comes over but doesn't know how to help, and I can see how badly he wants to help.

I try to tell him its ok, just find my sister, but I can't find a voice, when another gust blows the wind out of me once more, I feel myself slipping under and into unconsciousness when I feel Sam's hands on my face, begging me to hold on.