18 months later...

Sam hung up the phone and walked over to join me.

"Alice said she'll be over around noon tomorrow" Sam said pressing his lips to my cheek.

"Sorry I can't stay with you and Mariah here, but Dean and I have got to go finish this hunt. I call the moment we're finished" Sam said then pressed his lips to mine.

"Don't worry about us, just you be safe" I said.

"Love you" He said.

There was a knock on the door then.

"Love you too" I said then, Sam headed over to the door and opened it, Dean smiled and poked his head in.

"Alright Zo" He smiled

I smiled and then Sam and Dean left.

My phone began to ring a few moments after Sam and Dean left.

"Hello" I answered

"Hey Baby" Sam said

"Hey" I said

"Remembered I never said goodnight" Sam said

"Night Sam" I said

"Night baby, say night to Mariah for me" Sam said

"Sure thing hun" I smiled

"Love and miss you already" Sam said

"You too" I replied.

"Sammy, come on. We've got a hunt to do" I heard Dean say

"Sorry baby, I've got to go" Sam said

"It's ok, we'll speak later" I smiled

Sam sent a kiss down the phone then hung up. I closed my phone and placed it on the bedside table.

I walked over to Mariah's crib.

"Daddy says goodnight baby" I smiled then leant over and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

"Night baby" I cooed then headed over to bed.


There was a knock on the door, I walked over holding Mariah on my hip and opened the door. Alice stood there with little Adam at her leg, he was only just walking, only a few weeks so far.

"Hey Adam" I smiled

"Aunny" He beamed running into my leg and hugging it

"I see he's getting better at the talking" I smiled

"Just about" Alice smiled

"Come on, Adam. Aunty Zoey needs to walk too" Alice said

Adam smiled then let go of my leg, and went back over to Alice.

They both came inside.

"Want a cold drink?" I asked as I put Mariah in her high chair.

"Mariah's growing up well" Alice smiled reaching over and stroking Mariah's cheek

"Me, me" Adam sang

Alice lifted him up, and Adam reached over and touched Mariah's cheek

"Soff" He smiled

"And yeah Zo, I'll take a cold drink thanks" She smiled.


Alice left just after 6 to put Adam to bed.

Mariah was taking a nap when my phone rang.

"Hey Baby" Sam said as I answered

"Hey" I smiled

"I'll be home in a few hours" He said

"So you'll be back in time to tuck Mariah in" I said

"You bet I will" He said

"I'll see you soon then" I said

"Love you" He replied then hung up.

Mariah was napping in her high chair, I picked her up carefully and went to sit on the sofa. I rested Mariah ontop of me, holding her gently in my arms as she continued to nap.

I dozed off slightly, while I sat watching Mariah nap, she was so peaceful.

I heard the door open, before I saw Sam walking into the room.

"Hey Baby" Sam smiled

I got up slowly from the sofa so not to wake Mariah, Sam kissed my cheek.

"Let's take her upstairs" Sam whispered

I nodded and then began to walk up the stairs, Sam followed closely behind, dropping his bags lightly at the bottom of the stairs.

We walked into our room, I lowered Mariah into her cribbed and tucked her in, Sam walked behind me and looked over her. He leant forwards and kissed her forehead.

"Night Night, Mariah Ann Winchester" Sam cooed then stood back up straight and pressed his lips to my neck.


The End.