Author's Note: I actually wrote this last year in daily emails to my bestest LJ friend, byaghro. I decided to post it here as a holiday present to all my lovely readers! They are tiny drabbles, but you get one EVERY DAY until Christmas Eve. ENJOY!

Harry bumped into the wall and reached out to steady himself, holding it for a moment to regain his balance. It was possible he should have passed on that last drink... or four. Ministry holiday parties were generally insane, filled with too much alcohol, too much loud music, and too much obnoxious behavior.

It was with some relief that Harry had detached himself from a clingy blond woman--whose name he could not begin to recall--and went in search of the loo. The party was on the fifth level of the Ministry building this year and Merlin only knew where they kept the facilities.

After staggering away from the third dead end hallway, Harry stopped at the sound of singing. Not just singing, but incredible singing. Harry followed the sound and hovered in the doorway of a large, dimly-lit conference room.

In one corner of the room sat a piano, currently being played by Pansy Parkinson. Standing next to her--singing--was Draco Malfoy.

For a moment Harry thought he was hallucinating. Why was there a piano in the conference room? And way did Draco Malfoy's voice send shivers down his spine?

Malfoy's voice was rich and beautiful as he sang Good King Wenceslas. Harry felt the notes wash over him and felt bizarrely peaceful for the first time in a very long time. Only part of Malfoy's profile was visible, but he looked almost angelic in the muted light.

They both worked at the Ministry, but Harry seldom saw Malfoy--he worked in some obscure department--Magical Trading Standards, or some such. On this floor, Harry recalled. They had always diligently ignored each other.

Harry studied him covertly and was surprised to note that Malfoy had grown into quite a handsome adult. With an amazing voice, he added wryly to himself.

Harry slipped out of sight around the edge of the door frame when the song ended.

"King Wenceslas," Pansy commented. "Was a Hufflepuff. Or possibly a Gryffindor."

"Perhaps he was a do-gooder ancestor of Potter's."

"You said you were not going to mention Potter tonight!"

"You brought up Gryffindors," Malfoy retorted.

"Not that Gryffindor," she said. "What do you want to sing next?"

"I don't."

Well, you have to. The only time I get to hear your beautiful voice is during the holidays after you've had too much mulled cider. You are going to indulge me. Now, sing The Holly and the Ivy."

Malfoy sighed, but when the music began his baritone voice lifted once more. Outside the door, Harry listened, completely forgetting the reason he had left the party.

Harry's bladder finally drove him away from the makeshift music room and by the time he returned Malfoy and Parkinson were gone. The piano had disappeared as well, apparently Transfigured back into the podium in the corner. Harry went home and tried to suppress his disappointment.