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December 1st

Germany sighed quite contentedly. It had been a long, cold day, but he was home now, and he slung his coat over a chair he passed in the hall (he'd pick it up later), went into the main room of the house, via the kitchen to heat the kettle and get himself a nice, hot drink, and propped himself in front of the fire with a good book like the old man he was (on the inside at least). He'd start his paperwork later. It always seemed to build up this time of year, and as he sipped, he realised why; he could never be bothered to do any when it was cold outside and he was curled up indoors. Something so dull was not allowed to interrupt his bliss.


"Ve~! Doitsu~!"

But apparently, Italy was.

Germany rubbed his temples and sighed. "It's open," he called.

There was a small, happy squeak and he heard the door crash open, Italy stomping his boots on the matt before he ran up the hall. He became framed in the doorway; coat, boots, gloves, scarf wound up around his ears, shining red nose peeking over the top. "Avvento felice!" he beamed, starting to peel layers of clothes off. "What are you doing for Christmas this year?"

"Nothing I can think of... you can stop there," he warned Italy, who had reached his shirt. "Why?"

"I invited Japan to have Christmas dinner with us!" announced the Italian, perching on a chair. "It's such a shame he doesn't get Christmas, don't you think?"

He felt he should scold Italy for making arrangements without knowing if he was free or not, but Germany came to the conclusion that he didn't really care, and was quite happy to spend Christmas with them.

"Yes, okay."

"Thank you, Doitsu! Oh, and nii-chan will be there too, of course! Did you want to invite someone? I want to know because I'll cook, and I want to make sure there's something that everyone likes, so if you wanted to bring someone with weird tastes, that'd be fine, but-"

"I'll think, Italy," promised the German man sincerely, stopping his friend before he ran out of breath and fainted mid-sentence.

"Perfetto, grazie!" He smiled broadly and bounded to the other side of the room to hug Germany. He did so, and, very quietly, into his chest asked- "... and can we have it here?"

But Germany hears all, especially when it concerns having a number of people at his house, two of them being the clumsiest Italians (whether intentionally or otherwise) he'd ever met. "What? Why?"

"Well, I've been living with nii-chan recently, and he said I can't invite you if we have it at his house."


"I bought a new house, near the border! It's so cool. You can see the Alps when you wake up! I was sure I told you!"

"No, you didn't," insisted Germany.

"Oh? Well, there's something wrong with the floors, I don't really get it... but once it's fixed, we can all go skiing, right? It'll be great! Have you ever been skiing? I have, but just once, which is weird, because I really liked it, but I never thought about going back ag-"

"Italy, please." The addressed fell silent. "If you pick up after yourself, you can invite people here. But keep it clean, and I'm right in saying that it's only you, me, Japan and your brother?"

"Yes, sir!"

Wondering what he was doing, as he had done more frequently than he had ever done before his nation's alliance with Italy, Germany nodded. "Okay."

"Grazie!" Italy jumped up and pecked his cheek, before grabbing the various items of clothing he'd left stranded across the floor and throwing them on, ready for the harsh winter outside. "I'll make wurst just for you! And see you tomorrow, just to set things straight about when people are coming!"

Germany muttered a reply, hearing the front door slam shut again.

He looked up at the calendar on the wall, with only one day crossed off, and the many squares that followed.

This month was going to be a long one.

Avvento felice! - Happy Advent!

Perfetto, grazie! - Great, thank you!

Oh, Germany, why are you such a soft touch?! XD Romano will bust your house!

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