The Ascension of the Morning Star

a fan fiction original novel by Patricia Finn Rapiejko

based on the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer


To Sophie

My little goddess of wisdom

who introduced me to a 'really good book'

but made me buy my own copy


After all the planning and wedding hoopla, Bella's changing is not a dream come true. The journey will force the Cullen family to confront their humanity and their experience will rock the mythical world. All cannon characters and relationships. Destiny is never assured; but it often is obvious even if we do not choose to accept it. Mature rating for level of reading skill, mature situations, sensual and sexual situations, horror, angst, gore, violence, loss, mythic and religious reference. Alternate Breaking Dawn.

Story Notes:

This story is complicated in many ways. It represents more than a years worth of research and was entirely outlined prior to the release of Breaking Dawn. You can read more about the how and whys of my process which brought me to predict the elements of her story on my profile. Although it closely resembles the plot it is unique in every way. Through analysis of syntax, characterization, plot, and inference of untied loose ends it represents a 'ghost writers estimate' of what the fourth installment would contain. I guess I did a good job. Unlike the original in the epilogue a future is projected. Also contains original plotlines and characters which stand alone in the universe and cannon of vampires established in Twilight.

Acension of the Morning Star will detail Bella's unique destiny will enter into questions of mythological elements of the future world of vampires. It delves into detailed elements of science, medicine, and psychological and psychic experiences that lead to the discovery of her destiny and the outcomes of her choice to surrender to it. The story runs with a chronological structure detailing dates. Also included are literary introductions which serve to highlight the main themes of the chapter.

The work is lengthy. There are 13 chapters often have MANY sub chapters, so it is long ride, but the entire story is written and updates will be frequently made. Some chapters will be divided into sections to make reading a bit more manageable.


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