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March 30, 2007

Today is the Peyton's 4th birthday. Riley and Randy have been going strong. It is hard to believe that they survivor so much in their relationship. Most of the friends thought with Riley having RJ at a young age it was going to drive Randy further away from her, but of course they proved them wrong. Riley had been busy taking care of her son and daughter while Randy was off working his ass off trying to support his family. Randy had become World Heavyweight Champion at the age of 24 years old. After he lost the title he became a face which had all the girls all over him. He was in a story line with another diva helping them. They did share a kiss which Riley knew she had nothing to worry about because he came home to her. He got injured and he was out of action for a little while, but ever since that he has been working.

Riley had been planning a big birthday party for Peyton. She and her best friend Kristen had everything planned and they were working on getting the house ready. Kristen is married to Ted DiBiase Jr. they have one son together: Lucas Scott DiBiase. You could say that Kristen was obsessed with One Tree Hill, but that would have the understatement of the year. Anyways Riley and Kristen were putting of the decorations for party when they heard Peyton crying. Riley stopped everything she was doing and went to go see what was wrong with her daughter.

Peyton, baby what is wrong? Riley asked as she picked her daughter up and held her close

I want my daddy. Peyton cried

Oh, baby daddy isn't home yet. He will be here soon. Riley said

No! I want my daddy. Peyton screamed

Alright honey. I will call him right now. Riley said

She walked out of the room with Peyton still in her arms. She went straight to her phone and hit the speed dial for Randy. It rang three times before it went straight to voice mail. You have reached Randy Orton I'm either sleeping or busy doing work. Please leave your name and number and I will get back to you when I can. Thank you

Great! Randy baby your daughter is screaming for you please call me when you get this so you can try to calm her down. Bye. Riley said as she snapped her phone shut

Couldn't get him? Kristen asked

Nope. This is the fifth time this week that I got the voice mail on his phone when I called him about the kids. It's like he doesn't care when he is not here. Riley said trying to hold back her tears.

Girl, I am glad that Ted isn't like that. Kristen said

Your lucky. This past year it just seems like all Randy and I have done is fight about everything. It is like he is taking his character seriously outside of the ring. Riley said as she put Peyton down at the table and gave her some lunch.

Girl, don't worry because Randy loves you to death. Kristen said

I know he does. It just seems like it to me. Riley said

About that time the door bell rang. Riley walked into the living room and went straight to the front door. She opened it just to see Bridget, Becky, Nathan, Elaine, and Bob standing there with smiles on their faces. She smiled back at them and let them inside the house. Bob always hugged his daughter in law like there was no tomorrow and he just loved her so much. Riley loved all of them, but she just couldn't tell them what was going on with her and Randy because it wouldn't do any good because once he got chewed out by his parents he would start a huge fight with Riley. As everyone got into the house Riley shut the front door and took all the presents from them. Kristen was taking them to the kitchen where Peyton was. Riley was putting everything in the living room when she heard RJ asked her something.

RJ, baby what did you say? Riley asked

Mom, when is dad coming home? He asked

I don't know honey. The last time I talked to him he said that he would be here for your sister's birthday party, but it doesn't look like it. She said

Mom, why is dad acting like this to you? RJ asked

Honey, daddy has been threw so much with his career that he is just going to a phase where he wants to be just like his character on TV. Don't worry honey he will get back to normal. She said with a fake smile at her six and half year old son

Alright mom. Lets get to the party for my sister. RJ said with a huge smile

Okay big boy lets. She said as she took his hand.

The party was going great. Peyton knew it was her special day because everyone had to tell her three zillion times. She got most of everything that she wanted for her birthday. The only thing that she didn't get was her father and that disappointed Riley so much because Randy promised them both that he would be there for her birthday. Everything was getting settled down and everyone had lefted to go home accept for Kristen and Lucas. They stayed to help Riley clean up everything. Kristen, Riley and Peyton were finishing up the kitchen while the boys were off playing together. RJ was always a big help with Lucas. As they got finished with the kitchen Riley saw her daughter sleeping on the floor with her princess crown on her head. Riley laughed as she picked up her daughter and took her to bed. As Riley walked back down stairs to her friend, RJ and Lucas were watching something on TV. She smiled to herself and sat down next to them. They sat there for an hour and half.

Riley, I think that it is time for me to go. Kristen said looking at the time.

Oh ok girl. Riley said getting up too

Mom, I can go with Kristen and Lucas please? RJ asked because Lucas really wanted him to.

I guess it will be okay. Just ask Kristen. Riley told him

Kristen I can please come with you? RJ asked

Of course you can bud. Kristen said as the boys started jumping up and down together.

Riley got RJ's bag together and gave it to him. She walked them outside. When she saw that they were gone she walked back into the house just to hear nothing. She went upstairs to her room and decided that she would take a shower. While she was in the shower Randy had walked in the front door smiling to himself. He went to RJ's room to see him, but when he didn't see him there he got upset just a little, but then he walked into Peyton's room just to see his birthday girl sleeping soundly. He wasn't going to wake her up so he just kissed her cheek and walked out of the room. He heard the shower going and he knew that it had to be Riley. He walked down the hall to his bedroom just to smell the sweetest smell coming from the bathroom.

Riley thought she heard someone in her bedroom. She turned off the water grabbed her towel, wrapped it around her wet naked body and got out of the shower. The only thing that she was concerned about was her sleeping daughter. She took slow steps to the bathroom door that lead her right back into her room. When she opened the door and stepped into her bedroom she didn't see anyone. Still scared just a little bit she walked out of her room and ran to check on her daughter. When she saw that Peyton was still sleeping she let out a sigh of relief and walked back to her bedroom. She shut the bedroom door with her back towards the bed. Before she could turn around she felt two big arms wrap around her waist it made her jump.

She was turned around by the arms and when she saw that it was her husband Randy she slapped the piss out of him.

Riley, what the hell was that for? Randy asked rubbing his face

Well for starters that was for missing your daughter's birthday party. Riley said as she raised her hand and slapped him again. That was for sneaking around. And this is for scaring the hell out of me. Riley said as she went to slap him again, but he caught her hand.

I get it. I screwed up. Randy said

Why didn't you return my phone all Orton? Riley asked as she walked around him and started to get dressed.

Cause I wanted to surprise you guys. I didn't think that my plane was going to be as late as it was. He said walking towards and wrapped his arms around her again and started kissing her neck

Randy, stop I pissed off you at. Riley said trying to move, but she couldn't

You really want me to stop? Randy asked

Mmmhumm… yes I want you to stop. She said

Are you sure? He asked again as he started to move his hands around the towel

Ummm… Was all Riley could say before she turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. Randy smiled against her lips because he knew that he won this fight for sure. He walked her to the bed and pushed her down on it. He had already had his clothes off all he had to do was remove his boxers. Once he done that all bets were off for Riley because he had wanted to do this with her for the longest time, but every time they got around each other they seemed to be fighting all the time. Instead of just having sex with his wife he done what needed to be done. He made love to her and when they were done he cuddle up next to her and held her as they fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning Riley woke up just to find Randy's side of the bed empty. She thought that maybe he had gotten up with Peyton this morning. She got up and got dressed and walked down the hall just to see that her daughter was still sleeping. That was when she found the note from him.


Last minute gym work out. Don't worry be home soon. Last night was perfect. Mom and dad said they would take the kids for us to spend some alone time together. Be back soon.

Love you,


As she finished the letter she felt the tears coming down her cheeks. Last night was great for her to, but she still felt like Randy wasn't being himself. He used to be so happy when he would come home. He would play with kids when he walked in the front door. Then after the kids were in bed he would spend sometime alone time with her talking, cuddling and watching TV. Now the only alone they ever get is when he wants to have sex with her and she just cant take to much more of that. She wanted the Randy she fell in love with back not this guy that has turned into his character on TV. She just didn't know what to do anymore.

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