His Happy Ending!

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Three years has passed since everything has happened. Randy and Riley have been together every day since the whole thing happened. Randy has changed so much since everything and he wasn't going back to the old person ever again. In the process of working everything out they had their fourth child Samuel Dean Orton. After the birth of their fourth child they decided that it was best for Riley to have her tubes tied and not worry about having any more kids.

After having the baby they decided that it would be best if they moved into a bigger place than what they were living in. after getting settled into their new house and getting the kids settled they started what was the next step in their life. Being in a normal environment raising their kids the best they could. Randy knew that it was going to take some time to get use to the fact that he and Riley were doing this again, but he knew that they could survive anything. What else could they ask for in life. They have four healthy happy kids, their marriage is right on track. The only that he would change if he could is the fact they started their journey with kids as early as they did, but other than that they were happy and ready to go old together. This was Randy happy ending to his little story on life.